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  1. AL back in country after picking fa cup award yesterday could be interviews for new manager this week I rekon
  2. Earl barret I'm guessing still record out signing too
  3. I wonder if are record signing fee of Ian Olney 20 odd years ago will ever be beaten !!!
  4. I wonder if any interviews started yet. Oldham do like to do things slowly
  5. The team of 1990 1992 far better than Huddersfield Cardiff and Fulham today and better than Leeds villa Norwich Sheff und who going up !
  6. If we had that 1990 -1992 team we would be in premier league I honestly think
  7. Sol Campbell if named to take us up. Positive thinking people
  8. Earl barret exellent . Dennis Irwin would be close to United's greatest 11 brilliant player. No for me adams over Campbell for centre defence. Jobson I'd have as oldhams best awsum defender
  9. Sol Campbell will be good I think hope he gets job. Bound to have usefull contacts too. A well recognised player awsum centre half in his day. Not far behind tony adams and John Terry as England's best.
  10. We need statement from AL early next week to give us news on new manager targets budget and amount of players coming in
  11. Score 2 come on oldham go for it !!!!
  12. Sylla played well last couple of games I think could end up being a decent signing
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