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  1. They were at BP for most of the day but didn’t get involved in scholes stuff. Watched bits from the safety of the OEC.
  2. A stable existence provides the foundation for success hence the trust’s focus. The latter rarely comes without the former. It’s not about ambition.
  3. How does that happen? That’s a good question but generally a number of ways: - engaging the owner, challenging him on how he is running the club and getting him to put things right where needed - using its legal right as a club share holder to achieve the above - speaking for the fans and doing it publically. People power can be influential - securing the long term future of BP as a football stadium and ensuring it cannot be developed for other purposes (ACV for example and ensuring the Oldham Local Plan puts some protective policies in place relating to BP which reflect its vital community role) - building a war chest so fans can take over should the unthinkable happen That’s not to say that the trust has been 100 per cent effective in these areas but the above are the principal means by which the trust can have a positive effect going forward.
  4. In my capacity as a member of the TO Board I shall respond more fully to this feedback later when I have more time. What I would say for now is that, with all due respect, you are totally missing the point. Darren is working his socks off to put the trust in a position where it can affect positive change within the club. It has not been in that position for many years. We are starting from a low base. The focus is on ensuring the club has a sustainable and viable future. The trust’s horizon is 5, 10, 15 years hence and principally focused on off the pitch matters, not what happens on the pitch this season or next. Promotion in the short term would be great but it is not the be all and end all and mustn’t be something to be pursued at any cost. There are bigger issues to concern ourselves with. That was Darren’s point. Don’t take it out of context.
  5. Trust meeting on 10th. Will raise it with the Supporters Liason Officer. thanks
  6. Yeah must be. Working it backwards, seating in lookers and main paddocks took us down to 13.5k so we must have been at about 16k post new RRE and upwards of 18k post chaddy seating.
  7. Hmm that's odd. Thought capacity pre chaddy going seated was about 19.5k on the basis we never topped that during the pinch me season. We lost about 2.4k when chaddy went seated but that would have put capacity down to about 17k. Something doesnt add up
  8. Na, BP attendance was down to about 17k after chaddy went seated so that can't be right.
  9. Never topped 20knon the pinch me season. got a small allocation for the first OT league game in the top flight so the 8k must have been the cup game. biggest since the prem days was prob Wigan away in 2002/03 I recall.
  10. Andy b

    Morecambe (a)

    Well said. thats social media for you. Most people say things only to provock a reaction and spend hours debating shite as they have little else to do with their lives. Most people are pragmatic and reasonable in their proper views, which do not actually reflect what people stick on this board. It's not real life. please see this context before biting
  11. Andy b

    Morecambe (a)

  12. Andy b

    Morecambe (a)

    Can I have a little wager with you deyres? I think we will be top 8 in three months.