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  1. Uninvited by who though? Wont be AL who saod he couldn't go. Funny the trust says he won't speak to them yet he's happy to meet that crew
  2. So it would seem AL is available for speaking with fans. Appears some met with him tonight. Juel Miah is one of the photographers. Those notes were written up by Chris Stringer So the trust he won't meet but the fans he will. Anyone shed any light on that? @Andy b or @underdog can you confirm whether anyone from the trust was in attendance? I assume trust was aware of this meeting? Didn't see it mentioned on here...
  3. Doubt he's saying you're plucking things from thin air. More likely that people who pass info on don't necessarily pass 100% of info on or may have a reason for twisting things slightly. Doesn't mean AL isn't full of shit though!
  4. How do the trust not know if the money is there? I can email Blitz and offer £20m for it, tell the trust I've agreed a deal, ask them to come on board and then say right I've no money I needed you guys for your buckets
  5. "We hope to have everything in place before the start of next season and are working on the ways the fans can get involved financially" So does that mean a bid has been accepted (at least in principle) but funds are needed from the fans? Funds for it all? Half? How much? @underdog @Andy b
  6. C***s like you two that think shouting down at those that still want to go and watch will be beneficial. You're not above people who don't boycott as much as you may think you are. Neither of you will likely do anything useful anyway.
  7. Agree. Swansea have the facilities to use it as well. Used it there last year.
  8. Nothing illegal. What time has he broken? He pays the wages. Same with any business. I've already said the trust should look at buying him put because I want rid. Just silly comments like giving a player a contract is illegal in some way aren't useful. Especially when you can't back it up. Just for @yarddog73 benefit. I'm not an apologist I want him gone
  9. I've clearly said he should be called out on interfering. Or are you ignoring that when I'm saying he's out of order? Yes you should consult the manager. The manager should have final say on contracts. He shouldn't be offering them behind his back. My point is there's nothing for The FA or The EFL to investigate about that. He pays the wages he can do what he wants. Unfortunately. Waiting for @GlossopLatic to explain what rule he's broken though?
  10. True, which is why I said call him out on interfering. In no way ever is it going to raise suspicion or start an investigation from The FA or the EFL How is it suspicious? Please, do tell. It's ridiculous that he's done it, if true, but I want you to tell us why it's 'suspicious' and worthy of an investigation
  11. Chairman offers soon to be out of contract players a new contract. Really. That's suspicious? I'm all for calling out AL on the interfering side but in what world is a chairman offering contracts suspicious?
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