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  1. Credit where credit's due. Probably the best analysis of our financial position that I have read in some time.
  2. Isn't this an old thread that has been bumped? Has Maouche actually signed a new contract or does all of this refer to last year?
  3. BBC article about our exploits of 30 years ago... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52651494
  4. That has to be the worst half a million we ever spent. Joe usually got more right than wrong in the transfer market but this one really didn't work out. The thing I didn't get was McDonald had played against us for Everton in the FA Cup not long before and he was absolutely awful for them. No idea why Joe went for him.
  5. I've never been but it's making my mouth water!
  6. I'm housebound and use a wheelchair. I also live on my own. I do my food shopping online with Ocado, who tonight have announced a suspension to their delivery service. I'm not prone to panicking, but this is getting somewhat scary. I'm OK for 3 or 4 weeks...(I'm used to frozen ready meals). Beyond then, who knows. Football really does pale into insignificance, despite the fact that I was rather handily placed in League 2 of the OWTB prediction league. Drat. Keep the faith.
  7. Barry: The FLG is the Fleece Lovers Group isn't it?
  8. Cameron Borthwick Jackson and Zak Dearnley
  9. He's a good player. But you make a good point and make it well.
  10. Do we think our manager is a bit of a Dino Saur? Thought I'd get that awful pun in soon as he might not be around much longer for me to use it...sorry!!
  11. Maybe next season's gimmick is a free season ticket with every scarf purchased.
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