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  1. I quite like the idea mentioned that we should have a way of playing from youth to first team regardless of who the manager is.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/financialfootballnews.com/brentford-fcs-2018-finances/amp/
  3. But they've still made losses I believe. That's just transfer profit
  4. Owner has done well. He's achieved everything with a modest investment of just over £100m 😂
  5. Dormant companies aren't a bad thing in any way shape or form
  6. @lookersstandandy currently having that printed and laminated. Prepare the pack of Kleenex
  7. Nice to see you smoke crack during the day, not just the early hours
  8. Miles better than Hunt at LB. Should never play CB again
  9. This guy is on the board? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  10. With an owner worth just shy of £1bn I wonder how they managed that 🤔
  11. AL be signing the players anyway so a manager being in place at this stage doesn't matter that much.
  12. Hi Tracy I have been reflecting upon the challenging role that I have been given the opportunity to undertake on behalf of Trust Oldham, and I have thought long and hard about the relationship that Oldham Athletic Supporters have with us. I want that relationship to be universally supported by all fans - as naive as that may sound! From the feedback I have had speaking to fans at the ground and on social media, I believe in the spirit of engendering good faith between the trust and the fans, making my intentions clear. I will serve two years in this position before considering if I will seek re-election in my position in Trust, and therefore that of the fan-elected representative to the board of the club. This will allow our members to have a clear say in how successful they feel I am being, and also give people with fresh ideas a chance to apply for the position in line with our constitution. Furthermore, it is my promise to the Trust that I will not undertake ANY position with the football club directly within six moths of holding an official position with the Trust. This will help reduce any potential for conflict of interest in the role. To be clear, this is not a comment on people who have held the position in the past - it is purely a statement of my own intent in serving the Trust in the most open and transparent manner that I can. Enough of this, we have hard work to do!! Best Regards Darren Director, Trust Oldham
  13. Season isn't even over yet properly. We're mid-May. Players and managers will be on holiday. Mid-June is when you need someone in by I reckon
  14. Hope he's not too anal on small details. He may get annoyed quick
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