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  1. Given our preference for playing players out of position I’d stick RM wide left.
  2. That nag won during an away game at Bramall Lane and I was on it. Best thing that happened that day. It’s not entrenched though is it, there are factions in both main parties that vote contrary to their mainstream party positions (a slightly larger faction in the Tory party actually). The only parties united in their views on this are the various Nationalist parties, the LibDems and the Greens (although as there’s only one of them disunity would be an achievement). Anyway as others have said a Walsall thread probably isn’t the right place to discuss this so apologies to those wishing to discuss the merits of two upfront. Perhaps we should try a big lad / skinny lad combo of Johnson /Rees-mogg and leave Azankpo / Wilson to sort out Brexit.
  3. So the 17.4m of you that voted for that must find the current offer that doesn’t deliver that completely unpalatable. Damn those Labour twats for voting with you.
  4. So do you believe Rees-Mogg and Johnson that the current deal is Brexit or Farage and the DUP who believe it isn’t? Given that all 17.4m of you knew what you were voting for.
  5. He certainly looks better in the opposition half than he does in ours.
  6. I add my condolences to those stated already Wardie. Lost my mother to it, it puts stuff like our footballing predicament into perspective. It’s just a fucking game.
  7. The Labour twats that voted for or those that voted against? Rees-Mogg who’s in favour or Farage who’s against? Confused? You will be.
  8. Or Boris searching for a suitable ditch to die in.
  9. Our record from 2-0 up this season may suggest otherwise.
  10. But to be guilty of money laundering the money being laundered, by definition, must be dirty in the first place. I may have missed it but is there some allegation that the L’s are some sort of criminal overlords? Their judgement of footballing talent is undoubtedly criminal but why is their wealth, whatever it is, dirty?
  11. Didn’t piss me off in the slightest I find other people’s stupidity oddly gratifying. Bye.
  12. Always better to only give people 2 lines of shit to read than several paragraphs.
  13. I stopped reading this after the “I’d drop Sylla” bit. Was the rest of it equally barmy?
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