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  1. Good stuff. Keeps the pressure on the Lemsagams in a firm but fair manner.
  2. Clarke started the first 8 league games of the season for Fleetwood, at which point they were 4th in L1. He may have lost his place in the starting XI since then, but he would surely have been invaluable to our struggling L2 team this season. That the clowns let him leave without even a thank you for all he did in his time at Boundary Park tells you all you need to know about their fitness to own and run a football club.
  3. Pardon my ignorance, must have missed an announcement, but what's happened to Mr Sinnott? Haven't seen a post from him in ages. I hope the Chuckle Brothers haven't sent him off to a different circus.
  4. Abdallah showing Mo the exit at last? Surely too much to hope for.
  5. I went to Birmingham v Villa in the League Cup a few seasons ago, February I think it was. Sure it was about -5 or -6 C before kick-off. It was so cold I was standing in the bar with some mates and turned down the "extra cold" lager (🙄) and had a hot chocolate instead. The curry afterwards was a lifesaver.
  6. Hopefully enough to know that play regularly moves > 70 yards in a matter of seconds in both RU and football, that there are 8 fewer players on the pitch in football, and that if one sport can handle in-play treatment, usually for more serious injuries, then no reason why football can't at least trial it 🙄
  7. Regularly, actually, especially when it becomes a kicking game. And there was an incident in the Final yesterday when England passed the ball over an injured SA player while he was on the ground getting attention. No reason why footballers can't do the same, especially when there are 8 fewer players on the pitch. Contrast that with modern football: a player rolls around on the ground as though he's been shot. Sooner or later the opposition kick the ball out so he can get treatment. Play is stopped. Injured player has to leave the pitch, then wait to be allowed back on (utterly farcical). If that isn't stop-start I don't know what is. And now of course we have VAR to waste even more time.
  8. One aspect of RU that I've always liked is that the trainer/medic can come on to the pitch to treat an injured player while the game continues. If RU can do it with 15 a side, I'm sure football could give it a try. It would cut out feigning injury, would be pointless.
  9. I've registered my support for PTB and taken the survey. Difficult to offer much practical help from deepest Worcestershire, but these guys deserve support. Good luck @PushTheBoundary
  10. To be fair, kicking the hoardings was possibly an air shot after missing the ball.
  11. This gets my vote for nonsensical comment of the year.
  12. I have to believe that the day will come when the pain of shelling out the £££s for no sign of progress will be too much for AL, and he'll sell up. The only questions then are: How far off is that day? Which league will we be in? Who will buy the club?
  13. Maouche, subbed off, that might be curtains for Dino.
  14. I'm starting to wonder, when Barry was with the boys in blue, would he have given Inspector Clouseau a run for his money?
  15. Ha, I thought for a minute you meant a third red card!
  16. Didn't start v Bradford away, but did come on as a sub. Same in League Cup v Blackburn.
  17. You semantic prat. Try looking at the bigger picture.
  18. Too true. This reminded me of a classic line years ago by Clive James (who wrote the great TV reviews in the Observer in the 70s), on Scotland v Peru in the 1978 World Cup: "the Peruvians revealed an ability to run faster with the ball than the Scots could run without it". 😂
  19. Great point, BP. Players who could improve us are out there. Whether the Chuckle Brothers and Red Fleece ever do anything about it is another question.
  20. Not sure about that, but I expect Barry's fleece must be by now.
  21. Impossible not to like the guy, he comes across really well, so enthusiastic. Will the Chuckle Brothers let him manage?
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