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  1. No. Its the fact that they are mostly a complete pile of dogshit!
  2. FFS some on here love to moan even when we win...... Lets give the team we put out some credit....8 changes from Saturday...a few of competitive debuts... we won the game...scored 3 goals...and banked another £10k, against a very technically gifted young Liverpool side. It should also give the team some confidence for Crewe on Saturday. We know the club is in the shit, but lets have a moan about the things that matter...not when we beat Liverpool 3-2!
  3. or alternatively Barry Please can you just Fuck Off and never come near our club again. Thanks Londonboy.
  4. Sorry if I've missed this in the muddled threads at the moment.....but who is McHale and who/where does he play?
  5. You'd imagine so Dave, but I dont know what bits can be made public?
  6. I'm no expert in this but surely if false accounts had been formally submitted then AL would be in a whole load of shit?? Like him (which I don't) or not what he submits on the clubs behalf is his responsibility and I guess he will be personally liable for any misgivings... He is not at liberty to publish a detailed P&L into the public domain, as most business' refrain from doing so. There's plenty of other important things to discus like are we actually in a position to put out a reasonably competitive team at FGR next week and beyond. I'll be at FGR to support the team and am curious to see what the new coach can get out of what looks currently a bang average League 2 squad. KTF.
  7. Wilson looks a good signing with a decent proven scoring record at L2 level so very happy to get him on board. You'd hope we could create more chances for him than Mac did and maybe he can score the 15-20 goals we will need to push us towards the top end of the league. Partnered with Desire, if he's signed has some potential (more than OG and Vera anyway!!)
  8. Probably the best we can expect in the clubs sorry current state and sounds like he's worth a punt. Sounds pacy which is a good start and if he gets 1 in 3 he'll be better than what we have. It's the hope that kills you..... 😁
  9. The way I see it our team currently looks something like Woods Mills Hamer Lacovetti Nepo Branger Missi Maouche Syla Vera Benteke Clearly a few glaring gaps in scoring enough goals and any real experience in the centre of defence. Lets hope we can sign a few before Forest Green!
  10. Carlo had his limitations but should be nowhere near our worst striker nominations. Its all relative I guess, depending on the level we were playing at the time. I can remember back in the late 70's, big Jim Steel seeming a bit shit to me as a 10/11 year old fan....he used to get loads of stick from the old Ford Stand paddock in his early days with us. However he'd walk into our current side and probably score a shitload!
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