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  1. Right time for a bit of honesty. I've made my feelings very clear about AL, Barry and the other clowns running our club, and I'm still of the opinion that the sooner they fuck off the better. However credit where credits due, this guy is a prolific scorer, OK at National league level, but I don't think we are much above this at the moment. Who else with a record like his 1. could we have got and 2. who actually agrees to come to the circus that is OAFC. I'm sure we are paying a decent fee and he's on good money so fair play to the clowns for getting this over the line. Let's see what he can do over the next 18 months. Looking forward to seeing him in action.
  2. Your not wrong about the state the clubs in Andy but it's still an impressive away support considering they have f all to play for this season.....and we only took 800+ to Macc.
  3. Think that's a good call Richie. Don't know if I can be arsed if the weather's too bad..... Never thought I'd Ever be saying that about a Southern away day🙄
  4. Is anyone on here actually going tomorrow?? Torrential rain forecast and 50mph winds.....should be a classic! Say hello if your there, I'll be the one in the red ski jacket 😪
  5. Yep spot on. If our current crop played against the relegated team of 2 years ago my guess the'd get spanked 3 or 4 nil. The gulf in quality is huge.
  6. On Saturday I went with a mate to watch Oxford Utd v Rotherham and it struck me just how far we have fallen behind even decent League 1 sides. I know that both teams are likely to there or there abouts chasing promotion at the end of the season, however we are a million miles away from their standard of football. Passing was quick and precise in difficult windy conditions, both sets of forwards were a constant threat, and there really was some quality football played by both teams. On another day the game could very easily have finished 4 each. I can 100% say that not a single one of our lot would get anywhere near either Oxfords or Rotherhams squads which is a sad state of affairs. We are so far behind even 2 years ago, when at least we could attract some quality loanees in. Now we only seem to get has beens or kids with no experience. Fuck me it's depressing.
  7. Fair play to those fans that made the effort to go on Saturday. 872 hardy souls apparently....but less than half of the quoted 1,826 last season and we know that there were quite a few more in amongst the home fans. To me this should be the clearest sign yet to the clowns in charge, that many fans are just about done with the club until they fuck off. My guess is less than 100 will be at Stevenage tomorrow, even with me and a Rotherham supporting mate, and think we will be lucky to get 2,500 at home on Saturday with the protest etc. #ReclaimTheFaith gathering momentum I hope!
  8. Jesus I don't remember that one! That was piss poor!!
  9. We took nearly 1,900 fans and outnumbered theirs last year I recall....wonder how many can be arsed on Saturday. 900 or so I'd say.
  10. Macc/Grimsby and Swindon treble for me at nearly 20/1!
  11. It's on SKYBET. We are 13/10......ffs think I'll be steering clear of that one!! Macc 19/10!!
  12. Very true ref our dwindling support. I was going to go to Cheltenham as only 1.5 hrs away, but decided to bail last minute as was feeling a bit rough. I would never have done this even 2 years ago which is a sad state of affairs. I will go to Stevenage next Tuesday all things being equal, but recon it could be our lowest league away following for many a year. Be lucky if we get 100 tics there I recon, even with a few exiles there. Like most, I 'm finding it increasingly more difficult by the day to summon up the energy and effort to go, whilst the current regime continue to suck what life is left out of the club. I don'e even really blame the players or manager for the shit football on offer, as its not their fault. They are just in the main simply not good enough and are working under shitty conditions...you can't polish a turd. We are undoubtedly at the lowest point in my 40 years plus as a supporter,...even lower than when Moore left us in the shit and I can't see it improving any time soon. Happy New Year BTW!
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