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  1. I want the self interest to be ‘I’m willing to put multi millions in sensibly and with good governance (I’ve already sacked Barry) because I want to enjoy the ride. I know full well that there’s a very good chance I won’t see my investment again, or if I do it will take a long time. I won’t sell anything I can when 12 months in, I realise how expensive running a football club is.’ I understand there are far better ways to make money, than buy a small community football club.
  2. Interesting Dave. FWIW I think your spot on there. Would AL write off loans because he loves the club. . or would he write them off to piss off/ do over the FLG. I think we all know which is the far more likely.
  3. Maybe he said beforehand what he was willing to talk about.
  4. It is his money. He’s just converted a loan - meaning he might want it back one day. Into shares - meaning he has given the club the money and the club doesn’t owe him the loan anymore. That’s my cod accountancy take anyway. 😁
  5. He’s right though in one respect. Off the pitch- we were a shambles. LED Boards from fans money. Scouse loans. A squad of four players. Winding up orders settled at the last minute. Is that all a distant memory? Where Corney was vastly different to AL is on the pitch. He backed his managers. He left them alone. He didn’t install a family member on the board. He didn’t hire and hire at will. For these reasons alone I’d have Corney back given a choice between the two, but let’s not re-write history and say he ran the club well. He didn’t.
  6. Eagles? McCann? I think we’ve only got 3. 😂🙈
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