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  1. We never said this about banks or all the other shite we have down the years. Dont disagree with you, just playing devils advocate
  2. That isnt going to happen. This team is shit and totally fucked
  3. Mo's car is the 58 range rover black, parked about 10 meters to the left of the ticket office.... prob be a hire car, it's for show!
  4. On this point, people have said protesting hasn't worked at blackpool for example. However people have also said that in his country it's all about respect and how he will be seen at home maybe protest, clown mask, tennis balls etc would work with him?
  5. Even when we have been shit, I've always wanted to go knowing we were capable of winning a game. We were shit but not poles aparts, I genuinely think we will get comfortably beat every game. Therefore cant justify the time or money.
  6. I assume you are referring to the over paying off players as back handers to him or money laundering
  7. Totally agree, this is a complete train wreck. I wouldn't be surprised to see us not win a game all season. We will prob pick up the odd point,from more luck than anything else.
  8. I've joined the realistic Oldham Athletic fans group on Facebook, I can inform you all they are NOT realistic, deluded very much so. They should change their name.
  9. Mo was prob just off camera. Doing knife actions across his throat, if says the wrong thing.
  10. Another massive problem is losing becomes a habit, you go behind, heads drop, where are the goals coming from. Were fucked!
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