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  1. singe, you would have to live in a cave not to know how disruptive the closure of the North Stand has been to our Club and Supporters The very same people who own and manage the North Stand are shortly going to be reaching out to us to invest in helping to buy our stadium Its just f>#kin common sense to declare and evidence that the North Stand works required by the Council have been completed and signed off, if indeed they have been. Nothing else makes any sense
  2. The Council shut the Stand so I doubt it https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/january/24012020-north-stand-update/
  3. You're just guessing singe, just like the rest of us If Brassbank / FLG / OEC have completed the works required by the SAG, they should flag it, to us, the fans as such with a public statement Why wouldn't you if you had and take the morale high ground
  4. Brassbank (Blitz and Gazal) own the North Stand The OEC / FLG manage the North Stand on behalf of Brassbank If the SAG requirements to allow the North Stand to be reopened have been completed and signed off as such by the SAG, lets have a statement as such from Brassbank/FLG/OEC Otherwise we can only assume the North Stand is not fit for match days
  5. Agree that's how it seems to have finished up but the FLG last statement read: What this means is that the FLG, upon completion, will hold a percentage share of the Football Club. These are A Shares with full voting rights over and above all existing members of the current OAFC Board of Directors, aside from Mr Lemsagam So was the FLG simply over playing the impact the share purchase would have regarding their potential influence around the Board, were they out manoeuvred by AL or just spouting hot air
  6. Cant see any reason why the purchase of club A Shares by the FLG would be impacted by the North Stand situation The FLG last statement on the purchase of the shares (early Jan) read very upbeat so what happened 🤔
  7. A bit controversial maybe but since the FLG announced themselves and their intentions, have they actually done anything at all They announced to our supporters : they're going to buy the whole of the stadium and the land footprint it sits on they're in the process of buying a number of A Shares which will give them influence with the Board they're going to manage the OEC including match day hospitality For me, at least an update from them on just the above three matters shouldn't be too much to ask
  8. Early Bird season tickets not available for the Joe Royle Stand as yet https://www.facebook.com/181558501876894/posts/3045619628804086/?d=n
  9. Season Ticket 'promotions' will need to be absolutely amazing to attract anything like decent numbers This money, or lack of it, helps us get through the close season and dictates our strengthening up of the playing squad for the new season Just can't see even a glimmer of hope of us escaping our continuous decline
  10. Fair point Matt The bottom line is that the UEFA investigation is based on information from Rui Pinto, a hacker who is currently in prison awaiting trial for over 140 offences, not an audit completed by a football authority. City will vigorously defend the punishment from UEFA but if we’re brutally honest, City have already lost a lot more than a Champions League spot, they have lost their reputation as genuine winners as Saracens have in Rugby Union. Not the fault of their managers or players but tainted just the same. City have also been fined €30m which is probably more than the value of all the clubs in League2 put together Mad aint it 🙄
  11. This is doing the rounds on social media. Obviously bias towards City but has some interesting points:on the football elite: Once upon a time, there was a really prestigious football tournament called the European Cup, which was based on sporting excellence. It brought together outstanding teams from across the continent. To qualify teams first had to prove themselves by winning their own league, this truly was a competition for champions. With the glory though also came the opportunity for great wealth & eventually the principal of sporting excellence was overtaken by greed. The self-appointed elite of the time "the European Royalty" decided they wanted a greater share of the spoils & they wanted it guaranteed regardless of their performance! The grubby little cartel (later known as the G14) threatened to break away & form their own Super League, unless everyone else agreed to their demands! Feeling they had little choice, UEFA caved in & the"Champions" League was born. At the heart of this self-serving little cartel were 3 English clubs (Man United, Liverpool & Arsenal) & coincidentally the format of the new competition granted 3 places to English teams. It also changed from a straight knockout format to an initial group stage. So now not only could they still qualify by only finishing 2nd or 3rd in the Premier League, they were also guaranteed at least 6 lucrative fixtures each season. BOOM! The money started rolling in & the big 3 got fatter, as they disappeared over the horizon, leaving the rest of the league with little chance of ever challenging their increasing financial dominance! Then out of the blue, a wealthy Russian Oligarch, Roman Abramovich, rolled into town to bankroll Chelsea & gatecrash the party! With the gravy train now under threat, the greedy little threesome convinced UEFA to increase the English allocation to 4 places! Phew disaster averted, onwards & upwards, no harm done... That was until the "evil" Sheikh Mansour bought Manchester City with his unlimited "dirty oil money!"! Now with UEFA unable or unwilling to accommodate this latest unwelcome guest at the top table, a new strategy was required to preserve the dominance of the established elite. Without further a do, the "Financial Fair Play" was conceived! This had little to do with "fair play", turning a blind eye to debt ridden clubs & owners that systematically drained money out of the game! It was solely designed to stop wealthy owners investing in clubs & making them competitive; thus ensuring the lazy established elite remained unchallenged. Undeterred by the bogus nature of these new constraints targeted at them & any future investors, Manchester City embarked on transforming the club, with initial investment to break the cartel & putting top quality people in place, off the field as well as on it. In addition to breaking all records on the pitch, the club achieved commercial sustainability & delivered 4 years of profit. The club is now independently valued at over £2B (reportedly outstripping all the Premier League old-guard). This has shown a huge return on Sheikh Mansour's £1.2B investment & dispelling the lie of "financial doping". So what do the owners of the established "European Royalty" do now? Up their game? Risk their own money to meet the challenge? No! They utilise their stooges in the media to try & discredit City's achievements & demand UEFA do "something" to derail Citys' progress! A journalist on 5Live apparently just said his paper phoned the big law firms up wanting to work on an in-depth story and all of them said they were representing City and therefore couldn't help them. It looks like Khaldoon's threat to spend £30m on lawyers rather than pay a penny in UEFA fines is in play!
  12. Ah, is it as simple as Advertising/Marketing/Sponsorship as a % of Club Revenues then Very short sighted then that by UEFA to not consider the £m’s a club spends in improving the local community.
  13. City have virtually rebuilt that part of Manchester and invested £millions in the local community just like most football fans would like their own clubs to do I wonder if UEFA took that type of £investment into consideration 🤔 Youre not telling me that Barcelona Real Madrid and PSG are falling within the UEFA Fair Play rules
  14. He has been complimentary on quite a few clubs Harry
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