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  1. Thanks underdog Accepting your point leeslover but in short, AL paid c£3m He’s not going to just walk away is he
  2. So you seriously think Corney only got £1 for his 97% shareholding to walk away from the club after years of supposedly searching for a buyer whilst he was losing money on a monthly basis ? I have not seen that published anywhere. Really 🤔
  3. I haven’t seen the price AL paid for Corneys 97% shareholding in the club so whatever £figure that was he’ll want that covering and likely his losses to date plus some £s for goodwill. Thats if someone knocks on his door. If he’s struggling cash flow wise and the club is in danger of going under, you would think he would take a lot less. Would be surprising someone from the middle east wanting a ‘failed business’ tag hanging over his head. Saying that even distressed sellers dont always see sense. We’ve exchanged on the Trust a few times but I simply cant see past them needing access to the club whilst building relationships with fellow trusts and the Football Supporters Association to build their knowledge of potential legal options should the need arise. The Trust will need access to funds if the club finances deteriorate further and the £10 membership from 300-350 members wont be enough. Our supporters are missing a goal opportunity not joining and to be brutally honest I think the Trust is definitely missing an open goal by not significantly expanding its volunteer numbers and skills base.
  4. sjk2008 Just a view If the Trust membership was significantly higher and considered to represent the majority of our supporters they could possibly be approached by a party interested in buying the club. As for the Trust actively canvassing for a new owner, I cant see it as lets be frank, there simply isn’t enough of them to do so. Any potential new owner/s should, you would think, want control of the whole club so absolutely no point in even starting a dialogue with the FLG as their declared primary intentions are to raise funds to buy Boundary Park. AL will only leave the club if either: 1. he is made an offer he simply cant refuse, which would mean a new owner/s paying well over a sensible commercial rate and why would anyone do that. 2. Serious cash flow issues which materially impact his ability to continue to pay the clubs bills (eg HMRC) resulting in the club going bankrupt.
  5. I support the Trust and happy to give my own view but for the avoidance of doubt, I am not a ‘mouthpiece’ for them. Just going to reply to sjk2008
  6. Not directed just at you this wiseowl but all the posts on this thread Serious question and not intended to offend but: Do any of you have any ideas how to remove the owner of a Ltd Company as in Oldham Athletic 2004 Ltd ? And within the realms of possibility preferably
  7. Morning latics22 Its only £10 for a 12 month Membership. Nothing really is it when you think what the fans of Bury FC are going through The Trust are all volunteers but they will need some funds I'd think for some administrative expenses and should the need ever arise they might need to take some legal advice, which doesnt come for free They'll be running the Trust on the goodwill of fellow Latics supporters and friends in their own time and I'd wager they dont even haver a rent free office base to work from. Just wish more fellow supporters would join and at least give them a fighting chance to be a positive influence with any owner of our club.
  8. For me, the Trust is our best chance, maybe our only chance, of helping our club avoid being the next Bury FC and that doesn't mean always having to be at the front of any protests. The Trust needs to work with any owner until the point comes when it is not in the best interests of the club and our supporters to do so. By that I mean, should any financial irregularities or corporate malpractice be uncovered. The Trust and our supporters cant pick the team but hopefully over time, we can increasingly have an active role in influencing our clubs strategy In short, I don't see the Trust with its current volunteer limited skillset and numbers being able to make best use of the platform it has built to date I sincerely hope the Trust reaches out and at least tries to build its access to more skilled volunteers and urgently looks to swell its membership numbers. Just my opinion of course.
  9. Bolton fans 'protests' caught the attention of the media and achieved very little, except, if we're honest, a chuckle watching a few 'herberts' jumping up and down outside their stadium for the tv cameras. Over the last few days as Bury FC's time in the football league came to end, being brutally honest and maybe a little unkind, I didn't witness thousands of their supporters protesting and even their call to clean their stadium this week for what they hoped would be their first game of the season, only attracted a few supporters. The Trust should most definitely keep the 3% shareholding and make best of what that benefit brings Saying all that, the Trust only has c350 members and we need to significantly increase its membership so the Trust can truly say they represent the majority of our fanbase. The clock is ticking me thinks . . . . . . . . .
  10. Of course the 3% shareholding doesn't give them unlimited access to the Club and the Trust are limited in what they can do. It's far from pointless though and progress has been made only recently by the Trust getting access to the Clubs financial accounts. Was this access given to the Trust in a new spirit of openness and goodwill by the owner or simply due to someone advising him and the board that a 3% shareholder and board representative does have 'legal rights'. Regarding protests, to be honest I've not read anything on our forums that in my opinion would achieve anything other than make a few folk feel better for a few days about airing their frustrations. Our fan base is too fragmented and most simply want to watch the team that most have followed since being a child, not risk being caught up in what some would promote as 'a mob of football fans'
  11. tbh I wasn’t expecting any fireworks after the Trust viewed the accounts but lets be fair, it was progress to at least get to see them. I agree the Trust communications this last month or so have been few and far between which is disappointing when supporters concerns are heightened with all thats been going on at Bolton and Bury. My guess is their personnel are thin on the ground especially due to peak school holidays but that was the main point of my post. The Trust really do need to publish what skills they are short of and a list of ‘essential roles’ they would like to ‘recruit’ so our supporters feel more engaged with their Club.
  12. I’m of the opinion that the 3% gets the Trust not only a foot in the door but more importantly a seat at the table. Only recently it was reported a Trust Director got access to our Clubs financial accounts which is not an insignificant step in building better communications with the Owner. We will achieve little ‘chucking rocks’ other than risk further isolating the Owner. Firmly believe that the larger the number of supporters who become Trust members, the greater the Trust influence will be with the Club
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