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  1. Not in the slightest. I just don't trust Mo not to bring in inferior quality to bulk up the squad.
  2. If Flat Cap Mo has any involvement, prepare to be disappointed, because that's probably what we'll get. Mainly because he hasn't a clue what a decent footballer looks like.
  3. I can only apologise; @JohnnyPimp, you are right. You get one point for Fulham failing to score after 90 minutes, so a 1-0 victory sees you in next season's Premier League. Commiserations to @south east latic after putting up a great fight and just missing out on a second successive promotion. I hereby award myself a and count myself lucky to escape a
  4. What the hell has happened to his hair and eyebrows. I know the barbers were shut for a while and it may have been a DIY job, but bloody hell. On a serious note, what a brilliant half hour that was. I'm sure he could have lifted the lid on more stuff if it had gone on much longer.
  5. This is awkward. For the play-offs, we take the score at 90 minutes, but neither player scored any points at that time. We would then give the points to whoever was closest to the attendance. Obviously, as it was behind closed doors, that doesn't work either. It was around this time I was clasping my hands together and praying that something in extra time would sort it out. It didn't. Neither player predicted a Fulham win, got the final score right, got the first scorer right or anything else right, including goals scored by either team. So the great Prediction League Championship play off ends 0-0. Now what do I do? There's no more games left! I think that one way would be to add up all the points scored by both players throughout the play-offs and see where that takes us. I'll sleep on it and have a think in the morning. And if that ends in a draw, I'll have to think of summat else. @JohnnyPimp and @south east latic, watch this space.
  6. @south east latic PM'd me an hour ago so instead of posting here, as he was well in time with the prediction, here it is. Brentford 2-1 Fulham (HT 1-0) - Benrahma
  7. I hope Kewell doesn't want them. Of course, if he argues about it, he won't be here long.
  8. Nah, racing snake figure honed to perfection. Since I stopped playing 40 years ago, time has not been kind to my body. Thanks for reminding me I used to be quite fit physically.
  9. I'm a better goal scorer than Feeney, and I never played anywhere except in goal. And I'm about 35 years older than him, as well.
  10. Perfect for the armband if Wheater is off.
  11. So, if Dino was happy with Jombati coming in, would HK still have rocked up, or would Dino have been given a stay of execution? For HK to have been appointed so quickly, he must have been just about installed anyway? I just hope he has some (a lot of) say in who is signed and who isn't. He can't be forced to work with any more dross that may come in again.
  12. My mate remembers him at Bath City before he signed for Cheltenham. Reckoned he was developing into a very good player then. Can this possibly be HK getting his own players in? Let's bloody hope so and not have any more of that French 5th Division crap. He's just messaged me; he's rung another of his Bath City supporting mates and they reckon we've got a very good signing.
  13. Sad to read this, but I fully understand. I feel the same. It's not as though yours is an isolated case. Maybe we should gather up all these posts (there's plenty of them) and send them to ALMOBO. Trouble is, they'd still believe they're doing it the right way
  14. That is bloody brilliant. Lemsagam should be made to read that over and over and over until his head spins. Even then, it might not sink in what damage he and his cohorts have done to the fans and this club of ours.
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