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  1. If Crawley was Pete's last game in charge, how brilliant would it be if hundreds of us turned up for his first Saturday game back in charge for the Academy team Great way for us to say thanks for looking after the team and thanks for our FA Cup Away Day at Fulham
  2. From lower league football to Betfair
  3. Can't anybody simply leave to progress their careers without it being seen as a slight on the Club
  4. tGWB

    Carlisle United (H)

    absolutely this, complimented by Frankie trying too hard to outwit Sheridan by playing 3-5-2
  5. tGWB

    Newport (H)

    For me, Zeus was okay to be fair and being only 23, I would suggest could be coached into a competent Keeper Daniel Iversen our clear No1 though
  6. tGWB

    Newport (H)

    Cant argue with that Added to the issues we had last season for sure
  7. tGWB

    Newport (H)

    If Jack was half as good a player as some fans portray him as, we would have stayed up and not found ourselves in a League below Accrington Stanley That's the reality
  8. tGWB

    Newport (H)

    Teams win trophies / success not individuals If Jack was half as troublesome as has been suggested, Frankie Bunn would have been a fool to keep him Lack of a strong team spirit got us relegated last season
  9. Dan Gardner has played two 'Captain Games' and been our best player by some way. Absolutely nothing wrong with him running towards the fans (I was there) and shouting at them to stop booing, whilst celebrating his second goal in two games Its called 'character' and to be honest we need a few more players showing some of it on the pitch !!
  10. tGWB


    Conveniently forgetting, Joe managed us to the 2nd Division Championship, a League Cup Final and 2 FA Cup Semi-Finals All whilst playing the most exciting football in the Clubs history dec666 you're an absolute Doughnut !!
  11. As the only Director of the Club other than Mr Lemsagam of course he knew I asked Underdog who posted yesterday evening, a list of discussion points covered by the Trust (which did not include players wages), if they could confirm if the wages had been paid. Underdog couldn't/didn't confirm
  12. Kowenicki Just so I can get a better idea of what I am up against when communicating with you: How many moons does your planet have ?
  13. Underdog No need to get back regarding if the players and staff have been paid Mike Keegan has confirmed that they have not Must confess to being a little disappointed that the Trust didn't know before him but least we know and hopefully everyone will get paid very soon
  14. Kowenicki You're quick to snap at fellow posters heels, asking for confirmation/proof of what they have heard but resist offering answers yourself Genuine question from me to Underdog earlier, sarcastically responded to by yourself as though you are in the know For clarity then, can you confirm our players and staff have been paid yet ?
  15. Can only speak for myself but if I enjoyed where I was working, had a few good pals there, I would probably take it on the chin a few times. It would definitely get me looking for something new though. #doesKowenikiknowiftheplayersandstaffhavebeenpaid