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  1. It's a very valid point Adam. It really is a catch 22 situation. Living in London a season ticket is unfortunstely not a consideration for me. But from what I can see AL does what he wants, and pays who he wants when he wants. I fear for the staff and working conditions within the club with a vastly reduced income stream, particularly over the summer months when we rely so heavily in season ticket income to keep things going. No income = no wages etc. Unfortunately I think Administration is inevitable now before next season starts and then who knows what will happen and where we will end up. It's gonna get a whole worse before things improve I think but I firmly believe like many now is the time to make a stand and we live with the consequences.
  2. Decent shout....recon this was the rod that broke the camels back
  3. So start the clown 🤡 mask/face protest from Saturday?
  4. Genius idea Wardie. Pretty cheep and would get the point accross on TV. If you can't get a mask a bit of make up and a red nose from comic relief will do the job. I'm sure all the news channels would also pick up on it and how humiliated would AL be with 5000 clowns in the ground!!! He may even fuck off and let us pick up the pieces
  5. Agree with this in the main. But the wanker Chris Moore started the rot.....the rest just followed and here we fucking are. You just couldn't make it up.
  6. Don't disagree but he still bottled it. No bollox to stand up to him. I'd await with interest the reasons given over the coming days
  7. Not often I agree with Kusunga but he may have a point. Sadly its a long game needed aka Blackpool if it has any substance
  8. Looks like he fucking bottled it to me. Too much like hard work....
  9. So disappointed how the last 5 games have gone. After all the optimism of appointing Scholes and beating Yeovil, 3 points and no wins from 5 games playing bang average teams, with the exception of Bury is pretty shit. A WDL record of 12 12 12 sums us up really.... Just not good enough to challenge and inconsistent. Not sure any manager could have done much better with the players we have, however I hoped we would at least extend the interest in the season until April. Will feel a bit wierd with nothing to play for...at least it was interesting at the bottom of league 1😕
  10. Fair play to the Blades! One of the lowest wage bills and transfers in, did well last season and look like they may go up this year!
  11. I like George. Showed he has the makings of a good player this season and a potential captain. Still has a lot to learn however and needs to understand this. Agree he's better than bang average!
  12. Agree 100% with Bosh. We do though as done have said need to get a younger but experienced centre back.
  13. The defense is our problem, as it was last season. Iverson is a top keeper at League 2 level and without him we would be in worse position than we are now and be a few hundred grand worse off as we would not have progressed in the Cup. We had the 2nd worst defensive record last year in league 1 conceding 75 goals, and all we did was change our keeper and bring back Clarke. We are on track to ship about 60 goals this year so would need to score around 95 to be in the top 3 based on the current top 3! Only Lincoln, Bury, MKD and Colchester have outscored us so its apparent where the priority lies.....however we ain't gonna score 95 goals!! IMO we concede too many goals from crosses because our full backs defensively at least, are not good enough. We play players out of position, who don't know their job is to primarily defend...or they simply cannot defend at all. Cut out 15 goals against us next season and maintain our scoring rate and we will be up there next year.
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