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  1. That's a great team photo in the link, that 61/62 side look like they would scare modern players stiff! I suspect McCue and Jarvis didn't take prisoners.
  2. I agree, the Atletico-ish kit looks good. As a general rule I hate clubs changing kit every season just to screw money out of the fans, but I like anniversary kits. I thought the Arsenal maroon one a few years ago was pretty cool. No problem with us playing in red and white for a season if that's how we started out. What's the problem? I don't stop supporting England when we play in red & white (ok, that's a second kit, but you get my point).
  3. Not if the ditchwater also known as Carlsberg is anything to go by!
  4. To be fair, what have we Latics fans got at the moment to keep us going other than fantasies? Time for a strong run-in to the season's end, BP!
  5. Glad to hear there will be a next season!! 😁👍
  6. This is a solid season so far BP and you clearly have us poised for the play-offs at least. When do you replace Dino?!
  7. Watched my first match at 7 in the same stand with my Dad. Bit longer ago I'm afraid - 1965, we beat QPR 5-3! (Un)fortunately I was then hooked for life......!
  8. https://dukinfieldtigers.com/2016/09/ The power of the internet ! 🤣
  9. I know, it had me puzzled! It was his only appearance that season according to the book, maybe a youth team/reserve player? On page 446 of the book for anyone who has it, there's a squad photo of the 1990/91 team with the Second Division Championship trophy, and there is a Greg Wilson on the back row, second from left. He isn't listed in the 90/91 season fixtures, so I guess he must have joined in the summer. Does look very young so I guess he maybe was a youth team player. Maybe it's him?!
  10. So, I've consulted my copy of Pine Villa & Oldham Athletic - a 100 Year Journey (1995) and it's got the following: 28 April 1992 a 2-2 draw v Liverpool, goals from Moulden and Palmer, crowd 4,400 (News at Ten above says > 5,000!). Line-up: 1 Keeley 2 Makin 3 Barlow 4 Henry (subbed off) 5 Fleming 6 A.Holden 7 Palmer 8 Moulden 9 Sharp (subbed off) 10 McDonald 11 R.Holden 12 Wilson 14 Tolson
  11. If by that you mean finish the current season whenever possible, then if necessary cancel 2020/21, I agree that is by far the fairest solution. Of course I accept it brings a lot of other complications - player contracts, etc. - but it would be much better than either voiding or freezing the current season. Maybe all existing contracts could be extended until whenever the last playing day of 2019/20 actually occurs, but I suspect the lawyers will still have a field day.
  12. At least we might be forced to leave one or two on the halfway line when defending corners!
  13. A good pub, was closed and I believe has re-opened as the Tipsy Fox. We celebrated the 3-0 last year at the Hen & Chicken, another good one.
  14. I usually go to the Crawley game because my sister in law and her husband live in Southwater, not far away. Last season we thumped them 3-0 and Dearnley scored on his debut. To lose there by the same scoreline this season says a lot about our lack of progress under 🤡 and Popeye. Fortunately I couldn't make the game this time!
  15. Didn't see the race, presumably he ran slowly slowly?
  16. Not on at all in these coronavirus-ridden times. Fed up of players blowing their noses directly on to the pitch. As home team Crawley should carry the can, match result overturned and 3 points to us. Happy days.
  17. I admire your optimism as much as your music, Mick, and will have a pint of whatever you're drinking. I think Popeye, as Singe calls him, has had long enough and shows no sign of being able to improve this group of players. If Mills really is being denied a place on financial grounds that's a disgrace and speaks volumes about the Chuckle Brothers' lack of integrity towards the fans.
  18. Agree with much of this, however I'm not sure how you can say AL is a stopgap and at the same time say this is a new start (if he soon owns ground and club). I was in the camp, crazy as it sounds , of hoping for admin this season as a way of getting AL out and a new owner (preferably someone sensible so not Bassini) in. Based on today's events I'm now leaning towards the Lags view. Easy for me to say from far away in the West Mids as I don't get to many home games these days, but if AL does get complete control, then, utter tit that he has so far been proved to be, he's the guy keeping our club alive and, with a heavy heart, I'd say we need to hold our noses and support our club. He won't be there forever, but hopefully Latics will be. The players, good and bad as they are, need our support more than ever.
  19. And Sky News is a fairly well respected broadcaster - no reason to think Sky Sports News doesn't operate to the same standards.
  20. Commendable sentiments. However, it's difficult to see any chink of light if AL remains in charge given his track record to date.
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