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  1. Oldham82

    New Manager Thread

    We need 2 strikers a defender and a winger come on AL get some in over 2 week's of window been open already !
  2. Hopefully the striker can find the net quick
  3. We need players in this week especially strikers we need goals and wins obviously so if Abdullah is in Dubai I hope others or his brother will get some in asap
  4. Oldham82

    Forest Green (h)

    Wonder if scholes or any other futre managers watching in the directors box
  5. Oldham82

    New Manager Thread

    I was hoping for some players in this week but can't see it happening now. If we win tommorw will be a huge bonus
  6. Oldham82

    New Manager Thread

    At end of the day it's not rocket science scholes with his background would give us alot of coverage possible investment he must of done his coaching badges and have bloody good contacts. We all see the support last Sunday and chanting. Give him a go. He knows football more than us all on hear
  7. Oldham82

    New Manager Thread

    Very good player in exellent team. Gerrard ask Liverpool fans would he get in over souness. I doubt it
  8. Oldham82

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Gut feeling west ham at home
  9. Sylla will hopefully be as good as the missile
  10. Surridge. Lydon. Both gone need bodies in this week. Id love us to name scholesthis week the press and excitement with his contacts plus he has always supported us since a boy think this could work. Or just name as interim manager wellens was awsum. Wild even better lol
  11. Oldham82

    New Manager Thread

    Wild joint favourite now with scholes and askey
  12. Absoulty brilliant !!!!!!!! Get in
  13. Baxter should be back soon for another attacking option
  14. Oldham82


    Need strikers desperate we always fail to score enough need it adressed immediately I hope a few signings before next Saturday!