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  1. Londonboy

    Courtney Duffus

    Clearly as some are saying he will never wear a latics shirt again. Club must have their reasons as I agree he is worth at least a place on the bench in our current situation.
  2. Londonboy


    Great. The more numbers we have the better. Creates competition and covers us for injuries. He's got his critics but he's a decent squad player in this league.
  3. Londonboy

    Forest Green (h)

    Considering the circumstances and our woeful options up front I guess you'd take a point against a very solid and well set up FG. However looks like OG is now injured so we desperately need some forward reinforcements this week otherwise both play off aspirations and FA Cup 5th round will be gone.
  4. Londonboy

    Ex players and that

    Lapodo scored again for Plymouth... Miller just scored for Trannies 😣
  5. Londonboy

    Forest Green (h)

    Sounds like Baxter is our only option and he hardly looked ripped at Fulham!! ? We really are light on numbers particularly up front
  6. Londonboy

    Forest Green (h)

    Sounds like we see lucky to be in at 0 0.
  7. Londonboy

    Forest Green (h)

    Happy with that 11. Come in the Tics!!
  8. Londonboy

    Forest Green (h)

    Think we may see our new man Monsieur Sylla tomorrow! Not too many options available to us at the moment so most of the team picks itself which isn't a bad thing sometimes. If he plays like he says he does, then he should hopefully make us more solid in the middle against a very solid FGR who have the best away record in the division Pts 1 Forest Green 13 7 4 2 27 16 +11 25 2 Lincoln 12 7 2 3 20 10 +10 23 3 Carlisle Utd 13 7 2 4 21 15 +6 23 4 Mansfield 13 4 8 1 19 13 +6 20 5 Exeter 13 5 5 3 16 13 +3 20 6 Swindon Town 14 5 4 5 15 16 -1 19 7 Oldham 13 4 6 3 16 14 +2 18 8 Milton Keynes 12 4 5 3 18 14 +4 17 9 Bury 14 4 4 6 18 19 -1 16 Iversen Hamer Clarke Edmundson Nepo Lang Missilou Sylla Branger Maouche O’Grady Hope he starts as it will a be a good indication if he's good enough.
  9. Londonboy

    Jordan Lyden

    Wow if this is correct very impressive. Is he with us for the rest of the season??
  10. Londonboy

    New Manager Thread

    He's done an amazing job so far. I'd leave him as caretaker for the next 4/6 weeks or so unless a stand out applicant wants the job, to see how he responds when things don't go to plan. No need to panic and make any permanent appointment IMO. We know AL will make all transfer decisions in the window anyway so Wildy can just get on with the on field stuff and work with what he gets. We do need to strengthen up front quickly though. With Surridge and Miller now gone we are left with only OG and Lang as strikers which I don't think will be good enough to challenge. Also need a centre half.....
  11. Londonboy

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Assume your talking about Maouche?.... Agree
  12. Londonboy

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    It's a Sunday so I'd drive to Hammersmith and find off-street parking and walk to the ground.
  13. Londonboy

    New Manager Thread

    Paul Hurst for me. Available and great lower league track record. Reputation tarnished at Ipswich a bit so may want to get back into a job
  14. Londonboy


    He won't start n the Pompey side at the moment so no point. Scored 5 today at Fleetwood Better off staying with us and developing. Not sure if Bournemouth will see if like that though....
  15. Londonboy

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Lots of emotion and gloom on this thread at the moment which is ptobably justified. However let's just get behind the team over the next 8 days and have a cracking away day at Fulham where we can really show our loyalty to the club... not AL! Winning at Everton a few years ago was one of the best away days I've attended in 40 years, and the support that day was incredible and without doubt were a 12th man on the day. Sometimes situations like ours do create a bit of a siege mentality and actually galvanise the club for a short period.