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  1. If AL may refuse to use OEC/Joe Royle stand for fixtures this season, then surely them going ahead with the purchase wouldn't happen? Doesn't make much business sense unless they can make a profit off a fans bar and other non-football related events?
  2. When I read someone commenting about Goebbels and his skills of propaganda, I did Nazi a reaction like this coming Anne Frankly I'm surprised it did
  3. It's funny how things have changed. It started with people saying they were boycotting the new stand because they believed the money wasn't going into the club Now people are happy that money spent in the new stand won't be going to the club...
  4. I'll take Holland's pies or the ones they have at Wigan. No idea who does theirs but a steak pie with mushy peas in there is a winner
  5. Not watched on my laptop for a while so can't help you there unfortunately. I imagine someone will recommend clearing cookies
  6. What you watching on? I watch on my phone through Chrome, no issues there
  7. As long as whichever supplier they pick provides enough pies...
  8. If it's not Callum Lang I'm not interested 😂
  9. Obsessed with me you. I don't swing that way unfortunately for you. You'll just have to fuck me in your dreams
  10. You wouldn't volunteer to give up your time to run The Nazi party because you thought Hitler was doing a shit job would you
  11. Ye, good luck with the trust doing anything worthwhile
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