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  1. Off the bench and now in the bath after a shocking foul. Deserved 2 red cards according to Danny Kelly!
  2. We should just rename this "Current manager departure watch" and then the mods wouldn't need to allow a new thread every few weeks.
  3. "....departed the club from his role as a head coach...." Says it all. Who else was a head coach? AL? Flat Cap? Red Fleece? Bozos all.
  4. You need to look at the bigger picture. Does anybody give a flying fuck who succeeds Maamria, as long as the Chuckle Brothers are in charge?
  5. Getting rid of Popeye (credit to Singe) is hardly terrible. The continuation of halfwit Lemsagam's regime certainly is though.
  6. If I'm honest BP I preferred your Latics football manager updates.
  7. Well worth seeing again, priceless. Superb timing from the guy in the audience!
  8. One of the quotes, and images, of this or any other decade.I would double upvote if I could. Thanks Shanks, I couldn't stop laughing at that!
  9. As an update, the research firm Morningstar thinks three vaccines could be approved (approved, not available) by Q1 2021, IF phase 3 trials go well. They think the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine may be ready for emergency use authorisation only by Sept 2020, again subject to phase 3 results. The FT reckons that the Oxford vaccine, if all goes well, may be available by the end of 2020 for use on the highest priority recipients, with supplies then expanding during next year. There are three hurdles: (1) it's not clear how long the tests will take to produce results, (2) AstraZeneca and its manufacturing partners must organise production on a massive scale, (3) the regulators have to decide if a vaccine works well enough to be approved - the US FDA has set a 50% efficacy threshold for Covid vaccines. The progress on vaccines has been tremendous but there's still some way to go.
  10. Absolutely no chance it will be available to the general public by then. It has to go through Phase 3 trials, still a way to go. Sometime next year, and later rather than earlier in 2021 looks realistic.
  11. Really good idea, not least because it could have given L1/L2 teams some much needed match practice. Sadly, bosh, you are endowed with common sense whereas the bozos who run the EFL....well...er....
  12. A good shower and plenty of Lynx should sort that out.
  13. You've done a great job. I remember standing in the Chaddy End for the 2-2 draw with Everton, the first of the three, in Feb 90. What an atmosphere for that game, the ground was packed. My brother was there with his two lads, 14 and 11 at the time, and I remember a couple of Latics fans, hard as nails, standing with them as the Scousers tried to get in to our bit of the Chaddy. Great days!
  14. I was at the 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge in Feb 1989 with my Chelsea-supporting brother-in-law, as I was working in and living near London back then. I took great delight in sending him your youtube link LSA to the highlights and as you can imagine he thanked me warmly! To be fair we stood in The Shed that day so I've probably got him to thank for the fact that I escaped in one piece!
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