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  1. Worcester City?! Certainly not. Must admit I don't know why they are not higher, but RU and cricket are very popular hereabouts, and there are lots of Villa, Wolves, Birmingham and WBA fans. Cheltenham haven't been a league club for that many years, and Gloucester City have always been well down the pyramid. I see TangerineDream has mounted a passionate defence! But I still don't understand the idea of switching allegiance (I don't even get the idea of a "second team" a la Nick Hornby, but maybe that's just me, and I've been to see Cheltenham a few times, but only because they're on my doorstep relatively speaking - wouldn't dream of supporting them). I saw my first Latics match in 1965 (5-3 home win v QPR) and I was hooked. So much so, that although my United-supporting older brother (apologies) used to take me to Old Trafford in the late 60s, and even though they had Best, Law, Charlton, huge ground, fanatical atmosphere, it was too late. I couldn't go back on Oldham. Through thin and thin, nothing has changed!
  2. Sorry, Tangerine Dream, but switching clubs is something you never, ever do. It’s beyond the pale. Once a Latic, always a Latic.
  3. Got it now, 12-15 July? We come home on 8th 😂
  4. What are the dates for the Morocco tour? I’m staying half an hour’s drive from Gib and ferry to Morocco. Fighting a strange compulsion to go over there and support the team.
  5. If BoJo gets in and takes us out of the EU without a deal on 31 Oct, will Laurent need a work permit on 1 Nov? Just asking!
  6. You might hope that a schedule of future board meetings would have been agreed, maybe it has. Sorry, this is Latics, I need to lie down and take my medicine.
  7. And meanwhile, as LS points out elsewhere, AL treats a local business like Eden Creative despicably. Little by little - slowly slowly - our club is being trashed, on and off the pitch. If results are poor at the start of next season, things could get very ugly very quickly. I have no confidence or faith in anything that Coco says or does.
  8. You seem to be Laurent’s no. 1 fan. Either you’re his agent or he is Shez, heavily disguised. Sacrebleu!
  9. Well, as ever, I'll get behind the new guy but I don't think I've ever been less excited by a managerial (sorry, head coach) appointment. Darren Kelly runs him close but Laurent prend le biscuit.
  10. My Dad helped to run Middleton Amateurs for many years. As good as he was (ok I'm biased) I'm not sure this qualifies me to manage Oldham.
  11. A chilled out guy, by all accounts.
  12. To be fair, since only Marco and his brother know how much they want for George (if they do!) then I reckon "I reckon" is a fair way of putting it.
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