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  1. Well spotted. For the avoidance of doubt, we understand the club’s desire to protect its commercial interest and don’t have an issue with it taking steps to do so.
  2. Simply that we haven’t seen the documentation which the contents of the letter draw from. There no suggestion that the club is not telling the truth at all. We welcome that the club is seemingly trying to delve deep to understand the history of the how the OEC came to be and the club’s legal rights and position in all this. That is expressed in the letter.
  3. The Trust gets the current mood and the reasons for it. However it would be a gross over simplication of the situation to assume that all out war is automatically the best choice. I am not saying it is or isn’t but there are conflicting views on this board on this which illustrates the point. At the request of fans, the Trust turned up the heat on the owner in March. The concensous was for the course of action taken. To some degree he has responded well to that in terms of the expectations we set out and like it or not he was given the opportunity to prove whether he could be better. He has been given the close season to prove that thus far. We have to now look at the direction of travel with the benefit of some games under our belt and with club operations back up and running. Have we seen anything to suggest we are on a positive (or at least flat) trajectory on and off the pitch? (thats a retorical question by the way). Then it’s a question of what the right move is. Trust meet on Monday.
  4. https://trustoldham.co.uk/our-home-2019-20/
  5. No it won’t go in the public domain or be shared with any third parties as it’s not the trust’s information to share. There would be significant legal implications if the trust took this action. The trust is entrusted to see that the club is being run in a responsible manner and in a manner which does not jeopardise its future. The accounts are an important litmus test in this regard. We will have a view on the accounts and what they are telling us about the financial health of OAFC. We wont publish anything which we don’t have a right to or which could be privileged information.
  6. No one, Darren included, has seen the accounts as reported in the tweet.
  7. https://trustoldham.co.uk/board-appointments-2019-20/ Darren Ratcliffe’s appointment to the Club Board also (finally) confirmed today.
  8. Access to full accounts expected on Friday 2nd August at club board meeting.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, the trust is wholly independent of the FLG. None the the aforementioned group sit on the trust board.
  10. https://trustoldham.co.uk/joe-royle-stand-and-oec/
  11. I actually agree the pitch faired reasonably well last season. There seems to be a 4 week period around mid feb where it struggles but looks ok again come mid March. Don’t see what all the fuss is about myself
  12. Owner currently out of the country I think and first board meet (as the forum for discussing such matters and asking associated questions) still not happened (not good). Can’t shed any light at this point therefore. The outspoken tweets about the owner are somewhat concerning.
  13. Royle and Sheridan certainly hadnt
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