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  1. Hope for the sake of her career they're careful and she doesn't find herself up the Duffus
  2. Rowe was regularly in a good position on the edge of the box unmarked. We just didn't give him the ball
  3. Give it another month or so then we'll have been waiting as long
  4. Our players will get used to Rowe and finding him. Today he was always taking a step back from the defenders and waiting on the edge of the box.
  5. Just hire shit, tactically inept managers so they don't leave us then...
  6. Zeus - solid, one great save Hamer - did what he had to do wasn't tested much today Wheater - was ok. Surprises me how few headers he wins Piergianni - miles better than Wheater but needs longer studs. Wins most headers and one great block Mills - excellent. Reads the game well does well getting forward and calm on ball. If Iacovitti gets his place back I'll be fuming Smith - good game today, nice to watch running at players and deserved another goal Missilou - good game, does his job well N'Guessan - can go back for me. Huge downgrade on Sylla. Doesn't tackle, doesn't pass forward. Way off the pace Maouche - excellent on the ball some great passes and keeps possession well Desire - meh. Runs Rowe - worked a good early chance unlucky to slot it wide. Nearly killed their lad second half with a shot. Played some great through balls and holds it well.
  7. Rowe had a nice touch and played at least 3 quality through balls. Maouche MOTM. N'Guessan was fucking bad
  8. Did defences just leave him alone in the conference?
  9. Same as with Main and Erwin. Have him in and around the box doing nowt else.
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