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  1. Initially 9000 with potential to develop up to 20000. Way too big for the football I suspect, but I suppose they anticipate other uses.
  2. The Wimbledon fanbase was, and is, very small. They hugely overachieved in getting to and remaining in the top division. The style of play was effective and, as such, unpopular with 'bigger' clubs and football purists. Not my cup of tea but then nor was the Dave Penney 'style' at Latics. AFC was formed following the agreement to allow Wimbledon to move to MK. The name was not immediately changed to MK Dons. I agree that there are some apparently unpalatable aspects to the ongoing story as I have alluded to in a previous post. It isn't as simple as big bad AFC trampling over little Kingstonian though. The Ks were happy enough with the initial agreement and my understanding, from a long time Ks fan, is that Kingstonian were very likely to disappear completely without the deal. They were in fact shafted by their property developing owner. It should also be noted that Ks only moved to Kingsmeadow in 1989. Professional football is a quagmire of seedy, unpleasant deals. Most of the ins and outs the average fan will never get to know about. AFC have, by and large, been pretty open. Anyway, let's hope that we never have to suffer the disappearance (or theft) of our club. I'm not hugely hopeful at the moment but you never know...
  3. All of my AFC mates (and I have many) are old school, Wimbledon/Merton based. I'm really not aware of much support in Kingston. I've been loosely involved with AFC since the first gathering of potential players. The hard-core of the support is very much the old mob. It will be interesting to see what the new stadium brings in terms of support and where they come from. One thing I do take from my experience with AFC, is that the idea of a phoenix club is mad. It has worked here but I really don't believe it would work elsewhere, especially with Latics. It worked for AFC because the club was stolen, not (just) by a bonkers owner, but by the authorities charged with protecting the game. The Football League and the FA conspired to commit an abomination and they should be forever ashamed. That sense of injustice drove the impetous for AFC. The fan base is small but seriously protective of its club. That they have achieved what they have is astonishing. It's been interesting watching the highs that followed such a massive low. Especially as I've had nowt to cheer for decades😣
  4. The modern/current AFC fan base absolutely consider themselves to be the custodians of the glory days. Vitriol and disdain rains down upon the thieving franchise scum... so they tell me. Even in London they have standards. Low, but standards none the less!
  5. In the days of Wylde and Stainrod, Steel seemed a bit of a downgrade. Different type of plyer. Wasn't terrible though, and put a shift in...
  6. The owners of the greyhound stadium had not invested in it for years. Much of it was unsafe and unusable. As a dog track it had been dying on its backside for years. A woeful experience for the punter. The track owners will not have lost out financially, the few remaining staff undoubtedly will have done. The biggest community loss has been the large Sunday market and car boot sale which took place at the Stadium. Sadly, once these things disappear, they rarely come back. It has indeed been fortuitous for AFC that they will benefit from this major development. They are not the ones making the real money here though. Given house prices in Merton (fancy a two bed terrace for £900k+?), Murky Merton will be a far happier place for the bricks n mortar brigade. All very sad for the dog track and workers involved, but a sense of homecoming for the football club. Sadly always seem to be losers where there are winners.
  7. I live in Merton and can assure you they are not! AFC have worked extraordinarily hard to achieve what they have done and have been sensible in their approach. Yes, some luck is involved, and a few Kingstonian fans are none too happy. Generally a good news story in footballing terms though, from my point of view.
  8. Probably. I don't suppose anyone comes out of situations like this with much credit. Talk about regretting a night out...
  9. No, after two and a half years of the original five year sentence.
  10. IIRC, I don't think he was released pending appeal. He served two and a half years before being released on licence. This is standard for most prisoners. The appeal came much later. There is lots of room for discussion about second chances etc of course...
  11. Torquay because the Mrs supports them... Promoted to Conference this year (under Gary Johnson) - Torquay, not the Mrs... I've seen them play twice at Wembley too😳. Greenock Morton because I have a very close friend who comes from there. We alternate trips to see Latics and the Ton. As a consequence we are both perpetually miserable.
  12. Don't doubt yourself. People like him are not worth wasting time on. You do a great job of keeping us informed. It's interesting that he has chosen you to have a go at. Easier than someone 'his own size'. Sad man. Keep up the good work in the knowledge that genuine Latics fans support you (or at least your right to do what you do without feeling threatened).
  13. I'd like to say well done to the trust for organising yesterday's meeting. AL must surely take note of 150 fans (and more unable to attend) meeting on his doorstep. Of course, he may not care. I think the tone was just about right and a sensible initial course of action is in place. A timescale was agreed for a response from AL and the ball is very much in his court. Should he not respond in an acceptable way within this timescale, then I think we must accept that he will never engage and we should move forwards accordingly. Acceptable includes answering the questions that are put to him satisfactorily. I know that many people want some action now, but I believe that a couple more weeks won't do any harm. Like it or not, he owns the football club. If he will work with the fans, great. If not then we look at how best to proceed without his engagement. FWIW I don't think he will ever engage in a constructive and honest way.
  14. I'm hoping for a constructive discussion that leads to a clarity of purpose for the trust going forward. This is, of course, difficult with 150 people all with a huge emotional attachment to the club and each with their views. Worth a try...
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