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  1. Buckle the seat belt it is going to be a bumpy road i predict the same level of performance both home & away let's hope we can muster the odd victory against our near neighbours.
  2. Bonnie Tyler would be better than Roy at commentating at football
  3. Looks pretty conclusive to me he has gone for a burton!!!!!!!!
  4. Should we not be trying him in attack with this scoring record?
  5. Would it not be more prudent to do down the tried & tested scouring the French market again?
  6. Does anybody know what position he played at Charlton?
  7. Al does not interfere with team selection or strategy of signing new players where is the evidence?
  8. Would definitely have him back from what i can remember he was mustard in the spell with us.
  9. We have to hope we reinvest the transfer fee wisely.
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