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  1. Where's goal machine O'Grady? We still don't know if Missilou, Maouche and De la Paz have re-signed yet.
  2. Going back to Iacovitti, funny how we see things differently. I only saw him twice, once on t' telly box against Mansfield at LB where I thought he looked a decent player, then at Newport when he got ripped apart at LB but had a steady, solid game at CB. I have a feeling he'll be at CB now Clarke has gone, but AL/ML will probably want Sefil to play there.
  3. I've looked long and hard at this "Vision and Plan" and the thought was that it's over 12 months too late. Had AL produced something like this a hell of a sight earlier, it could, but not guaranteed, have saved a lot of angst and division among the fan base. It's well written, perhaps by Adam Morallee or someone in his profession and, whilst it is a concise document, it does carry some worrying signs. So here's my two pennorth. Fast paced and tactically and technically good quality football - in that case we need more technically gifted players than we currently have. I certainly wouldn't put the likes of O'Grady and Branger in that bracket League 1 status should be achieved relatively quickly - the word "relatively" shouldn't come anywhere in that statement. We can't flounder in a League 2 that was so poor last season. Even the top 6 or 7 teams weren't that brilliant A commitment to try to achieve League 1 status within 3 years, hopefully sooner - with a settled and balanced team and management, we'd already be there. Looking at three years does not suggest ambition Championship football is best considered as realistic within a 5 year plan - if he's aiming at League 1 in 3 years, hitting the Championship within another two is pushing it a bit. Get promoted into League 1 immediately, and it is a little more realistic, but still a hell of a challenge The club's financial situation - so many times have wages been paid late, HMRC on our backs, bills not being paid I don't see a quick fix no matter how much he's pumping in. If the income stream, ie STs, fans through the turnstiles, programme sales, food and drink sales etc, stays the same or, even worsens, he is always behind the 8 ball and won't catch up to stabilise Currently subsidising the club from his own personal resources until a more stable position is reached - is he writing off what he puts in or will he want it back? Because that presents two very different scenarios. Commitment and enthusiasm of fans - he has already gone a long way to destroying that by various actions that need no further emphasising here. STs are down, gates are down and long standing battle-hardened supporters have turned their backs on the club. Now that will take some rebuilding Begun assembling a Board of Directors - it's about bloody time, but what the hell is Barry Owen doing there again? Hasn't he done enough harm? On the Board, off the Board, on the Board. What's that all about? ML as Sporting Director - this can only be jobs for the boys because his (and AL's) recruitment thus far has been pretty underwhelming. I have a funny feeling that they really do believe that "their players" are far too good to be playing at this level. They're wrong. Here's a novel idea; how about trying to appoint someone with more than a passing/fleeting knowledge of football. That might help Recognises that the budget is restricted - that's not the 100% quote ratified, is it? Ownership of stadium, land and buildings - he didn't know they were owned separately? Yeah, right. Is he aware that a fan led group are aiming to do something about this? He's not mentioned it if he is The value of the squad has declined significantly - anything to do with the AL/ML recruits? No? OK 12 Declining commercial income and fan base - well done for bringing in Pat Cluskey to address the former, but the declining fan base is partly down to the deteriorating level of football and the way the club has been run for God knows how many years with little, if any, evidence thus far that it will improve Radical reorganisation of the football club - it's certainly been radical. It's almost impossible to count who has been ejected through the revolving door, whether it be playing staff, management/coaching staff, office staff, ground staff. So many have gone and we only found out from other fans and Twitter/Facebook. Is the tea lady still here? Working to appoint a Chief Executive - at last. It's taken far too long The quality and value of the playing squad has already improved compared to previous years - see #11 above where he contradicts this. Last season was one of the weakest squads I can remember, so thank God we had the loanees or we would have been in trouble Open to recruitment of players from across the globe - that's a worry if they're anything like Sefil, Menig or Kyeremeh. Are there no players available in the UK? The rest of it pretty much reiterates what has gone before, so what does this statement mean to me? It tells me that AL has at last realised that he has to do something to try to get the fans back onside. He could not continue without a Board of Directors and losing managers and fans hand over fist for much longer. It tells me that he is making an attempt at trying to do his best for the club, but it doesn't really say anything that we didn't already know. I hope it works, I really do, because I don't want to see this club I have loved for so long go any further down the slippery slope than it already is. I think some of AL's ambitions are pie in the sky and not as simple as he's trying to make out. What he needs to do, and do quickly, is get a manager/head coach in asap; one who will be his own man and not be dictated to. He's already got one new signing (Iacovitti) that he's not been involved with. He's lost players (Clarke, Baxter) that he may have wanted to keep. That rings alarm bells straight away because it smacks of "me and likkle bruv will get the players, you just get them to play". If they're not good enough and the new bloke finds it impossible to get a tune out of them, he'll be out the door as well and we start all over again. As I said at the beginning, it's a well written piece and full of good intentions, but it's not too difficult to pick holes in it. Good luck, AL, I hope your vision becomes a reality.
  4. Gavin Gunning released by Forest Green and Reuben Reid transfer listed with a year left on his contract. Tommy Wright and Paul Murray leave Carlisle.
  5. And will probably continue to be until the Chuckle Brothers and Detective Redfleece bugger off.
  6. At least it wasn't Barry feckin Owen. Mind you, who is there left to have received it?
  7. I would hope so, but it still leaves the club short handed in certain areas.
  8. Within those notes are two comments that I find worrying. 1. AL - "that in the next 6 months there will be a new managerial structure in place" - that's by October, for God's sake. Does he know the season starts in August? Does this mean that there is no rush to have a complete management team in place any time soon? Or have I misread the meaning? 2. ML - "will be meeting early next week to discuss contracts (done w/c 06.05.2019)" - so how did it go with Benteke, Maouche, Nepomuceno and De la Paz? Nothing on the Official since it was announced on 8th May. It's now the 17th. Communications? And did Branger and Missilou accept the option being taken or have they gone as well? Or have I misunderstood that as well? Does it also mean that Mo is handling the contracts? Given what the comment by AL (#1 above) suggests, are he and likkle bruv handling new signings? In addition to all that, how the hell is Detective Redfleece a Director, an ex-Director and a Director again? Hasn't he done enough damage to the club's reputation? Credit to the Trust (waits to be shot at) for getting this far with the Lemmys, but AL is certainly living up to his "slowly, slowly" mantra. Let's see how the accounts stack up when they're allowed to be viewed. In full? Maybe.
  9. If it was a straight fight between Brown, Nolan, Clark and Coyle, I think I'd take Brown. Clark should never be anywhere near managing a football club again. Coyle has managed 8 clubs unsuccessfully (apart from Bolton/Burnley) in 14 years and has been out of work for just over a year. They'll both be desperate to get back into the game, but we don't want someone who is just desperate. They'll be too easily manipulated by Little and Large. Nolan, despite not doing too badly at Notts County isn't that experienced whereas Brown is, so he'd get my vote. Having said all that, I guess we all just wait for someone unknown French wallah to rock up a week or two before the season starts with a squad of complete unknowns drafted in from various French colonies with a firm belief by AL/ML that they are Premier League class.
  10. Brilliant. Although I'm not sure he was even capable of doing that. Did someone do it for him?
  11. Granted this is his managerial experience from Wikipedia, but it doesn't make great reading to me. 1992Tobermore United 1992–1994 Carrick Rangers 1994–2000 Coleraine 1999–2001 Moyola Park 2001–2005 Ballymena United 2005–2006 Larne 2006–2007 Northern Ireland U17 2007–2010 Tranmere Rovers (youth coach) 2010–2011 Kilmarnock (assistant manager) 2011–2013 Kilmarnock 2013–2014 Greenock Morton 2015 BEC Tero Sasana (Thailand) 2015–2018 Derry City
  12. Yes. Ashton United and I don't think he did very well. I think @Lee Sinnott has seen him and was very underwhelmed.
  13. I'd love to be around if Lemsagam told Evans what team to pick. I think I'd do a better job.
  14. We can but hope. Unlikely, though, I would have thought.
  15. That was my fear as well. Can you just imagine Detective Barry Blatter collecting a gong/trophy at Wembley? He'd be a shoo in for ego of the year/decade/millennium.
  16. Maybe Tranmere if they don't go up?
  17. We could do a lot better. But probably won't.
  18. Is this the Westley that managed an reasonable career at Stevenage? He had three goes at it. The Westley that went to Preston and pissed the players off by sending them text messages at 3am telling them who was playing and who wasn't? The Westley whose players were so hacked off with him that they reneged over the training? The Westley whose players were so hacked off with him that they told their opponents (Sheff Wed, IIRC) what team he'd be putting out? The Westley who Preston sacked? The Westley who went to Peterborough and was sacked after 7 months? The Westley who went to Newport almost guaranteeing them promotion and nearly got them relegated before being sacked? Newport County club secretary Graham Bean resigned, saying "Graham Westley is an impossible man to work with... he needs to learn some manners and start treating people with some respect". The Wesley who then managed Barnet and was sacked after 2 months, playing 11 games and winning just two? He hasn't worked in football for over a year since. You still want him? One feature is that he's a total head case, so it would be a battle between him and Doink the Clown to find out who's the biggest. Answers on the back of a postcard.
  19. And I'll be arranging AL's psychotherapist. Unless he already has one.
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