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  1. latics22

    Dummigan gone

    Shame was a good player, prob big earner for this league
  2. latics22

    Crewe (H)

    Sold or free?
  3. latics22

    Bury (A)

    What can’t happen baring postponements?
  4. £50 fine and banned from all home games
  5. I don’t think it’s an unfair or deal jeopardising question, for the trust to say they triggered the ACV or they have been forced to try and find the funds. Due to another party bidding first??
  6. Bit early for this, still plenty of time left for everything to go tits up, remember it’s the hope that kills you.
  7. Can the trust just confirm if they are the only bidder’s and they triggered the “ a summat thingy”
  8. If anyone can afford to buy the ground, they may as well by the club too
  9. Wow that’s great news! Do wonder where the money will come from... are talking millions on millions? Bearing in mind as a whole we scraped a few thousand for a score board.
  10. 90 mins and they answered two or three questions ? Are they all the questions people put forward ? Or did they answer like a politician deflecting and dragging out answers, whilst not actually answering anything?
  11. latics22

    MOTM Yeovil (H)

    Me, I always try and vote for one no one else has😂
  12. Can Inspiral not demand them back as part of his £200 payment
  13. latics22


    From now on we don’t speak about the opposition! We are oldham! We don’t discuss these teams! When we are back in the prem, we talk about the opposition, can’t wait to beat ..... on sat! It’s nailed on choo fucking choooooooooo