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  1. Made an omelette this morning. Ham, cheese and some grated pink lady apple (not sure why. Felt adventurous) thank me later
  2. Mark Moisley showing his face (only in background at moment) on Sunderland till I die on Netflix
  3. Assume you're still going about your daily business then. Give it a rest. You're not a fucking doctor or a scientist. Nobody here is going to accept your opinion on this over the worlds cleverest people.
  4. Are you actually delivering food to them, or are you just shouting "drama queens" through their letterbox?
  5. Netflix - beyond the curve. Good doc on flat earthers if u want a laugh
  6. Why you booing at people in a pub? No big deal according to you...
  7. Ah, another idiot. This isn't a replacement for flu, it is in addition to and it also spreads far more easily.
  8. How much more contagious is coronavirus than normal flu? I'll wait while you nip down to the pub before they shut. That's you no longer ITK after they shut tonight
  9. I stopped reading when I got the part of this being ANOTHER story of yours where you met a bloke in a bar who told you everything you needed to back up your opinion. Man who appears in bar or The WHO and world renowned scientists... I'll go with the advice from the professionals
  10. Clearly taking the piss. Obama and The Washington Post or Wiseowl. Tough choice
  11. At least we know what WiseOwl has been doing during his boycott. He's been studying all about viruses. Man is a wealth of knowledge. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/world/corona-simulator/ That link was shared by that well known retard Barrack Obama so must be a horse shit idea the way our government are going about things... I'd go with something from a reputable source, shared by a man who will have spoken to many, many knowledgable people on the subject over Wiseowl telling us it's exaggerated bollocks
  12. Because there is a difference between defaulting on a few hundred grand owned in back rent to Blitz and defaulting on a, potentially, multi million pound mortgage with the bank. Bury had more than one mortgage against the stadium. That's why they couldn't sell
  13. I just read that as "those supporting the players"
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