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  1. If only we had two of Leicester’s players.
  2. Er. . Scholes??? Your telling me he didn’t know the situation given how small the profressional football world is? If you think he didn’t, your very naive. How about you offer some balance about Scholes? Why is it a outwardly shy man with millions in the bank decided after four weeks he didn’t fancy it? Why were so many fans baffled why he took the job? Is scholes so stupid/naive that he thought ‘ I tell you what my name alone will make him spend money he hasn’t got’ There is two different arguments here. 1. Is AL right for us? No. 2. Has Scholes got off scott free under the cloud of AL? Yes.
  3. Say what you want about abdallah, most of it won’t be far off I’m sure. But he’s a fighter, most of these forgein owners are completely faceless. (Think Orient) Yes he controls his output, but at least he defends himself, which he has every right to do. FWIW I still think Scholes left because the overall situation was so poor. IE shit squad/no money/erratic owner. All things he knew when he took the job. It was an easy out to just blame AL. I would still prefer him to go as I think things have become quite toxic. However I do believe abdallah wants the club to do well, he just has a very warped idea of how to achieve it IMO.
  4. Applicant must - Make their own way to games. Bring their own half time refreshment. Liaise with Barry. Be Willing to use their house as a bond/insurance (in case of unforeseen circumstances against the club.) Sounds appealing.
  5. Quite. Not forgetting the thousands being spent on Giles Coke two year deal. All the best.
  6. Question. In the modern game, what’s unacceptable for a manager taking a job? IMO- No picking team. No coming in dressing room. No interference on team affairs. However is full say on transfers even around anymore? At any level? I wish he would of given Scholes full say, as I trust his opinion over AL all day. However I don’t think the chairman signing players is unusual, an surely Scholes knew that when he took the job.
  7. He’ll be counting down the weeks till he can leave.
  8. I’m all for protesting. I think the time has come. However, what happens if we win 3 on spin under Wild, or the next manager? Despite everything, results are still the be all and end all.
  9. So. We can give players who never play for us two year deals, but we can’t pay the gas bill. Which implys there is money, but only when AL wants to spend it on of one his signings. However the running of the club can go to shit. Fuck. Off.
  10. Tell me about it. However, I do think football managers have this undying belief that although they know it will be a shit storm. ‘It will be different under them’ It won’t.
  11. North west tonight just said he’s interested in the job. . .
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