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  1. Bristolatic

    Jose Baxter interview with the Times

    Didn't Andy Goram once binge on burgers and chips while he was with us? First time around, of course. Second time around, he probably boosted the coffers of McDonald's and Burger King by about 500%. Daily.
  2. Bristolatic

    Notts County (a)

    Did you see Rashford last night? If Nepo's effort was pathetic, how do you rate Rashford's? I could have wafted the first one in with my cap.
  3. Beyond belief, even if it's meant to be funny. Which it isn't.
  4. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    Cheers Al. That clears that up, then. Let's hope we keep him here. Anyone volunteering to kidnap him on New Year's Day?
  5. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    Make that 7
  6. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    It is a season long loan. I have a feeling that they can't call him back, but I'll stand to be corrected.
  7. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    Charlton have stuck 6 past Stevenage as well
  8. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    Are you sure we're listening to a Latics game? And it sounds like Maouche and O'Grady are having cracking gmes.
  9. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    It doesn't matter a jot to us, but Shrewsbury have just tonked Tranmere 6-0 in the Kickabout Cup
  10. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    2 assists, eh?
  11. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    Thank God Andy Haines is only 4th official. The thought of him refereeing produces apoplexy. Stockbridge, however ... <shudders>
  12. Bristolatic

    Bradford FLT

    I think Iversen, Dummigan and Nepomuceno are all on international duty by Tuesday.
  13. Bristolatic

    Ex players and that

    Ripley sent off for Accy for high challenge. It looked a bit Pickfordesque.
  14. You'd have got 5 points for that in the Prediction League
  15. Bristolatic

    Carlisle United (H)

    Uncalled for, son. Make your point without that.