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  1. Its blue and tangerine also, so the song now makes sence.
  2. He didnt check the last communication out of the club, if he did we need someone new.
  3. Was roy Keane a good manager? He did very well when still young using his contacts for sunderland. I'm sure Scholes would have been similar.
  4. Why is better on a team just outside the prem classed as obscure ?
  5. Its really sad isnt it 30 years of misery. Surely we are due a break. Every other team in the pyramid has.
  6. Individual talent only works if it's on a consitant basis!
  7. If its open then it safe and the council have given it a green light, if it's not safe it wont be open...
  8. Find it hard to believe with McCann, rowe and wheater we have such a terrible budget!
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