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  1. mcfluff1985

    Shez has gone

    Not your attempt ha
  2. mcfluff1985

    Shez has gone

    Ye you did. An attempt at trolling
  3. mcfluff1985

    Cambridge (H)

    He punched one from about waist height second half when he should have dived a bit and caught it. Looked like he absolutely shit himself because he thought someone was coming in. I'd never play him again if I was their manager.
  4. Bet there were thousands outside the gates on Friday trying to get in
  5. mcfluff1985

    Cambridge (H)

    Repeating most people but the first half was atrocious. Too much hoof ball. Awful to watch and not effective. Second half we played miles better in periods. Got the ball down and were direct but keeping the ball on the ground. Miller is far better receiving it to his feet than trying to battle in the air with someone 6'6.
  6. mcfluff1985

    Cambridge (H)

    Bundled? Fucking bullet header more like. I bet you described Roberto Carlos's free kick against France as a miss hit daisy cutter
  7. Apparently Shrewsbury had a 1.2mil budget last season. Ours was 2.8mil
  8. If they won't ask the questions they need to then there is zero point in them. They keep talking about this open relationship. It either is or isn't
  9. May as well fold the trust. Used to think it was a good idea but it's looking more and more like an absolutely pointless exercise. Don't ask the tough questions because don't want to be frozen out. What is the point? If you're too scared to go and demand to know what you're legally entitled to then do you honestly think there is any point continuing? Toothless
  10. And those fans not in that "inner circle" now while the trust have a nice cozy relationship get as much info from the trust as when the trust weren't welcomed in. So who cares? If AL pulls the plug tomorrow the trust would be as useful as an airbag in a plane crash
  11. mcfluff1985

    Ex players and that

    Brett Ormerod on undr the cosh podcast briefly mentioned his spell at Oldham. He fractured his foot said he played 2 games I think, if was missed on the x-ray. Said from the professionalism of Alan Irvine at PNE to John Sheridan who couldn't be arsed coming in for the team talk because he'd been out the night before...
  12. Let's all take a moment to appreciate the fact he isn't Ollie Banks
  13. I'd be fine with us having one. Helps with avoiding postponement. Allows better football to be played. Can generate more income. Wellens wouldn't like it he'd need a new excuse