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  1. We’re not talking about how shit AL is. We’re discussing Wellens record as a football manager whilst at our club. ‘He was set up to fail’ - We’ll don’t take the job then!? Plenty of managers turn down jobs when they know through football circles that the said club is a joke. Wellens wasn’t an outsider going against his mates advice- he had worked there for months. . . ‘Just because he knew what went on with shez doesn’t mean he has to suffer’ 😂 Are we marriage guidance service? ‘Surely after the start we had he deserved a bit of slack’ - He did ‘get slack’ he got 6 of his own signings, he was given nearly a full season as a rookie manager. (Which by today’s football standards is a decent crack) Wellens first crack at management was a complete failure - that is indisputable.
  2. All hypothetical as you say. He rightly gets huge credit for what he’s done at Swindon. However It doesn’t change the fact he failed with us. He was given 6 of his own signings in January in the one season AL threw relatively good money at the squad. He took next to no points in the final 8 games- a run which on its own has seen managers sacked. When that run culminates in relegation he has to own that. Plus he didn’t come in blind- he’d seen first hand what happened to shez and still took it- good on him. But then don’t blame the dodgy owner you knew you would be working for when things don’t go well. Look at yourself before blaming everybody else.
  3. 😂 What any manager or player does previously or after being with us is completely irrelevant to judging their time with us. In addition if you’re attributing his success at Swindon to him then he must also own his failures. Wellens took us down - with relatively huge backing of the players he wanted. Nothing will ever change that. AL hasn’t got many things right, but sacking Wellens was spot on.
  4. I wouldn’t be averse to him staying on a reduced wage, but the fact we’re even saying that says a lot about him. Can we afford squad flair players in our squad next season? I’d rather see what the market is like first, we might be pleasantly surprised who is available when wage demands inevitably come down.
  5. Is he capable on his day - yes. Does he currently give you value in your budget- no. I think they’ll be plenty of his ilk (a squad flair player) knocking about over the summer, who crucially will be miles better value for money.
  6. I wonder if they’re ‘struggling’ to top up the players they don’t want? If that’s the case with Wheater and McCann that’s more of a worry.
  7. Rowe is a contracted player for next season. Wheater and McCann - granted It’s not confirmed, but the fact they put options in for our better players is a positive- no? Do you think getting rid of dead wood and Dearnley signing for two years is a good sign or more incompetence?
  8. Eyrsey- put the wine down. That response is up with there with the ‘If only we had 3 Leicester Players.’ 😂 Rowe is contracted to 2021. Wheater has reportedly had his option triggered. McCann has an option til 2021 Dearnley has just signed a two year deal. Negotiating with players you don’t want, to keep the players you do is perfectly reasonable and what I would expect the club to do. Especially with no gate receipts or any match day income since March.
  9. There’s a lot to have a go at the club for, negotiating what they can afford in unprecedented times isn’t one of them. The money they saving making ‘derisory’ offers is helping towards offering Dearnley a two year deal.
  10. I couldn’t care less who signs the players as long as there is a credible thought and planning that they’ll do ok. Sadly the vast majority of signings under AL haven’t meet that criteria. However (an I say this very cautiously) if we are getting rid of the #french lads and this follows on from signings like Rowe Dearnley McCann then maybe, just maybe the penny has dropped. * Also- I see more good PR on the website about the physio leaving. Rather than ‘The physio, whose name we can’t remember has left the club. Good luck in the future’ Are we getting our shit together on and off the pitch. .? We’re not are we. Night.
  11. The PR has definitely improved. It’s articulate and non confrontational. A small but noticeable step forward.
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