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  1. 200k a month dwarfs the budget, makes no sense at all
  2. Feel the same, struggle to care when we concede.
  3. How did barry become trust leader? He must have been liked well thought of by the trust?
  4. Prob my favourite game, we've been absolute shite since
  5. The longer the FLG remain faceless and give 0 communication the more I prefer AL. They have disappeared of the face off the earth, what happend to the purchases? What happend to fan shares? All they give us is sniping and letters, its childish.
  6. If we start winning will u vote? Is this a real boycott?
  7. Almost straight after or during the the fan/owner meeting.
  8. Or just some guy who made a vid? That means nothing and is totally pointless?
  9. Totally agree it was embarrassing! Towards the end you could see blood shot eyes on all the people asking questions. Should be no alcohol at the next one.
  10. Feel the same, but hes dowie like. Might motivate them
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