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  1. You’ve got to hand it to Blitz. Money key from the houses and kidney unit. Rent from Corney and now A/L every year since he left- holding out for top dollar on the OEC and ground. All with no liability for the football club. Thanks for memories. 😩
  2. 😂 Good effort. I bet your there there when we win two on the bounce. #under50’sareparticularlyfickle
  3. I don’t think it’s an assured utopia at all, in the same way that plodding along in league two isn’t an assured ‘league club’ utopia. However things have been so bad for so long that I am willing to look at other alternatives, or other models of how to the run the club. What one wants, and what’s on offer are two different things.
  4. Your just making stuff up. Not one person that said either of those things. What would you prefer- The current status quo. Or A club that’s all under one roof but perhaps in a lower league? An before you reply. Nobody wants relegation. Nobody. But that isn’t the point, we are talking about the future of the club. Look at the other thread about beer prices- a race to the bottom has already started and your more concerned about playing Crawley rather than Flyde. ‘If we go down, we’ll never come back’ Is often spouted, but again that isn’t important in the grand scheme of things. It’s really, really, not. What is important, is having some pride in the club again. The money club generates all going back into the club. Everyone pulling in the same direction. A fans bar where people don’t worry where the money is going. A owner who isn’t on a ego trip. A board of some description. No Barry. Paying our staff on time. Keeping and cherishing good staff. (Clarke) No Brassbank. No dual ownership. No awful statements. No division. But yeah your right, let’s keep all the shite as long as we play in league two. .
  5. Good post. I think the most important/interesting part of that is, ‘They can afford to buy the lot, but running at league 1/2 level would be tricky’ Which begs the question at what level could the FLG operate the football club at? An would fans be happy that while it is was all one club again, it’s in say the conference? Personally, I couldn’t care less what division we play in. The greater good of the club is far important than wether we play Bradford, or Solihull motors IMO.
  6. That relies on both wanting to come together for the greater good. Uphill task.
  7. Oh absolutely. And I guess which camp individual’s are in, will frame how they see things. I’m no different. I do not like the way AL runs the club. So at the very least i’m willing to see what direction the FLG might take us in. Doesn’t mean I’m oblivious to their potential misgivings. However seeing as I don’t know really know anything yet, I’m prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt. AL’s Benefit of doubt went a long time ago.
  8. So, so predictable. He didn’t have an issue with the OEC when he bought the club, he didn’t raise its ownership in his first two years in charge. A fans group appear, and suddenly it’s an issue and this group are holding the club to ransom. . . This isn’t all about money, it’s more about his ego. Blitz was happy to stay in the background, collect his money and let AL make all decisions. The fans group want a lot more involvement. He feels sidelined and threatened, so starts to divide people. From the official- ‘Those fans choosing to use the hospitality in OEC do so to the detriment of the club.’ Or, ‘If you go and see what they’ve got planned and pay a fiver, your not for me.’ #themandus This is just the start of a long, long battle. Can’t wait. 🙄
  9. I tried highlighting this the other day, and got scoffed at. He will hate to see the club doing well in any form, when it’s nothing to do with him. #themandus.
  10. So. . My understanding is, the FLG own nothing yet, but they plan to initially buy the north stand and car park, and then look to buy the other stands at a later date. They can release plans for a fans bar in the OEC, (even though they don’t own it yet,) because it’s nothing to do with AL. AL will rent the OEC on match day, (and the other stands in the future) and the football club get the money, anything else it generates goes to the FLG. Is that right?
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