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  1. Hard to believe we're only on page 2 of a match day thread. Says it all really, thanks Chuckle Brothers.
  2. Yep, I defer to your superior morality. We can’t all be perfect unfortunately.
  3. It’s tragic. There is nothing worse than seeing genuine talent squandered. Imagine how good you have to be to be the youngest player ever to play for a famous top level team. I feel for the lad.
  4. I hope Urko never tries this, he could take a few out! 😳
  5. A mean bunch I'd say! Wouldn't fancy going for a 50/50 ball with some of that lot!
  6. RIP Bury. I went to Bury GS and back then most of my mates at the school were Bury fans rather than United or City. I remember Terry McDermott one dropped in to take a training session while he was still at Gigg Lane, which then had one of the best playing surfaces in the country. My Bury-supporting mates were ecstatic when he turned up. Hard to believe they're gone.
  7. Nice try, epic fail. The famous Latin saying is so apt in your case: "Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses". Or, as Sir Humphrey translated it: "If you'd kept your mouth shut we might have thought you were clever". Note - "might".
  8. Dear Fanny (for thus you have signed your latest leaden message) I see your grasp of spelling and grammar are on a par with your sense of humour. Many are the rocks off the UK coast. I suggest you choose one, and crawl back underneath it.
  9. Hero, n. "A person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities." Describes Gordon Banks to a tee. Unlike you.
  10. “Precious “, to object to a tasteless, unfunny and disgusting reference to a tragic accident to one of our footballing heroes. What a sad specimen you are.
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