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  1. Don't doubt yourself. People like him are not worth wasting time on. You do a great job of keeping us informed. It's interesting that he has chosen you to have a go at. Easier than someone 'his own size'. Sad man. Keep up the good work in the knowledge that genuine Latics fans support you (or at least your right to do what you do without feeling threatened).
  2. I'd like to say well done to the trust for organising yesterday's meeting. AL must surely take note of 150 fans (and more unable to attend) meeting on his doorstep. Of course, he may not care. I think the tone was just about right and a sensible initial course of action is in place. A timescale was agreed for a response from AL and the ball is very much in his court. Should he not respond in an acceptable way within this timescale, then I think we must accept that he will never engage and we should move forwards accordingly. Acceptable includes answering the questions that are put to him satisfactorily. I know that many people want some action now, but I believe that a couple more weeks won't do any harm. Like it or not, he owns the football club. If he will work with the fans, great. If not then we look at how best to proceed without his engagement. FWIW I don't think he will ever engage in a constructive and honest way.
  3. I'm hoping for a constructive discussion that leads to a clarity of purpose for the trust going forward. This is, of course, difficult with 150 people all with a huge emotional attachment to the club and each with their views. Worth a try...
  4. The current situation with the owner has really brought it home to me what Latics have meant to me over the years. I saw my first game in 1972. I was a season ticket holder for some years before departing for London in 1983 (I contrived to miss virtually all of the good times!). I started going with my Dad. He passed away 18 months ago and I'm sure that I can hear him spinning in his urn! My job as a publican has meant that opportunities to watch games have been very few and far between. I probably make 1 or 2 home games and 4 or 5 away games each year. It seems to me that now is the time to choose whether we want a club or not. If we do then this fella has to go. We've had some bad 'uns before, but this bloke's setting new standards. Anyway, for once in my life I'm going get of my ample backside and make an effort to contribute to the cause. I have booked a train ticket and hotel, and I'm going to attend. I look forward to meeting you all and to finding a constructive and positive way forward...
  5. Only the winning bidder needs the Lotto win😁 Should it ever happen though, there might be a Carpet Vs Moustache bidding war for Latics...
  6. Not with my back! Anyway, that's me... Well done - barring a last minute bidding or two from elsewhere...
  7. Well, I'll go over my limit... £340... Still cheaper than taking herself out for Valentine's Night!
  8. In recognition of a great day at Fulham, a great work of art and a site to challenge the blood pressure, I'll start a last minute bidding war with a bid of £220.
  9. It'll be 9 then 'cos me and Mrs Moustache are going. I get to very few games these days due to work, so (in a slightly masochistic way) I'm looking forward to this.
  10. I have made a donation. My step mother has had MS for many years and it is a cruel condition. Good luck with the fundraising and the itching!
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