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  1. Don't know about everyone else but I'm quite looking forward to watching some English football on the TV from Weds! Not been bothered about watching most PL stuff over the past few years appart from the odd game, but perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder and the relegation fight should be pretty interesting. Maybe it's because there's fuck all else to do at the moment....
  2. Bit harsh I think Harry. In my humble opinion from the 7 games I have seen this season Mills has been marginally better than Hamer. More comfortable on the ball Better going forward Better situational awareness and calmer Both have a schoolboy error in their game, Agree that Hamer also has some positive points over Mills such as strength and versitility but if both are fit and available for Sat I would choose Mills. I also think Hamer has gone backwards a bit over the past 18 months and wouldn't be confident we would get anything for him currently. Agree coaching may be the issue....
  3. For those interested AL DANCER is a 16/1 shot in the 2.10 at Cheltenham.....recon ALs lumped on to buy the ground!!😂
  4. Pitch was fine considering the weather we've had, so let's not go there blaming it for some embarrassing individual performances. If players were not fit then they shouldn't be playing and that's Dino's job to make those decisions. As some have said our players are generally not good enough, and are woefully inconsistent particularly away from home. Defend and play like we played in the 2nd half against Swindon on Saturday and we get fucking smashed.
  5. Trust me if you were at the game you would have seen there were far worse performers. We know he's no superstar but he did ok generally which is not something you could say about half the team yesterday. They scored because we fucked up an attacking free kick when both our centre halves were in Crawleys 6 yard box. If we get the ball into their area as planned then they don't score. Simple as that.
  6. We were Ok first half. Should have been 2 up early on and paid the price with an embarrassing 2nd half performance from both manager and players. La Paz 6 had nothing to do really except save 3 shots...and didn't. However none were really his fault. Hammer 5 was poor against their number 13 at right back, and when covering at centre half was no better. Even his long throws were aimless Wheater 6 pretty solid till he went off. Missed when not on the field Piergianni 7 probably our best player. Solid and committed. Played until the end. Must sign for next season Borthwick Jackson 4 looked totally disinterested from the start and gave the ball away virtually every time he had it. As poor a full back performance as I have seen in a while Nepo 6 some good stuff in the first half and looked dangerous but poor 2nd. Needs to get the ball over earlier. Too many times gets in good positions to cross the ball and doesn't. To blame for first goal as instead of crossing the ball at a set piece lost possession with our 2 centre backs in the Crawley box. McCann 5 not creative enough for me. Some neat square passes but created nothing that I can remember. Sylla 6 Ok and worked hard as usual. Needed more support in midfield. Pen he gave away was clumsy but caused initially by shit defending by Hamer I think so not to blame for me Smith 6 dangerous at times but needs to get his head up when in good positions and pass the ball instead of trying to do it all himself. 2nd goal his fault. Shot from 30yds gave ball away and didn't work hard enough to get the ball back. Rowe 5 another who looked disinterested today and didn't work hard enough for me. Hardly broke sweat which is disappointing Zac 5 not at his best today. Missed a couple of really good chances early on and then didn't get any decent service until subbed. Subs NGuessan 5 never a full back. Looked uncomfortable there from the start Branger and Maouche not really given a chance to get into the game. Dino 4 Poor tactically playing pretty much 2 in midfield with no creativity. Was clear early in 2nd half that Missi was needed in midfield and we needed someone to hold the ball up up front and as a target man. Hadn't a clue it seemed how to change things. Not the man for next season for me. Fans 6 poor turnout really with less than 200 and a shit set up so no atmosphere. Players 2nd half gave us nothing to shout about apart from their totally inept performance. Overall deserved what we got and it shows statistics can blur what really happened in the game. We were clueless!!
  7. Loads of speculation regarding what should and could happen next. For me 2 key elements. Firstly will AL pay the debt to Blitz within the 6 week deadine...if not we go into admin, and secondly does he have the cash to buy the ground from Brassbank outright. Club statement confirming the precise position is urgently required. The current position is completely unchanged from the past few weeks , and will remain so until one of the above is signed sealed and delivered. My guess is he will pay the debt to avoid admin but that the deal to buy the ground will fall through and we will be back to square one again.....fucking 🤡
  8. To be honest Andy I'd be happy with that for starters. AL and his clowns gone, club still in the EFL and maybe some constructive and consolidating new ownership discussions ongoing.
  9. After last week's great showing and our pending Admin on Friday, hopefully a few more than normal should make the long trip South to Sussex. Be great if we could have a similar following and atmosphere to Orient but appreciate it's not quite the same social appeal! Now is the time for some solidarity I think and for us to show any potential future owner what a great set of fans we are and that we are investable. I'd take a draw as every point may count now until the end of the season. I'll be there with my boy and his mate so at least 3 of us👍
  10. Agreed. I'd have stuck with Benide as head coach long term, and had a more vocal British assistant to help with motivation etc. Big arms is simply not a coach from what I can see.
  11. My take.on yesterday was Woods 7/10 did nothing wrong and little chance with their goals. Very little to do otherwise Mills 7/10 did some good things in the game but gave the ball away unnecessarily a few times. Mostly solid Wheater 7/10 did ok and calm on the ball. He should be marshalling the defence and organising much better though particularly at set pieces. Hammer 5/10 weak link in defence yesterday. Poor possitional play on numerous occasions but never lacked commitment. Needs more direction from senior pros. Pidge 8/10 good game. Won 90% of headers and looked dangerous at set pieces. Unlucky to give away a foul when Rowe I think put the ball in the net late on. Need to keep him for next season. McCann 6/10 huffed and puffed but didn't really influence the game. Tough conditions to be fair in the wind. Will have better games Sylla 9/10 MOM for me. Dominated midfield, won most 50/50 tackles and was our biggest threat 3 or 4 times with driving runs forward. Just lacks the final ball Missi 6/10 started well but faded 2nd half. Gave away silly foul for their 2nd goal. Did win some good tackles but when ventured wide right left gaps in midfield exposing Hammer. Dearnley 8/10 never stopped running. 2 good poachers goals. Need to get him signed for next season as a threat with his pace Rowe 6/10 couldn't get in the game. Drifted wide too often which is not where we want him. Narrowly missed with pile-driver in the first half and had goal ruled out late on. Needs playing as a centre forward and given more of the ball. Smith 6/10 found it difficult to get in the game. Sometimes makes the wrong decision and shoots when others are free but no complaints from me about him. Dino 5/10 lack of organisation and communication at set pieces makes you wonder what he is doing at training sessions. All these time wasting tactics and team meetings during fake injuries make him and us look like twats! Needs a system to make Rowe more effective. Not sure he knows how to do this. Fans 10/10! Over 500 at Orient in late Feb when most are skint and we were 86th in the football pyramid. As some have said imagine if we had something meaningful to play for! Overall draw a fair result and 2 poor sides whose main threats came from corners sums it up. 6/10
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