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  1. You were one Sheridan comment from revealing your true identity. But hi Shucky
  2. No. Just not everything is the end of the world or a conspiracy like half the people on here make out
  3. Piss poor result today from a 2 goal lead. Got to see that out. Played well in patches but not as good as Plymouth. Referee was fucking shocking both ways. Stop start stop start. Terrible.
  4. He was poor today and looked knackered but in no way his fault we didn't win
  5. I said that was the lie yes. It was. People said he sat there for all of half time. He was but it was made out several times he spent all 15 mins there. Nobody said he is in total charge. What's your point?
  6. That was the lie that was floating round though.
  7. A lot of people share the blame for relegation. The owner and Wellens are in there sharing their portion. Wellens knew what he was getting into. He was here under Shez.
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