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  1. He's been transfer listed along with Iacovitti, so I doubt we'll see either of them again. Fortunately. Just need a National League outfit to take them off our hands.
  2. If you can't work with someone and the clashes are damaging, you just have to bite the bullet and say, "enough is enough". I know how it feels; I walked away from a managerial position I had been in for years, but could no longer work with, or for, a bunch of directors who were more like dictators. It can only go downhill once the rot sets in. Good luck with your new venture, Tracy. I hope it goes well for you and I wish you every success.
  3. I've not missed a game we've played at Orient in years. Until now. Can't be arsed.
  4. Are you Urko Are you Urko Are you Urko in disguise Are you UrUrUrko in disguise
  5. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Some might call it clinging to the wreckage. Or, to put it another way, "Fuck me, Mo. We could be in deep doodoo here. We've got to do something to get folks back. Oh, shut up, Barry."
  6. I'm starting to feel old now. Thanks a bunch, you lot.
  7. I remember it well. I was 15 during that season, but my Dad and I never missed a game. We were awful, but we always felt that, just maybe, one day we would be a much better team. I don't recall the club being such a clusterfuck in those days, we were simply a very poor side. But it did get better and stayed better for quite some time. I don't see that happening any time soon with this bunch of looneys in charge.
  8. 75. Do we still play in those shirts with a broad blue stripe down the middle? I'll stand the ridicule and admit that I do still wear a footie shirt from time to time. But only at home or at a match. And I don't care.
  9. Thank you. That makes me a proper keeper in my (much) younger days.
  10. And since when did we start to believe anything that pillock said?
  11. And ain't that the most stupid name to have dug up? Maybe he didn't like Key Piano.
  12. It's showing 10 Nepomuceno, but he wears 11? So is he playing or is it Maouche? Or am I confused? Either way, it's not a bad starting 11.
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