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  1. Does anyone remember what it was like to look forward to the forthcoming season??
  2. tGWB. It is in the interest of the OEC to rectify the problems as they are losing a potential income stream. There was no major work required to put things right. If they rectify the issues at least they can point the finger at Lemsmagen when the stand does not open.
  3. I would presume that any safety issues with the North Stand have been rectified as the OEC would want to open their own facilities no match days when the season resumes. The club pay rent to Brassbank for the whole of the ground. They don't pay extra for the North Stand. The only reason not to open the stand would be for them to make "political points" against the OEC and doing so pee off the fans again!
  4. It's nothing to do with the last few months........it's gone on for the last few years.
  5. Having read on oafc1955's posting on another thread, he said that after a conversation with Natalie Atkinson that she can't guarantee that the North Stand will be open, the club have finally p**sed me off. How can these f**kwits run a club like this!! I've been watching Latics for over 50 years and had a season ticket for over 30 years. I am now not renewing 4 season tickets and 2 car park tickets. The place is a f**king shambles. Get rid of Coco and the rest of the clowns
  6. The retained list is due this week according to the press. There have been 8 players in dispute over wages during the lock down period . I presume these are the better, higher paid players that we have. I bet non of these are on the retained list unless they are contracted to 2021.
  7. I received A reply from Natalie Atkinson. She says "Our aim is that the North Stand will be open." Read into that what you will !! The word "aim" worries me.
  8. Thanks for the replies. My worry is that the club have not replied to any of my e-mails.
  9. Does anyone know if the North Stand will be open for next season. I've e-mail the club to ask this question but I have had no reply.
  10. Should give AL time to make sure the North Stand is open for the rest of the season!
  11. AL is due to make another payment to Blitz by around 26th / 27th March. Might give us a clue whether to renew or not!
  12. With regards to the North Stand a few items don't add up. Blitz said that the rent for the ground was for all four stands, closing the North Stand did not save AL any money. The SAG closed the stand because there were problems within the OEC. I believe the OEC have rectified these problems as it was their responsibility. According to the statement by the club they say they are going to resolve the problems within the North Stand, it's not their responsibility. They are obviously waving a magic wand to open the North Stand. To me this is all bull:censored: from AL.
  13. There is nothing to stop AL buying from Brassbank in his own name instead of the club buying it.
  14. Are we sure "Oldham Athletic (2004) Ltd" are buying the ground and not AL.....hence another Brassbank!
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