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  1. Good players know how to pace themselves through 90 minutes. Majority of our players spend time chasing the ball and as a result are gassed out by 50-60 mins in. We never ever retain possession and slow down play. Most and I use that’s loosely are reactive and do not read the game well in our squad.
  2. The way he says it is : Tell them, I'm coming, im ready. I'm coming to play in Indonesia with my brother. (kisses badge)
  3. Yes i agree, he gave 100% and its a shame whatever happened behind closed doors has surely sealed his exit. One of the most improved players in my opinion last year and with the correct mindset could have got a lot better. Welcome to the new world where social = ££££. PS i don't condone using your phone while driving.
  4. Interestingly, he's made quite the name for himself in Indonesia. One of the "top" players, sponsored by Adidas Indonesia and fronted the new predator campaign there too. Also very popular on instagram as a influencer. Just shows what you can do with average talent, but the correct business mind as a player.
  5. On the instagram story, he says he's off to join his brother (Klok) and play for PSM in Indonesia this year.
  6. Looks like he’s off to join klok
  7. Probably a lot of truth on this, he’s been liking posts to do with Wigan on twitter after the cup win they had. Shame!
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