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  1. 😂 you can be a knob, but also funny!@
  2. No wonder we slipped down the league, that's a shite team. I'd take mills, no one else, actually I'd take kelly too.
  3. Was it even half a.season? Fans seem to revel in shez.being a fly by night saviour! Maybe that is what he is now??? But he has alot more to his cv than that. But forget all that, jesus he takes strikers with no real previous pedigree and turns then into proflic goals scores. If he can make Erwin and make him into one, what could he do with Rowe. It's no conicednce that porter, Davis, Erwin,.Hughes and many more have had a rich vein of form under him.
  4. Not tracking back to get the ball would be a start. Shez took shit strikers, who barely scored all season. What amazing out there golden nugget of advice did he give them? A very simple you're a striker, stay up top, dont track back. Do what you're paid to do SCORE!!!
  5. You can put anyone up front doesnt mean it's two up, wht put a lite weight poor midfielder up front? when u have a natural replacement who has scored at this level on the bench
  6. Shez and rowe = goals, let's get rid of this clown and make a dream team!
  7. The league below is as wank as this league! Play the guy to his fucking strengths and he will score.
  8. I've heard the slept in the car story before and the being intimidated in the west ham end before. However oafc 123 only just joined... but sounds like kig.
  9. They can relocate to some local none league ground ?
  10. Does it really matter? Other than the name which can be just bury 2020 or summat similar. They wont need a big ground.
  11. Or he realised he was never going to reach it so have up?
  12. The longer they play cat and mouse and appear to be unwilling to share accounts the worse they look. Say the accounts are all good and this kieren guy has a look at them and says, yes AL has put significant money in and he has made saving here etc. People would give him some slack. Instead they dodge it, if u have nothing to hide, u share the accounts simple.
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