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  1. True! We are 4/1 Jezza is 3/1.......still think we are a better bet though!!
  2. I dispute my tax every year.....still end up having to pay it all though!!
  3. Embarrassingly the Murphy and Duffus strike partnership at Yeovil have together scored more league goals this season than our whole squad!
  4. Unfortunately both seem to be doing rather better at the moment!!
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50746013 Here we go again....says SOME of the unpaid tax bill has been paid. Fuck only knows how much hasn't?? More lies and secrets. He really just needs to piss off back to where he came from.
  6. So playing top of the league on Saturday, who have won their last 6 league games on the bounce, are the highest scorers in the division, have our ex favourite ginger one on fire who has netted 17 times in 16 games this season, and have our berated ex manager in charge who has the hump with Al.... What could possibly go wrong!! BTW anyone going to be there with me?!! 😂
  7. Jesus, how much lower can we fall....perhaps the bellend who has it can send a private message to PTB and quietly return it...
  8. It's the least looking French starting 11 for a few seasons!! #wotnofrenchlads
  9. It's a fair point Dave.... Talking of attackers in the loose sense of the word, what's happened to Branger? Not that im a huge fan of his, he just seems to have disappeared and was wondering if he was injured or on the naughty step...
  10. Obviously in the true spirit of a peaceful protest of course! 😂
  11. As well as the excellently organised fan protest on Saturday....we do actually have quite an important football game which could put us 8 points clear of the drop zone. Sustaining our league status is vitally important, and a win on Saturday would go a long way in helping us achieve this. It would also maintain our recent decent league form and give us some more confidence going into next week's difficult game at Swindon. I know its hard to get excited about our football sometimes within the current circumstances, but let's not lose sight of our objective which has to be to make our club sustainable, and winning on the pitch can only help this goal. A bland 1-0 win will do for me! 😁 KTF.
  12. Also could someone please post a few photos of the protest on Saturday so those who cannot attend can be there in spirit!! Or even better a live feed?
  13. I cant get up from London for this unfortunately, but an idea may be.... if not already doing so...would be to post a rep at each turnstile, to ask those who are either not aware or just couldn't be arsed, to come round to the main stand and support the protest for 10/15 mins before going to their seats....may get an extra couple of hundred to swell the numbers.
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