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  1. I know it’s a slightly different level, but it hasn’t done Aguero any harm. Not that I’m saying I want it to happen mind. Based on his goals video, just get him the ball around the 18-yard box, please.
  2. Bearing in mind the track record of the current owners, which has been a constant downward spiral... Fulham and the team we had even 12-months ago was light years away in terms of quality.
  3. Nope. He would irritate the hell out of me with his constant balling of nonsense. I don’t think he’s up to it, but even if he went, whilst AL & Co are on charge it isn’t going to make any difference. On the bright side, he built the Stevenage team, so next season will be even more fun.
  4. 100% agree I really don’t think Dino was trying to win the game, settled for a draw. The pace of pressing, passing, throw ins, keeper releasing the ball, everything about it was so slow, real lack of urgency. Same at the Scunthorpe game, it just didn’t get going. Despite his interview comments I am not convinced the players are playing for him.
  5. He’s very forgetful isn’t he, Dino. We aren’t capable of beating Cheltenham I thought he said? Watching him on the touch line is quite amusing around substitution time as well, frequently seems to forget where the players are.
  6. I think it was the All Things Latics Podcast, but Pete Wild I seem to recall said words to the effect there was no difference in quality between League 2 and the National League, in his opinion. Definitely something in the job aspect as well. All well and good for Premier League player, but how many on League 1 or 2 get long contracts? Not many, guess this is fine when you are early 20s, but as you get older, family, commitments , etc must get more difficult to not have the certainty. Wasn’t this type of thing mentioned about Danny Rowe previously, that he had a decent job he didn’t want to leave? This a said, not convinced there are a massive amount of players who could be at the highest levels but for fitness.
  7. See what you are saying. Presumably he didn’t pay for the shares though, or otherwise Corney wouldn’t have got them back?
  8. In theory several managers have persisted with playing one up front and Nepo as a full back. Add into this Segbe over Wilson consistently and I thought same as you - stinks of Sporting Director.
  9. Here’s an even better one, from Stephen Partington who would like to award Abdallah a medal; I will second all these comments. Time people started listening instead of protesting. How many Chairman of any Club would participate with supporters more than Abdallah has since he came to the Club. He deserves a medal in doing so after all the insults and discrediting he and his members of staff have received. He deserves more backing than he does receive at present and instead of wasting his precious time talking to people that don't believe, and don't want to believe, what he states, he should now cancel any further forums and just, when he feels necessary, speak through the media and focus on his aims for OAFC, and make it his sole priority.
  10. Did you pick up how many times Blitz said “we” when talking about the proposed launch? He’s going to be having a share surely?
  11. Some of the ramblings though I expect it from people less well.... read. Mike Halliwell I thought had a bit more about him than that, I don’t get it.
  12. Back left of the room, blonde hair? Walked in front of me. The guy she was with was her brother (I think). Might have been a Solicitor, but bearing in mind the questions her brother asked, won’t have been the clubs. In terms of spies, Mike Halliwell was there presumably on behalf of the club. The guy on the laptop was media, there was a tweet on the afternoon to say someone was going
  13. Tenants improvements? OAFC didn’t fund all of the build (costs in the region of £7-million) plus OEC has debt with RBS (see companies house) Couple of Accountants on here (Glossop Latic?) who might add to this, but don’t think it would be unreasonable for the club to have funded some of the build anyway given they would commercially benefit from it? Edit, Brassbank has assets charged to RBS not OEC Edit, OAFC accounts for y/e 2014 evidence increase in tangible assets and reference adjustments due to income from grant funding.
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