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  1. Maurice Maurice

    Doncaster tickets

    Anyone got a spare ticket for today ? [Phone number removed]
  2. Maurice Maurice

    Young Norwich player on loan?

    Think it’s Adam Phillips . A technical player . Bunn using his contact with ex Huddersfield Town head of academy who has acquired same position at Norwich. I was hoping someone might give it some legs.!
  3. .Latest rumour .Looks like Bunn looking for young hungry players rather than experienced journeymen .
  4. I went on a trip from Fitton hill school to the game . Hicks was marking Tosh and Hurst was on Keegan.
  5. Maurice Maurice

    Blackpool (H)

    To play Jack and Fane we need a 3-5-2 and I’m not sure we have a replacement for the wing back pos without Dummigan ,or able to play that formation without Gerrard . Was RW saving Gerrard for the more winnable Monday game ?
  6. Maurice Maurice

    Tactics 4-4-2 no wingers

    Agree didn’t like the way we set up .Saying that ,the amount of times we couldn’t play a simple pass.....
  7. Not Chang Mia or Peru granted but still....
  8. Saw a fella in a oldham shirt working on central pier in blackpool yesterday, He was working next to the dodgems