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  1. That really is hilarious! Made me laugh out loud. Thank you!
  2. One year deal according to the official site... https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2019/july/05072019-urko-vera-resigns/
  3. I think we need a fit and proper test for the EFL, never mind for the owners.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49211030 Plus Mike Minay on twitter... Mike Minay @MikeMinay According to @Iandennisbbc only three senior players at Bolton have travelled on the team bus.
  5. Thanks for keeping this list going Crusoe. It's more accurate and up to date than the official site. There's probably a media job going at BP if you are interested. On second thoughts...
  6. Bolton have set off for their game at Wycombe tomorrow with 5 senior players on the coach, two of whom are keepers. Wow.
  7. The Halifax manager isn't too bad either.
  8. Swaby-Neavin has also disappeared from the drop-down menu. Going out on loan maybe?
  9. Zeus was out of contract. He was offered a new deal but declined.
  10. Wouldn't quite call it a team, but the line up is 1. Woods (Capt), 2. Mills, 3. Iacovitti, 4. Sefil, 6. Stott, 8. Sylla, 12. Trialist, 15. Trialist, 16. Wilson, 18. Trialist, 19. Segbe Azankpo And the substitutes: 39. Zabret (GK), 5. Hamer, 7. Branger-Engone, 9. Vera, 10. Maouche, 11. Nepomuceno, 13. Trialist, 17. Missilou, 21. Trialist
  11. Not in the squad today. Is he injured already?
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