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  1. 1. I agree completely. No need for a statement from the club. It makes the club look pathetic. 2. AG is a bit of a dickhead. We knew that already. He is saying he is going to expose what was/is really going on behind the scenes at Latics to the local Carlisle paper. I'd like to know his take on AL and the new regime etc. (keeping in mind he's still a dickhead with an axe to grind). Maybe to your point about his termination. 3. Not to be a nit picker but last I checked Islam is not a race. Shouldn't it be a "bigoted" or "anti-islamic" joke? 4. I have told some pretty offensive jokes in my times (as I imagine many of us have). I'm glad i'm smart enough (or too old) to be posting stuff like that on social media with work people.
  2. I’m almost always cheering for the underdog but H&RBFC were a dirty lot. Dives, cheap shots, the whole bit. Couldn’t believe it. Dirty dirty Beavers. Glad for the ban but would be out of my mind if we had lost. Heres hoping Maidstone are on the level.
  3. I have been worried about Bournemouth selling him in January. If he is injured maybe that will scare away some of the suitors.
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