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  1. I think we should draw a line under it. We all know who is now a stay away, who says they're not going to carry on going and who does still attend. Let's l just assume those positions are still the case and let us know if it changes. Cheers guys
  2. Do you not follow them home and away anymore? You should have said
  3. Chris Renshaw in goal for Witton. No longer at Everton or on loan?
  4. But there is no skill in rugby like there can be in football
  5. Agree about O'Grady. Banks was woeful. Up there with Iacovitti for shiteness
  6. Good comeback papering over a very poor performance. We don't get enough men forward quickly enough in support. Feel sorry for Desire. Gets called shite but the service is appalling and nobody offers support. At least with him and Wilson up top we can close down and pressure the defence. Sat too deep again today. Didn't even jump up when our first went in (great finish by the way) as I was too bored to give a shit. The only positive today (a scrappy and undeserved draw at home to Northampton doesn't count) was the lad in front of me called 2-2 before kick off so I chucked a few quid on it Maouche looked like he was trying to prove a point when he came on as well
  7. Awaiting the same answers to ANOTHER letter. May as well write a letter to Santa for the use you'll get from a reply. Been done to death. Barry will just copy and paste. On t'other hand, at least these 4 aren't hiding like half The FLG Fair play
  8. Our strikers now don't get the service. When they have they've scored. Why would a youth get more chances? He'd be feeding off the same scraps
  9. That'll be me misreading liverpool's population. 😂
  10. Same as liverpool's average percent of city population then attending their home games and they're top of the league. Statistics eh
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