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  1. Even with everything that is going on (and I excuse none of it) I think there are legitimate reasons for believing Oldham is a step up over Macclesfield.
  2. I was nominated MLRO in one organisation and reported significant concerns to NCA relating to a client. They never rang me back.
  3. The hard man ran down the front to confront a bloke with a walking stick. Absolute weapon.
  4. It is......but: if he genuinely only found out he didn’t own the ground AFTER acquiring the club that is really quite frightening.
  5. 5 minutes after my train leaves. After the events of this week - I won’t be on it.
  6. Whilst I support the intent, scarves are pretty difficult things to throw any distance. Most will end up still in the stands. Tennis balls are definitely better!
  7. Good to see you spelling the french lads name wrong. Some owtb traditions need to be maintained during our descent to oblivion.
  8. If I were Chesterfield chairman I’d be turning my phone off 😂
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