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  1. latics22

    Days gone by v now

    It was freezing yesterday, the temp always seems to drop about 20 mins In
  2. latics22

    Bury (H)

    What the red gave us about my 25% of the decisions! He gave way more to them!
  3. latics22

    Bury (H)

    He did ok, I personally didn’t see that much of him. The tackle at the end was good. I don’t want anyone to do badly, just feel he needs to play consistently well, for at least a month before he is due the fan fare!
  4. latics22

    Bury (H)

    Great performance best in years ! Missile, nepo Grady outstanding! Hamer struggled but not a negative. Can’t lie was shitting myself at 3-2, but thought we had a goal in us that would settle it. Onwards and upwards
  5. latics22

    Bury (H)

    He gave me a nice down boat, I’m here to witness the ledgend that is Maouche!
  6. latics22

    Bury (H)

    Freezing cold winter day against a decent team and we pick Maouche 😂🔫
  7. latics22


    Is Surridge still running at people? Not been for a while, going sat. If he is still running at people from just outside the box, goals will come!
  8. latics22


    Apart from the 42 games he played last season in league 2....
  9. latics22


    Give him time , he’s still young !
  10. I was more concerned how the odd victory gets even kg in board, it’s ridiculous it’s a season long! Bumps along with the smooth. Reality check!
  11. Really! What are u basing your never ending support of the clown on! It’s ridiculous!
  12. Two average games and one terrible one? Does that make it a blip ?
  13. Hi apolosgise but he’s terrible! I’m sick of people praising and defending a player well out of his depth!