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  1. He must have been elected via the trust? So they must have thought he was ok at one point?
  2. Well I had a big night Friday and there was no shuck, so I assume I'm not him...
  3. If edmondson and his agent wanted to Peterborough they would have pushed it more, Peterborough or rangers hhhmmm let me think. He talks about professionalism then calls people dick heads. Then goes on to say he's good at picking managers, even tho he sacked him. What an arrogant wanka
  4. Mike on a grump again, annoyed his made up 2 some haven't posted for a while....
  5. He lives in Preston, so pretty much in the middle
  6. Then it bounced out to johnstone who juggled it with his left foot, ran all the way back to the keeper then ran the length of the pitch taking on every player on the pitch. Then came back to the half way line? Whacked the cross bar, during that sprinted and did a diving heading and scored
  7. 4 years, he must be buzzing. Must be on what 10k a week. Loaded
  8. English, good age , knows the league. Will do for me, why would you release a player who won 3 awards tho? Wierd
  9. think we can just keep the first two dates and forget the rest.
  10. I wonder if in 40 years will will tell these stories about Dan g and Conner brown?
  11. You need to keep going, its gets better with every sip
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