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  1. Kean Bryan Returns

    If Bryan were to come back, where would you play him? We've got Clarke, Gerrard, Edmundson and Stott for the CB slot, plus Hamer who can play there as well. Maybe that would allow Bryan to play left side of midfield. All pure conjecture, obviously, as we may never see him in a Latics shirt again.
  2. England Squad

    I thought Chelsea were an entertaining team last season, but the mind set changed this time.
  3. Pre season friendlies?

    It is big. I can see it from here.
  4. Pre season friendlies?

    Smart arse.
  5. Pre season friendlies?

    The burning question is, what would you do if you found it was true? Answers in a plain brown envelope, please. Think of the children.
  6. England Squad

    When was that? Even at full back, he's caught out of position too often, frequently the wrong side of the opponent, and doesn't have the pace to recover. Never a Premiership player imho, let alone an international.
  7. England Squad

    Fabian Delph? Left footed and had a decent season. I'd play him or Rose before Young.
  8. England Squad

    He has to stop, just to get it on his right foot. He can't cross with his left, as he proved yesterday, so full backs always know what he's going to do. Here's a novel idea; how about a left footed player to play at left wing back? Just a thought.
  9. England Squad

    Problem with Jones, is that he's not improved one iota in the 7(?) years he's been at OT. He was average at best then, and now he's <insert description here>.
  10. Squad movements, summer 2018

    I might be wrong, but I have a feeling his wife and kids are still in France. If so, he may well want to go back rather than uproot them. There may be other reasons, but let's not do him down without knowing why. He's not the sole reason we got relegated. In fact, some of his saves kept us in games. He's a League 1 (now League 2, if he stays) footballer, not a Pickford or Heaton.
  11. Ex players and that

    A couple of minutes ago, he almost looked like a footballer as well. I see Ellis Plummer is at Motherwell too.
  12. Ex players and that

    Curtis Main and Charles Dunne start for Stephen Robinson's Motherwell in Scottish cup final
  13. Squad movements, summer 2018

    Luke McCormick, Cameron Belford and Artur Krysiak are available in the released lists. Not sure they're much of an improvement though. George Long is available either on loan or transfer. Scott Vernon released by Grimsby, but I'm very surprised that Walsall have released Oztumer.
  14. England Squad

    Exactly. If Stones was worth £50M, what's Tarky worth? And, for me, Jones is an average Championship player. As bozman and others have said, it shows how little we have to pick from these days.