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  1. League one forever

    January Window Gossip/Rumours

    Yeah, I know. I always enjoy your wisdom Eyrsey. Do you still think Leicester could take two of their players out of the premier league winning side, replace them with two of ours and still win it?
  2. League one forever

    The Trust - first engagement with AL

    As with Andy, all very worthwhile and very real concerns. However, I’ve not seen one solution on how you make an owner speak. Your as close as we can get, and as you said your none the wiser 12 months after the takeover.
  3. League one forever

    The Trust - first engagement with AL

    Sorry Glossop. I was at work this morning, and your personal jibe at an alternative view made me laugh, so I only had time for quick a response. You’ll be pleased to know that i do understand and I didn’t tell anyone it was wrong, I challenged an opinion. On a forum. Do you understand that? Do you also understand you have no right to know what private businessmen do with their money? You/I cant change or influence the owner. It’s ‘his club.’ Doesn’t mean I don’t care. It means I understand what I can effect, which is enjoying the football and hoping for the best.
  4. League one forever

    The Trust - first engagement with AL

    Top post Andy. Very well reasoned and as usual well thought out. In addition I agree with a lot of what you say. The point I’m making is, does Blitz or AL as private businessmen owe as an explanation of rent space, or future expenditure? The answer unfortunately is no. It’s not our money Andy. It’s theirs. They just invested something we care about. An to be honest if I’d invested 3 million of my money I wouldn’t want to be answerable about what I’m doing with my next million. I’d be thinking, that 3 million has bought you your ability to go and see your team every week. I, like you would love him to tell us. But the reality is that’s what has been happening for years. You seem to want very inclusive ownership, where the owners share their thoughts and divulge their plans. In all your time supporting latics have we ever had an owner like that?? Essentially what your asking for, is for a guy to come along, spend his money without ego, and put the fans and the club first and expect no financial return. It’s not based in reality. What we get are an egomaniacs, who want to play championship manger with a small community club. Who like hire and fire, and the kudos of being an owner. I wish, like you it was different. But that is exactly the owner we’ve got. So. With that said. You post a lot with no way of getting what you/I want. Blitz and AL we never answer your questions, but because quite honestly they don’t give a f**k. (Sad but true) If they did care answers to what your asking would of been forthcoming a long time ago. Finally, there is a big difference between not caring, and understanding what you can and can’t influence. So why worry about what you can’t change? If you honestly think you can change it, then genuinely keep fighting the good fight. I just to want enjoy the football, an hope our owner/s don’t wreck it even more than they have over the years.
  5. League one forever

    The Trust - first engagement with AL

    From the amount of times you ask, why is so important to you to know? How would it change your life? You know AL doesn’t own the OEC, so why are asking questions you know the answer to? Why do you persist in seeing everything AL does on a negative light? Who is waiting in the wings to offer you your vision for the club? Why do consistantly ask moot point questions? What’s most important to you? The football? Or the spreadsheet of the football club? I think there’s areas of concern no question. However your level concern on matters you either have no clue of, or any right to know baffles me. My areas of real concern are my family, and my health. We all love a moan, but as long as there’s as a professional football team to go and watch on a Saturday, does reeeally matter?
  6. League one forever

    Simon Blitz

    How anyone of you can be arsed with this anymore is beyond me. Reading this thread, and the other million threads on the subject nobody has any clue what’s really going on. If we fold. (Which I don’t think is or will happen) We fold. There’s more in important things in life, than creating problems from guesswork.
  7. League one forever

    Simon Blitz

    ‘‘Twas a little joke Andy.
  8. League one forever

    Simon Blitz

    He’s a glory hunter.
  9. League one forever


    Is he a #frenchsuccess ?
  10. League one forever

    FA Cup 2018-19

    Absolutely. No pressure on us, we’re away from home against a side in a higher division. Very winnable.
  11. League one forever

    Simon Blitz

    Fact. Or rumour?
  12. League one forever

    Fulham F.C.: Directions, Beer & Food

    Brought a tear to my eye watching that. Gutted I couldn’t go. Chuffed for those that did. It’s days like this that make it all worth while.
  13. League one forever

    New Manager Thread

    The lads who were managing Salford. They were on the sky programme.