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  1. Does anyone think we’re coming up to a watershed with season tickets sales? Either A, they hardly sell and there is a fire sale, with a vastly reduced budget and/or admin. Or B, We sell enough (1000/1500) to survive disaster and AL makes up the shortfall. Personally i think numbers will be down, but I still think there is enough hardy souls who will stump up. Which means more of this dross next year. Terrific.
  2. I’ve given up trying to understand Dino’s team selection and player position.
  3. Anyone know how season ticket sales are going? Sorry, wrong thread.
  4. Surely you’re not quibbling over a crate of Murphy’s and hock of Ham?
  5. Where have you been Harry? Have you forgot who runs us? By that reckoning, are any of the current Squad THAT good for promotion. The answer is no. Want we want and where we are are two very different things, so yes- as depressing as it is, Mills is a good solid performer for ‘our level’ -and yes that means trying to stay in the football league.
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