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  1. Thought the retained list had to be done by 23rd , oldham always last for info !
  2. No loss average at best, huge clearout and let dino get all his own in.
  3. Bound to be a statement today or before friday at least from club I would hope
  4. Stay up should be secured . Stevenage in freefall. 30 years since last promotion!!!!!! Got to be a record ! We need a change of luck . Let's just hope next season is out year !
  5. Sounds bitter cause he has left his club. The first 3 games rowe was getting great reviews so he will come good with some support . Looking forward to seeing the Salford striker only played 30 mins or so then got injured!!!
  6. I for one thought he would be good dino I mean his interviews to start were refreshing and filled us with hope. But he is clueless need a new manager to take us foward badly
  7. Big clear out . Need fighters and footballers. Stay up all that's needed and big pre season ready for next.
  8. Win 5 games on trot from Saturday and I will believe a chance
  9. Sat round the pool in jamacia. Good line up any win will do but be great a comfortable 3-0 are celebrate with some red stripe beer fingers crossed
  10. Confident today I think a win and valuable 3 points
  11. The lack of goals is are down fall yet again . Not so much last season, but 3 or 4 previous seasons we just cannot score . This season same again.
  12. Done his ankle probly be out for a while now knowing our luck
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