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  1. Morning underdog Contacted the PtB Lads early last week and they have confirmed that they will take it up
  2. Nailed it Just wish he had the good sense to change some of his inner circle of advisers
  3. thats a fair call tbh probably down to a just dont like the Plastic Latics more 😂 felt for Bury fans though all the shit they went through
  4. Bank rolled by Mr Dave Whelan for years 👏👏 Relegated from Premier League in 2013 c£50m in parachute payments from the Premier League Mr Whelan sells the Club in 2018 Average Home attendances of 10,000 (likely only 7,500-8,000 Wigan at best) Arguably bought their two League One titles in 15/16 and 17/18 Only heading one way werent they Unlike the painful and very wrong demise of Bury FC , I feel nothing for Wigan
  5. Like what they have done so far tbh 👏
  6. Have asked ‘Push the Boundary’ to take the matter up with the club
  7. You may well be right deyres Supporter Safety should be a high priority for Trust Oldham but to the best of my knowledge I dont recall a demand from them to the club to fully explain the safety breaches that forced the council to close the stand on match days Maybe its something ‘Push the Boundary’ could take up with the club on our behalf.
  8. We’re back in the land of “it wasnt us, it was them” and hearsay that the safety breaches that forced the council to close the North Stand to supporters on match days have been resolved Its a simple but important step to remove any doubt regarding the safety of our supporters 1. Publish the Council Safety Audit listing the safety discrepancies in the North Stand 2. Publish the Council Safety Audit which ‘signs off’ the safety discrepancies as ‘works completed’ in the North Stand I cannot stress enough that a local council doesnt enforce the closure of a stand at its local football club for a minor discrepancy
  9. Seriously Emcee, what makes you think that the previous safety issues have been rectified Your two differing views, which of course youre entitled to, just make my point. We simply have not been updated Whilst of course I fully appreciate the challenging times we are in, when it is practical to do so, the club need to evidence that the safety of our supporters is assured
  10. You’re a trusting soul 😉 It might be worth noting that it was presented as safe before the council had it closed for use on match days
  11. Fair comments as usual With respect though, its not good enough us just thinking the safety concerns have been satisfactorily resolved Surely we can agree that the onus is on the club to qualify why the Council prohibited the use of the North Stand on match days, furthermore, evidence it is now safe and fit for purpose and certified as such by the Council Safety Authorities Not a big ask surely
  12. Yet Dave, the club is selling Season Tickets for the North Stand You would think it might encourage supporters who would prefer to sit in the North Stand to buy Season Tickets if they had it evidenced by the club that it was safe The construction trade or fire protection service contractors haven't shut down through the lockdown so you could argue that if it was a priority, that it could fairly easily have been undertaken
  13. Serious Question: Can anyone confirm that the North Stand has been passed as safe and fit for purpose yet by the Council Safety authorities ? A local council doesn't shut down a stand at its local football club for a minor safety breach Don't you think as supporters we should be advised: What were the safety breaches that the council deemed it so unsafe for supporters, that they instructed, it could not be used on match days Have those safety breaches been removed Who was responsible for undertaking the improvement works Can the improvement works be evidenced as completed What systems have been put in place to prevent any future safety breaches As customers of the club, I don't think its too much to ask that the club publishes the 'paper trail' answering these simple questions and additionally the necessary certification from the Council Safety Authorities that supporters safety in the North Stand can be assured The usual 'it wasn't our fault, it was their fault' between Brassbank, the OEC and the Club simply isn't good enough. When the safety of our supporters is at risk, we need to see the documented evidence to satisfy our collective concerns
  14. The 2m rule is to be reduced to 1m anytime soon The likes of the majestic Boundary Park being an all seater stadia could comfortably seat 4-5,000 even with seating restrictions and most certainly the 3-3,500 we normally get through the turnstiles Row A vacant Row B vacant > fan > vacant > fan Row C vacant Row D vacant > fan > vacant > fan Folk are sat with friends and family so cant see it being a problem Polite clapping in response to a goal maybe 😂
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