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  1. Yes but his every other post is saying he's done and had enough. If he was that done he'd stop harping on with the same post constantly.
  2. Reckon Josef Fritzl should be applauded for that one time he didn't finger his daughter?
  3. Thank people are forgetting that if AL and MO don't sign the players then it's down to Dino. Not sure I'm comfortable with that
  4. When you see the stuff PTB have put together and how quickly they produce info about meetings they have had, you realise how pointless the trust is
  5. Sounds awful. People moan about u just signing foreign nobodies now
  6. Made an omelette this morning. Ham, cheese and some grated pink lady apple (not sure why. Felt adventurous) thank me later
  7. Mark Moisley showing his face (only in background at moment) on Sunderland till I die on Netflix
  8. Assume you're still going about your daily business then. Give it a rest. You're not a fucking doctor or a scientist. Nobody here is going to accept your opinion on this over the worlds cleverest people.
  9. Are you actually delivering food to them, or are you just shouting "drama queens" through their letterbox?
  10. Netflix - beyond the curve. Good doc on flat earthers if u want a laugh
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