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  1. All very fair points. I would direct you to the statements issued by the Trust and PTB on 10th March following the joint meeting with the FSA on 9th. As per the Trust’s statement, PTB’s efforts to challenge the Trust and publically hold it to account in doing its job are welcomed. Different remits and areas of focus but with some productive two way dialogue our efforts can be complementary.
  2. Trust statement of 10th March outlines that it needs to get the bottom of such matters as priority. The two questions you raise form part of that. Vital that we know as much about the sale (who, how much, why etc) as possible and try and influence the terms so they protect and enhance progressional football in Oldham. On q 1, I personally don’t know at this point but will try and find out. Very relevant question if the FLG’s proposal is still on the table. I would have expected them to say it was if that was the case though. Not necessarily that simple of course
  3. It was a question. Sorry if i misinterpreted your position. Easily done on social media I guess And no is the answer to your question
  4. That’s my abiding memory and, in my deluded mind, it still represents my view of OAFC and it’s status in the football pyramid. The reality is somewhat different.
  5. So you believe fan ownership will limit oldham athletic to be being no better than Exeter on the basis that that’s the most successful precedent out there? New precedents are established all the time my friend. In any case there is little to no evidence that we have any greater potential to grow than Exeter. That’s not to say we can’t but Exeter are just as well placed to achieve success beyond their current position as we are. Fan bases are very similar.
  6. There are plenty of shit pitches around this year
  7. Credit where it’s due. Looks fantastic
  8. Hope Danny Rowe is not the next Adam Rooney.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt I answered your first question. The rest of my response was added context. Thanks
  10. Yes there is. Look PTB have invited him to show he can run the club responsibly and do right by the club and fans. They don’t demand his departure. They have been effective in communicating the collective dissatisfaction of fans and in making it very clear what our fans expect from those who are entrusted to look after the club. The owner and his advisors are feeling the collective presence of fans through PTB. It’s a force for change, not necessarily revolt. It’s been very effective in a short space of time. The pressure needs to remain. He has a long way to go.
  11. A request to make changes or go is not the same as trying to oust the owner. Dont misconstrue what is being said by PTB
  12. Goes a bit deeper than that. More evidence of the club holding fans in contempt. SLO is there for day to day and operational stuff really.
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