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  1. Great article and story below. Just shows what can be achieved in adversity by amazing supporters. Some similarities it seems to ourselves.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48296119
  2. Wonder why there have been no real "beans spilled" by Wellens, Bunn, Scholes or Wild to date? Only a few snippets and the odd quote to date. You'd think someone would have gone to town by now and released the full extent of what is really going on!!
  3. IMO for what its worth.... yes Scholes had difficult circumstances to work under - which he was aware of from day 1...yes I'm sure AL had a view on team selection which he probably tried to influence Scholes with....and yes Scholes is financially secure and could afford to walk away However IMO he thought he understood the situation, then realised he was out of his depth, couldn't cope with the day to day crap of lower league management and he bottled it - end of. Resigning by text pretty much sums it up.....it's like my teenage lad binning his bird by text because he couldn't face telling her to her face....he bottled it!
  4. Embarrassing line up and scoreline. Why bother playing people who won't be here next season with the exception on Lang....or those who just clearly can't be arsed!
  5. Thanks Singe -I'll definitely be scrutinizing these when released. The irony is they could show he may have really bankrolled us since the takeover, to a level way above what most of us think....I'm not sure it would change my view significantly on him, however I'm really curious about just much cash he has actually ploughed into us.
  6. We'll probably go and win tonight.....! ffs.
  7. Fair shout. Had a top day bar the result. Too much shit going on this year which ultimately cost us any chance of promotion AL will not budge in his stance imo so we will need to see where we are in August and take it from there. Ask yourself who else in our division would have taken 650 fans to Exeter in our situation?
  8. Magnificent effort one and all! Long trip even for us Londoners! See you there tomorrow.... 😁
  9. I'll give that a miss for now thanks... I'm more interested in seeing our own clubs books to see if ALs genius H as in his own words left us almost debt free....
  10. Who knows eyresy....but he would need to more than treble the number of non season ticket holding supporters attending just to break even. I just hope he's got enough cash to get us through the summer.....
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