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  1. Owner currently out of the country I think and first board meet (as the forum for discussing such matters and asking associated questions) still not happened (not good). Can’t shed any light at this point therefore. The outspoken tweets about the owner are somewhat concerning.
  2. Royle and Sheridan certainly hadnt
  3. I get that but I and others on the trust will not be treated like crap. What I am trying to illustrate, and my counter point in all this, is that approaching the trust in the manner that a number do on here will not get fans very far either. No one wins then. We want the same things. Pls try and remember that. If you have no faith in the trust do something about it.
  4. Good to know. Not my experience of business.
  5. You have illustrated my point perfectly. Thank you
  6. You are being unrealistic and demands to act quicker won’t be well received I am afraid. We won’t be bullied into doing things that we are not comfortable with or moving at a pace which is unreasonable. In fact, it’s likely to have the opposite effect. Fans will have to live with that.
  7. You posted on a Wednesday complaining about the absence of minutes from a meeting which happened 2 working days ago. Dont know what line of work you are in but minutes from my meetings aren’t typically produced, signed off and issued in that timeframe.
  8. Thumb pressed firmly down, I assure you. We’ve met and our presence has been felt. That will remain the case. That’s the start but it’s only that. The owner knows our stance and expectations. We will monitor his next steps against those expectations and follow up. There is still no substance or detail behind his aspirations and so we will keep a watching brief on that. We are really not in a position to make wild demands however. Its a process folks. You won’t get the earth shattering news many want overnight. I hesitate to say be patient but the trust is not the principal owner of the club, is not the decision maker and is not in control of the resources needed to make the changes everyone wants to see.
  9. Hull, Swansea, Rotherham, Brighton, Doncaster, Bournemouth may not be where there are now had they not nearly gone to the wall. It resulted in a root and branch restructure of those clubs with Local Authorities stepping in to support in some cases. necessity is the mother of invention and sometimes you need a full blown crisis for change to happen. please don’t read that as a suggestion than relegation is a good thing. It’s not. It can be the catalyst though. as I say, I take the view that some good might come out of all this in the long run. it also might not. as such I don’t believe relegation is always an unequivocally bad thing. Doesn’t mean you wish for it.
  10. We are in the eye of a storm and it’s not great. I tend to take a pragmatic stance and would like to think that some good might come out of this situation in the long term, as is often the case. Naive? Maybe, but we have to try and build from where we are. It wouldn’t take much to get us out of league 2, and how good would that feel? Getting that winning feeling back and fans would return. Not sure how I would cope.
  11. Stand by my position chaps/ladies. What the trust wants from the club is the six expectations set out in our letter issued in March. Achieve that and we will be content that the club is being well run. That is the focus, not league positioning. It’s not the trust’s job to set ambitions for the club and success on the pitch. It’s the trust’s job to do what it can to ensure the club is run properly and viably, with fans listened to and to create the conditions whereby the club can feasibly achieve something. If the trust were able to effect positive change in that regard, it would be doing its job very well and the club would be far better set up for sucess. That’s my focus. League position is a symptom of where the club is at. The trust doesn’t have specific ambitions to change that league position but to change the conditions which have created it. My personal perspective on football as a fan is that want to see my team compete and be in with a chance. Many teams get releagated and it galvanises them. Do I want relegation? No. Do I fear it? Not really. However, very clearly if we dropped from league two to the conference that would indicate some major issues within the club. To that end, the trust (and me) are trying to take steps to make sure that that doesn’t happen (ie a focus on a well run club). Its the off field stuff rather than the on field stuff which is our focus and rest assured i am on the same page as you all there. No one is advocating relegation to the conference. I agree that would be a step too far. There was a case for relegation to league two being no bad thing in the grand scheme of things though. It won’t kill the club.
  12. We can compete and have a better chance of success on the pitch in this division. That’s a fact. I like to see wins. Don’t really care what division we are in right now. I am sure I will in the future but after the last 25 years I just want to see some sort of success on the pitch. Whether that’s league 1 or conference doesn’t bother me at this moment in time. Maybe that’s the difference in our respective outlooks.
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