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  1. That's about where I am and, in all my close on 70 years supporting this club from near and far away, did I ever believe I could feel like this. Yes, I'll still listen to every game, but I can't be arsed making my annual trip to BP. As for away games, I'll do Newport and Swindon because they're close to home, but anything else will get second or third thoughts before I consider going. Thanks Abdallah, Mo and Barry. You've successfully killed off one of my burning passions. Well done. PS, is there the slightest chance that one of those three numbnuts will read all these posts and actually accept that they've fucked up big time?
  2. Who cares? As long as he's nowhere near the first team, he can be wherever he likes for me. Oh, hang on, can he play up front?
  3. He'd be on here all over Vera starting today, wouldn't he? Vera starts . Of course, you know what's going to happen now, don't you? He'll bag the winner. With Azankpo missing and Wilson unable to play up top on his own, Vera is about all we've got left. Says it all about this squad, really.
  4. Bugger, I've bitten on a wind up. I certainly do appreciate talent, which is why I don't rate Sylla or Maouche that highly. They're average. Nothing more, nothing less. I would have built a team around Byrne the footballer, but not around Byrne the petulant kid. I fail to grasp the significance of McDonald and Wellens. There is no such thing as a "typical Oldham fan". We're all different, with different viewpoints, which we're allowed to express and challenge/differ from. I want success for my beloved home town team, the same as any other fan would, or certainly should. But, if Sylla and Maouche are the first names on the team sheet, success is a long way off. Missilou I'll give you, but he needs to learn more about when and how to tackle and where he is on the pitch. If we still had Nepomuceno here on one side and Morais the other, with a decent strike force, things would be different. But we haven't, so a team of mostly average individuals picks itself, because the options aren't there.
  5. I wouldn't mind a pint of whatever it is your drinking. I'll grant you Sylla is strong and can motor around a bit until he forgets what he has to do with the ball. Maouche manages 2 or 3 excellent passes a game, but then goes missing and often ducks out of tackles until he mistimes one and gives a free kick away. He's the last player I'd build a team around.
  6. Oh, so he is around, but if he's the answer, God knows what the question is.
  7. I'm not convinced we've still got Urko (I hope). He seems to have disappeared from the club altogether, unless he's on his holibobs.
  8. The surprise in his voice when I told him was a joy. After the other two had a laugh at his ringtone.
  9. There was a fair bit of booing as they came off, but I don't know whether it was aimed at the team or the ref.
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