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  1. The Trust will continue on its current path. We have a louder voice if we are backed but have legal rights which we will draw on if the majority remain silent and do not engage. For what it’s worth I believe we do have the general backing of fans and can credibly speak for fans. The general course of action we are pursuing is supported by most imo even if there is disagreement on some points of detail. Most see that there are major problems at our club. A few wins numb the pain and help people forget that for a while. It’s a short term hit.
  2. This brings the trust certain rights yes, including the right to have a seat on the Board. It doesn’t mean he has to meet fans, though EFL regs require the club to hold 3 fan forums per year. Clearly not satisfied this year.
  3. A properly managed and coordinated meeting, yes. A mob with pitch forks, no.
  4. That may be acceptable in normal circumstances but as he appears to be the only person with any authority and strategic influence within the club, we have a bit of a problem don’t we. How does ‘the club’ engage with fans and build a relationship if it’s not through the owner. There is no one else. Therein lies the problem.
  5. We are starting with a trust meet and will take it from there. That would be a start!
  6. Thanks. The issue of what his future long term plan is is given attention in our letter- see the six expectations. The very specific questions are supplementary to these. We have a right to ask these additional questions but i assure you we are very much driven by a focus on the big picture points, which is I think what you want to see. As stated in the letter, we will all judge the owner against the six ‘strategic’ expectations we set out and our engagements with the owner will be structured around those expectations. A big part of this is what his long term plan is. You will see that this issue comes up again in our brief to fans following receipt of the response where we express our disapointment that the owner is not opening up about his long term vision. We will be picking this up with AL if and when he agrees to meet
  7. Depends what your expectations are I suppose. we have done better than I expected generally. doesnt mean I am happy
  8. I agree. It’s been a relatively successful season on the pitch (relative being the key word).
  9. Around the 300 mark. Not close to where we need to be but a significant increase on where we were at the beginning of the season. Our short term aim is for four figures.
  10. Honest point, what do you think the Trust’s question should be and what do you want to see from it?
  11. This defines where the club is at the moment I am afraid
  12. Isn’t this a great illustration of the mess we would appear to be? A brand new stand with decent function facilities at our ‘own ground’ yet we hold our awards ceremony in a different location and not even in a venue which will support oldham businesses/people. Don’t blame anyone as such and clearly the reasons are not straightforward but it’s just a ridiculous situation to be in.
  13. Not a bad idea. Have been thinking along similar lines actually. Will take this back to others we also need to work out how the access the silent majority via match day visibility.
  14. This is sound advice. Ultimately the trust must use its energy as productively as possible to support the club and ensure it continues to exist and, if possible, thrives. That’s why the trust exists. It has to be accountable and communicate with fans but fans don’t have the right to demand that the trust spends its time answering questions on here and other platforms. We have to get the balance right. Time and resources are limited. Likewise it is inappropriate for fans to know every bit of information that the trust is party to. Some is confidential and releasing it could prejudice our efforts or existence so won’t be shared. We have to make a judgement on this. Conversely some info is not particularly relevant in the grand scheme of things and doesn’t have any bearing on the decisions we make or our reading of a situation. In focusing on such information and briefing fans on it we risk taking our attention away from the things that matter. However to the extent that a specific piece or pieces of info are having a bearing on how we view the club and the steps we seek to take, that information has to be shared in the appropriate manner. Otherwise we cannot explain our position and actions. Trust directors are entrusted to use best endeavours to take steps to safeguard the club for our fans. Like it or not, they are given a mandate to use their judgement to make decisions. We seek to explain those decisions and what has informed them but, to some degree, fans need to trust that trust directors are of sound mind and are, in the grand scheme of things, capable of making the right decisions. If fans do not agree that Trust Directors are capable of doing their jobs effectively, then fans are invited to make this known. No Trust Director will stand in the way of others if there is a concensous that they can do a better job and are willing to take this on. Ensuring we are able to hold the owner to account, that he is acting responsibly and not jeopardising the future of the club is the principal focus. We are more effective in doing that if we are backed by our fans. We have to report into fans and it’s right that we do this. I hope everyone can that there has been a marked improvement in our communication over recent weeks and months. Thank you
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