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  1. But then is Oldham Athletic 2004 Ltd the Oldham of Jimmy Frizzell and Joe Royle?
  2. After what Rangers “fans” did to Manchester a few years ago I wouldn’t want them anywhere near Oldham.
  3. Difficult to argue with any part of that statement. However, after years of mis-management, I'm afraid I have to see actions now rather than fine words.
  4. The rules of your game are that you fabricate expressions such as "Pawel's Laws" in an attempt to make yourself out to be clever. You're not.
  5. Ah, the pseudo-intellectual response, always the mark of a guy who’s lost the argument. Back to arse-blowing for you, laddie.
  6. Come on Harry. With respect that is a superficial analysis. “There’s always been a monopoly at the top” - are you seriously saying that the game is no different now to the way it was when clubs like Derby and Forest could win the league and the latter the European Cup? And before you come back with Leicester or Blackburn, both of those great achievements were one/offs with rich owners. As LSA says, the birth of the “P”L and subsequent swamping of the top tier with Sky money changed the game - for the worse, in my view. At that level, now, it’s a business with a sport attached. Pre-1992, it wasn’t.
  7. This. For Bosch's benefit, I wasn't "blowing smoke" up anyone's arse, least of all that of the Accrington owner. A strange comment, come to think about it, but let us leave Harold to his anal fixation. The posts were in my view a good summary of the desperate state of professional football in this country, where a small number of clubs can now earn/spend huge sums every year and the rest of the 92 seem to get ever more impoverished. If some people think that's fine and there's nothing to worry about, then I'd say they are misguided. The gulf between the haves and have nots runs much deeper than the question of whether some clubs/owners are living beyond their means, as lookersstandandy points out above.
  8. Https://Twitter.com/andyhholt/status/1128160367794905091?s=12 Slightly off-topic as it covers a number of clubs with financial problems, but what a statement on the condition of our national game. If only we could find an owner like Accrington’s. If the halfwits at the FA and FL do throw the book at him I hope he’ll fight them all the way - and win.
  9. If we are going for famous French people as next manager I'd like to have Juliette Binoche in the dugout.
  10. Come on, that's not fair. A red fleece at least, surely? Have budget cuts hit us so hard?
  11. See what you did there! Marco Liesagain, I think it could catch on.
  12. Spot on. The Trust is caught at the moment between a rock and a hard place but Andy B and co need to take a deep breath and appreciate that this is a highly emotional subject for all of us fans. I found AB's responses above disturbingly hostile. Of course it must be difficult if you feel the Trust is being put under pressure, but this is all about securing the future of the club and you need to win fans over, not alienate them, as SJ says.
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