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  1. Both goalkeepers released. This could be a new tactic.
  2. The three I ordered arrived today too. Thanks lads, they're excellent.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen but, for me personally, it's a non starter. I can rarely get to BP these days and away games are pretty much restricted to anything South of Birmingham. Whilst I appreciate the common sense behind it and the economic viability, it could well mean that I have seen my last Latics match, and that saddens me.
  4. Does anyone else think it's strange that the club haven't issued anything about the season ending? Or are they waiting for ratification?
  5. So sad to hear of the passing of Peter Phoenix. He was a genuine out and out winger who could send in some sublime crosses. Condolences to Peter's family and friends. Link And wasn't that a cracking kit?
  6. I think Barrow is the only town that can claim to be at the end of a 70 mile long cul-de-sac. I haven't measured it, but you get the idea.
  7. The season is over. League 2 clubs have voted to finish now.
  8. I enjoyed it. I suppose it's more difficult to have that kind of interview than it is face to face. I take part in a Zoom get together every Thursday with friends from Men in Sheds and it can be quite difficult avoiding all speaking at once. However, I thought it was a good start and it can only get better, I'm sure. I don't understand why Natalie had to get involved, though. What does she know about Stitch's time at BP?
  9. Whichever way it goes, some clubs will be delighted and others rightly pissed off. There simply isn't a fair way of doing it. Scrap the season and you've mightily hacked off those that were pretty much nailed on for promotion, such as Swindon. You've also denied the clubs in the play off places the chance of a Wembley final and promotion from that. But what you have done is saved the likes of Bolton and Stevenage from relegation, so they'll be delighted. Trying to work out points per game only works in part simply because, with games left, there's bound to be an imbalance of who played who, top v bottom etc. Then you have the freak results where a club struggling against relegation beats one of the clubs at or near the top. I haven't trawled all the results to see what that would create, but it's another spanner in the works IMO. So, whatever is decided, you'll only satisfy some and piss off others. There isn't an easy answer. If I had to decide, hard as it is, let's just scrap the season. And that throws up another problem or two; promotion bonuses. They'll go out the window. Promotion from the National League to the heady heights of League 2 has gone as well. And I would imagine most players are more concerned about whether they still have a job rather than when their next game will be. There's an awful lot on the dole at the end of June unless something is done.
  10. Not sure about Fage, but I'm pretty certain you're right about the other two.
  11. I'm pretty certain it's a team in Denmark. I have a feeling I saw it on the BBC Sports website.
  12. Ok, I'll admit I play Football Manager. I'm still playing FM18 (my previous one, FM15 died and never worked again). I got Latics into the Championship in my first season and won the Checkatrade (pfft, who cares) then got sacked when we were relegated back to League 1. Applied for and got the manager's job at Inverness Caledonian Thistle. I'm top on goal difference, but I'm only up to November 2019. It's harmless fun and passes away the odd hour now and again. At least it's a bit of a footie fix.
  13. If only the present regime could learn from the past. Thank you, Ian, for all you did to make Oldham Athletic a true family club. RIP and sincere condolences to your friends and family.
  14. I was in the RRE for the Liverpool game as well, surrounded by Scourers. The craic was brilliant and we had a terrific time with them. Yes, we were robbed. Wasn't that the game where Bobby Johnstone showed the ref the muddy mark on the crossbar which proved, more or less, that the ball would have come down behind the line given the position of said muddy mark? Jesus, I'd already turned 17 by then. Happy days.
  15. It's hard to find a description for low life, pond life, scum like this. Dregs of the earth and not fit to be part of the human race. May they become infected and die alone in agony. Whilst not infecting anyone else, of course.
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