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  1. Not sure who is in charge, but it’s still running (daughter works there) Messrs Brooke and Whitehead present last weekend.
  2. Egert, Mills, Lacovitti all in the gym on Friday. None of them looked injured, usually means they are in the naughty boys club, never to play again. Fane was in there for months having being banished by Dear Leader.
  3. Dinosaur Maarms/Lee Sinnott/Patrick Harwood All the same
  4. AL defence has been put out in statements by the club, but from a legal point of view hasn’t been tested. The police don’t seem interested. Based on Simon Blitz Q&A AL signed a copy of the original lease and the changes regarding the Debenture/club loans. He has paid some rent since taking over. He has paid some of the Debenture related debt and then defaulted on the rest. Based on this paper trail, it seems fairly evident there are liabilities and he hasn’t been honouring them. He can say it wasn’t picked up in due diligence, but come on, really? It’s the lease for the premises of his business. That’s a fairly important document that would surely be one of the first his legal advisor would check? In addition, unless a Blitz is a liar, these documents have been signed by AL, he offered to show them at the Q&A. That’s just me trying to apply a bit of common sense, which I appreciate in the legal system can go out of the window! I also spoke to someone on Saturday, who is fairly close to the situation, who told me it cannot simply be disputed (in terms of the administration) based on the above factual information that the debt is clearly owed. AL either pays it, or the administrator will be appointed. This is also supported by WUP. The club is insolvent, as it can’t meet its liabilities as they fall due. All sounds almost too easy though and as others have alluded, wouldn’t be surprised if it drags on, as surely AL isn’t just going to walk away without a fight? Like him or not, Simon Blitz is a wealthy and experienced business man and is being advised by well regarded professionals. Presumably this action wouldn’t have been taken unless he thought it could be concluded? Who knows, can convince myself either way, only going to find out for certain on Friday
  5. Led to believe an extension is not possible. The club is insolvent in so much as it cannot pay its debt - hence the winding up petition. On top of this, Brassbank has evidence that it is a creditor who has not been paid, on two grounds; rent and the Debenture issue. The Debenture also gives the power to appoint an administrator. So, either AL pays up what he owes and straight away, failing which, he’s out.
  6. Should be shooting for a lot higher than 6,000 regularly given the size of Oldham and existing fan base. Not saying Championship in size, but League 1 for sure and doesn’t need to be dull. The population in terms of numbers and facilities are all there if they are used properly to perform much better. I am a glass half full, but this is because I haven’t had 25-years of downward spiral.
  7. Agree a lot of damage has been done over a very long period of time, Abdallah has just finished it off. Once you’ve formed a habit, such as staying away, it’s easy to maintain it. I agree these people won’t be easy to get back. If the towns are similar and the people are similar, why do people in other places support the club, but in Oldham they do not? There are people out there. Both of my sons play for local junior football teams, most of kids have no interest in Oldham and the typical comment from a parent is “I used to watch Latics, but I’m not watching that shite anymore”. My point is though, they are football fans, they don’t go and watch City or Utd, but if OAFC was more entertaining and a better experience, I am convinced some of them would.
  8. Wasn’t referencing the support, more so demographics of the towns. City and United being on the doorstep shouldn’t matter (to an extent). There are plenty of people disillusioned with Premier League football (I know, I’m one them which is why I am here). Not suggesting Oldham will get back to that level, but if the club was run properly, in my opinion there’d be a lot more people watching, new fans as well, not just stay aways. Need some success on the pitch which will only come with better, competent, owners.
  9. Yes! 100% Burnley, Huddersfield are similar towns to Oldham and look how well their clubs are supported in comparison. Oldham have been so poor for so long, something to get behind, some moderate success, people will jump on the bandwagon. The stadium should be an asset to the club. Rent from the gym, income from the OEC year round (as there always should’ve been). Wasn’t it said that this type of thing should give us a top league one budget? Evidently it didn’t for some reason, but it should’ve done. It would be a risk for a new investor of course, but at the right price everything is there to build something. There’ll be a buyer and we will emerge from this, hopefully with better ownership this time, surely Latics are due some luck?!
  10. Not missing anything. Silence from Partington & Halliwell. Incoherent rambling from Carole. Lack of understanding by Libbie.
  11. Yes he did. Why do you consider this a problem? There are many football grounds with a hotel on site.
  12. Ok. So why would he want/encourage the fans to overpay? Also, it isn’t being sold/bought for £4-million, is it?
  13. If he was going to do that, he would’ve done it a long time ago
  14. As Kowenicki said, no. There is spend required to get everything finished, but if it was and fully tenanted / used to it’s full potential the whole lot is worth significantly more than £6-million. Blitz is not stupid, why would he spend £6-million? Equally, I don’t think the FLG are stupid. I’ll get jumped on no doubt to say Paul Whiteheads company went into liquidation owing millions blah blah blah, that whilst true, doesn’t take away from the fact he’s also a very experienced property developer. Why is he as part of the FLG going to vastly overpay? What’s in it for him?
  15. I agree with what you are saying regarding the surroundings. The ground floor retail was up for rent with Breakey Nuttall for something like £60K I think and not unsurprisingly had no takers. There are however already 4-tenants in place (OEC, Gym, Shop, Club) and whilst I don’t know anything, I’d wager the FLG deal is based on more incoming tenants, reading between the lines Simon Wood putting a restaurant on the top floor. If done right, yes with investment, the site is worth a lot of money and already massively more than Swindon’s ground. I also happen to know for a fact the whole site was professionally valued around the time Abdallah took over.
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