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  1. A particularly ropey year in the Miss Huddersfield contest.
  2. http://www.footballshirtculture.com/19/20-Kits/huddersfield-town-2019-2020-umbro-home-kit.html Whatever we wear you can always thank the lord it won’t be this.
  3. Obviously only had room for one Matt Smith at QPR given they’ve signed somebody on loan from City with the same name on the same day.
  4. Well the flames are alight now. Almost reached 100 pages this thread - expect it’ll be in about 110 when I log back on in a couple of hours if the AJ thing isn’t quickly dispelled 😂
  5. Nixon now reporting the Clough interest. Says it will be difficult.
  6. The Southport away game on Easter Monday was my 10th birthday and therefore 15 years to the day before the Hillsborough disaster.
  7. Didnt make the Morecambe game at BP but went to Morecambe did he play RB that day? I remember thinking that their RB appeared to be the only player in their team with the slightest grasp of being able to actually play football.
  8. Kuenssberg a Corbyn apologist. Stott “more promising” than Edmundson. They have some seriously impressive narcotics in your neck of the woods.
  9. Edmundson having medical at Rangers tomorrow after fee agreed per Andy Devlin of the Scottish S*n
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