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  1. We will miss Morais big time on Sat. He's at least been one breath of fresh air since he arrived. Let's face it we are a shit team, with a shittier owner in a shit league, and until we give a manager some time and the opportunity to improve us, we will continue to be shit. A boring 1-1 for me on Sat is the best be can hope for.
  2. Where the fuck has all this "direction of travel" terminology come from? I heard that orange faced knob Simon Jordan use it a few times on talksport the other day and he sounded like a right twat!! Our only direction of travel at the moment is the wrong way and South unfortunately...
  3. Vera will be about as match fit as Vera Duckworth.. and she passed away years ago! With Dinos comments on lack of fitness of fringe players I'd be gobsmacked if he is anywhere near the team on Sat. I'd play Morais up front and play Eagles or Branger.
  4. A good friend of mine is best mates with Gary Mac at Rangers, and by all accounts everyone is very impressed with Georges general quality and attitude. They expect him to progress quickly and be a key player for them over the next 18 months. Does anyone know if we have a decent sell on clause?
  5. It was Hull Dick...they used to bring thousands to the Sheddings in their prime and outnumber the home fans 2/1! There was usually a fair bit of trouble, mostly with the coppers! Watched them a fair bit in the 80's and 90's losing 3 Challenge Cup Semi finals, but abysmal financial management and chasing the dream ultimately cost them dear...
  6. Yep agree. If you dont use the data and stats available to your advantage in any business these days you will probably fail, as your competition will be using the same data. Just the way of the world so needs to be embrased or face the consequences Think Singe would agreeπŸ˜‚
  7. Anyway away from this nonsensical discussion.... Think today will be a good marker for us to see what if any difference he has made to our style of play, our general approach to the game and our commitment to win more home games. Think we'll be lucky to get more than 3k home fans so we need to at least give it a good go today to try and at least send a few home 😊
  8. Surely a mix of trying to play some form of decent passing football and being more direct on occasion is best?...otherwise as many have said we are just too predictable. Lets face it we are a crap L2 side, with another new manager with new ideas. I guess the best example is someone like Leicester? Direct when they need to be, but can also play it around a bit. We have some pace in our team up front...nothing wrong with a few decent balls over the top if someone has the ability to play the right pass....accepted we don' really have a Vardy to finish things off!! πŸ˜‚
  9. Sounds like we're getting dicked at the moment...
  10. Absolutely zero chance of them being allowed back in by the other EFL members IMO. If a precedent is set then it allows any club to spend money they will never have, go bust then get voted back in. You reap what you sow....
  11. Roy may not we as "wise" as you wiseowl!.....or as tech savy it appears
  12. We have a right big lump in Vera.....lets hope he DOES NOT realise this....
  13. Virtually everything AL has done since arriving at our football club has offended me....TWAT
  14. Vera is one of AL and MOs boys and he couldn't even make the bench last night...says it all really
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