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  1. Very possible. Maybe he could introduce the teams as well?
  2. It’s so predictable isn’t it. I wonder what he does for the chuckles. .
  3. Maybe people want to believe (against their better judgement) that there is hope. (When we know we’re screwed)
  4. Very interesting. He didn’t HAVE to say any of that. However he did. Why say that if your ‘the typical forgein owner who never attends and doesn’t give a fuck’ it doesn’t make sense. FWIW. I think in his own way he actually really wants to make a go of it. It’s just that his methods are so left field, and confrontational that he makes people wary. It’s his way. Or fuck off. I’m still very sceptical of his methods, but I have to say he does make some salient points. However he can’t blame the previous owners for to long. . Remember the mess labour left us in. . . 🙄 But. An I can’t believe I’m typing this, -We now turn bids for players. Hallyfuckinluah. - He’s appointed a commercial guy. (Someone with a bit a track record) -He’s released plans for a proper training ground. There are tentative signs of a proper infrastructure. Which is fabulous and what we all want. . . Until he signs a Namibian centre forward.
  5. Yeah. . . Yeah. But what’s ACTUALLY going on. .
  6. ‘Yet make out they can affect some change’ 😂 Your just making stuff up now. What you would do with all this knowledge if it was bestowed on you. . . Your options would be limitless.
  7. ‘Least they could do is update fans.’ They do. . . they release what they can/are allowed. Then you say it’s not enough! I thought you just acknowledged the trust are powerless? So why do you moan at people that you accept are no position to do what you want?
  8. Do you understand what the trust is? Seriously? What power do you think they have over a private businessman whose company isn't in administration? The answer is none. It seems you want a bunch of volunteers to gain the trust of the owner so he tells them whatever little he chooses. Then you want them to out him, fully minute and publicise every word he says. . Betraying what slither of cooperation there is. To achieve what? Force him to sell? To who? He clearly loves the ego trip of owning a club. If he is paying the bills, and keeps us out of court. He is answerable to no one! My advice- stick the cricket on.
  9. But where does that money go? Surely they wouldn’t just give it to Marco? Does it start a pot to oust him eventually? I will wait to see more detail. IF I knew for fact that Marco got nowhere near it, I would consider it yes.
  10. Depends what you mean by supporting? Do I think it’s a positive. Yes. Do I think it will alter the football side of things. . . not one iota.
  11. Jesus. The scary thing is, it doesn’t even look like a parody.
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