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  1. How i read this is an attempt to stop people boycotting which effects him financially as he knows he will not be able to sustain any sustained boycotting, fans not renewing season tickets etc, he did not have the finances required to take over a club & take it forward.
  2. We need more than a Priest given the present situation.
  3. Think people are getting carried away we were never going to reach the play off's, i wanted an experienced manager but let's get behind him he now has time to assess the squad and hopefully investment will follow in the summer KTF
  4. Remove the technicolor ASAP it hurts my eyes .
  5. I presume the hold up will be BT due to the number of times we are scheduled to be televised, so there will be a conflict of interest.
  6. Does that mean PW will be sacked now? Lots of people have views what is going on behind the scenes with Al, some on here still seem to think everything is fine KTF.
  7. There was one organised just before Rhodes got sacked so the rug was pulled. I believe the organiser is going to let the dust settle & will try to rearrange the evening.
  8. Heard he is on decent wages at Stockport so if he wants to earn a decent crust he will stay with them, kneads must we have to stick with loan signings, unless we go against the grain of recent signings.
  9. What a weekend capped of by getting Hamer shirt, any big team away you cannot beat away days.
  10. Carry on sacking people more likely to be the Lone Ranger.
  11. Disaster waiting to happen another unproven manager trying to learn on the job, plus you lose a player from an already thread bare squad.
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