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  1. They're really not (and I have quite a few). Ridiculously oversized. Nostalgia can be dangerous.
  2. OK let's stop the Bates hagiography. I started watching Latics in the late 60s. Even though I was only a kid, I well remember every time there was a crisis at BP and need for a board meeting he was away sunning himself in the BVI. A truly dreadful owner and the club was lucky to survive his tenure.
  3. By the very words chosen to argue your point, you only serve to underline what a shambles the club has become. Try to remember (difficult as it sometimes can be) we are supposed to be a PROFESSIONAL football club. We're not talking here about the Dog & Duck's fixtures in a Sunday pub league.
  4. To be honest, I’m far more interested in/excited about the news that the fan group and Trust are hopefully close to buying Boundary Park including the Royle Stand. If/when that’s in place, and in parallel, moves to get rid of the Chuckle Brothers and install sane and competent owners will be more than welcome.
  5. They'd go nicely with the Pennywise cardboard clown face masks lower down that page at £3.50 each!
  6. It was a genuine question, i.e. curious to know what you meant by "better ways" of getting AL. It took years for Blackpool fans to get rid of Oyston and I'm not sure we can afford to wait that long. Bolton, as far as I know, are still in a terrible position financially. I understand fans wanting to turn up and support the team rather than boycott and won't condemn it, but nor should we condemn those planning boycotts.
  7. Exactly. And, depending on how many of those offered contracts are the sub-standard players whom the Chuckle Brothers bought to the club in the first place, not only suspicious but deeply worrying.
  8. If true that sounds highly suspicious and surely in itself worthy of an EFL/FA investigation.
  9. Comments like this are absolutely futile. How the f*ck does saying what should have happened 10-15 years ago help in the here and now? It can't be easy working for the Trust, these guys are volunteers and do it in their spare time. They didn't ask for Corney or Lemsagam, and can you imagine two more disreputable people to have to deal with. For God's sake let's unite, support the Trust and get AL out of the club. If OAFC has to re-form for this to happen, so be it.
  10. Good post, like your more detailed one on the other forum. Scholes must be absolutely fuming - yes of course he doesn't need the money etc, but he doesn't need the hassle and reputational risk that dealing with AL clearly brought. Absolutely no blame attaches to him for walking away. Your last para above must be worth following up - surely he as much as anyone would want to see regime change, whether or not he comes back as manager one day. The Trust needs to work every possible contact and avenue to get AL out of our club.
  11. Good point Singe - so rather than trying to lob scarves on to the pitch, which will in any case antagonise the stewards, just drop them on the seats/floor and walk out.
  12. I'd say the two are not incompatible. Tennis balls on to the pitch (preferably more than once during the game) and then a mass walkout.
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