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  1. Gutted we was just hitting form and had a chance of the play off's very disappointing news!
  2. Indeed a disgusting habit i am just relieved David Seamen no longer plays.
  3. Game firm for sure always turned up to Oldham used to always go of mental in the 80's.
  4. Season is over already who ever owns the club next season will put in a place a well thought out player recruitment for next season to improve the starting eleven & subs, improve quality rather than numbers like this season. Off the field hopefully codswallop & shenanigans will stop so the fans have some thing to look forward to again KTF
  5. http://pushtheboundary.co.uk/trust-oldham-29-02-2020?fbclid=IwAR1WO_RzzEODpXZV20Tz2CblB7WwlrPn9j17E7N5Uc_1Gz-TfhouB4fVIJ8 They appear to be more proactive than the trust and align with the supporters aspirations.
  6. A long-term security yielding a fixed rate of interest, issued by a company and secured against assets.
  7. Also heard the same plus anybody who is owed money HMRC etc etc has to be paid in full, so highly unlikely this will be paid especially when cash flow is like it is and wages being paid late again. So Friday looks like the start of a new chapter in the clubs history lets hope it is for the better KTF
  8. Thing that is hogwash if the stand was not there how much as an owner would you spend to build one to fit within the income streams?
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