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  1. Sadly there's a lot of members on here that are almost hoping that our new manager fails so they can give it he big "I told you so" My personal preference would be to have all the playing staff and management team to have been born in the North West of England, the English equivalent of Athletic Bilbao, who have an unwritten rule to only recruit staff from the Basque Region of Spain Not having saved enough money up yet to buy the Club, I'm going to have to hope someone else can at the very least get us back to being half decent both on and off the pitch Good luck to Mr Laurent Banide and Mr Bouziane Benarabi Hopefully you can build a strong team ethic we can be proud of, play attractive attacking football and our fans will come back in numbers
  2. Dave_Og, GlossopLatic, Singe Am sure we all have our own thoughts on how to best progress our Club We all want our new coach Laurent Banide to be successful and bring back attractive attacking football back to Boundary Park, hopefully building our attendances Financially, our results for season 17/18 are due on the 27th June and 'PriceofFootball'@KieranMaguire will be all over them for us. We'll find out how much we were £losing a week and should get a handle on how much AL is having to tip in
  3. Dave, am pretty sure there isnt a gant chart to track progress against deadlines but for the first time, albeit due to fans increasing frustrations, AL actually declared in writing his ‘vision/intentions’ Acorns n Oak Trees hopefully 😊
  4. Glossop Latic Appreciate the update and just a quick scan suggests it has merit Stand out points for me are attracting young local / northern players to develop and sell on (like George) and compliment the playing staff with a few experienced players. Taking advantage of bigger local club talent makes sense in the short to midterm while we develop our own academy. However its unrealistic to expect the owner not to bring in any foreign players as he has already stated his intention to do so. Accrington Stanley seem to be a well run club, Rochdale have similar financial issues as we do but have had the benefit of both a decent FA Cup run and a couple of decent player sales. I am not familiar with Newport County finances but note they do seem to gave a good team ethic
  5. Come on Singe youre better than that 🙄 It was only a few weeks ago that AL stated his vision (see attached)
  6. Financially viable and realistic ? Post just one 🤔
  7. ALs strategy I would suggest means we need a coach to develop young players and foreign, players. I have not seen posted on here or any other media a better idea to help stabilise and build our Club Laurent Banide with his extensive service with Monaco looks a positive first step to me
  8. Having worked for over 15 years with Monaco Youth not good enough for us then 🙄
  9. Glass half full view: Laurent Banide is a perfect fit for ALs strategic plan announced only a few weeks ago Rather than try another first timer, inexperienced coach or an experienced run of the mill lower league usual suspect, AL has secured the services of a vastly experienced coach We simply cannot survive by continuing to operate in the traditional lower league format The foundation of ALs strategy is primarily based around building a recognised conveyor belt to develop and sell on young and foreign players. He worked for over 15 years for AS Monaco Youth, widely accepted as one of the top European Clubs for bringing through young players whilst playing attractive attacking football I would think he speaks a number of languages, which is critical particularly for developing foreign players and lets be frank, communicating with AL Fingers crossed for some attractive attacking football and the development of an improving financial footing for our Club
  10. You make me giggle sometimes kowenicki when posters don't absolutely agree with your opinion, which of course you're entitled to do For me, the Trust are rightly trying to improve communications with Mr Lemsagam and hopefully they can build a relationship that will benefit him and our Club Personally I was not in favour of the Trust letter asking the 10-12 specific questions in the public domain and would very much prefer a Trust representative to ask those questions 'face to face' and report back to the fans accordingly. The Trust simply cannot keep asking the Owner every single question posed by every single supporter, that would be like an online interrogation He owns the Club, loses £thousands on a weekly basis and I would suggest needs help. If he can open up a little is another matter
  11. He has at least responded which is a start I am sure he is losing £thousands every week as do most owners of EFL Clubs and with only 2 Home games left, thankfully we have the Sky TV money coming in to help see us through the close season. He will have invested lots of money in buying and running the Club and wont simply walk away because the fans are turning against him The Trust now need to try and build a relationship with him before the start of next season
  12. He has already gone some way to counter any potential protest by introducing the 'Wildy's at the Wheel' price concession (Adults £5 / Kids £1) The Sky TV money will likely double an average home gate £revenue so I'm pretty sure a few protests won't affect him Yesterdays announcement about Main Stand Season Ticket Holders having to relocate due to Sky having to build their camera gantry, gives a massive insight in to how badly the Club is organised, as we have known for weeks about the game being screened yet give fans less than a week to relocate I didn't expect him to reply comprehensively to the Trust letter but did expect him to at least say something Blunder after Blunder . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  13. This fella just doesnt get any better with time does he ! Couldnt run a corner shop 🙄
  14. If Crawley was Pete's last game in charge, how brilliant would it be if hundreds of us turned up for his first Saturday game back in charge for the Academy team Great way for us to say thanks for looking after the team and thanks for our FA Cup Away Day at Fulham
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