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  1. Did you see his overhead bicycle kick rocket into the net last week? Pure brilliance.
  2. He's already alienated a fair number, and I don't think he cares that much. If Nepo has done anything to upset either of the clowns, and I don't know if he has or not, Marco wouldn't hesitate to get rid.
  3. Trouble is, he is that bloody foolish. Nothing that basket case does will ever surprise me.
  4. You really couldn't make up that much bollocks if you tried. Sod off Abdallah, and take Flat Cap (yes, your horrible brother) and Freeloader Barry with you. Because the club is a laughing stock with you three around.
  5. I think there were actually three, one of them already under contract. And, yes, the other two are both now here.
  6. It's been said before, but the big problem with Maouche is that, whilst he has talent and picks out a defence splitting pass a couple of times a game, he goes missing far too much and sulks far too much. His whole body language at times is completely wrong and, having lost the captaincy (which, I think, he pretty much demanded) , I reckon he's sulking even more. Having said that, his flick on for Branger's goal was pure class, so he CAN do it. He just isn't able to do it on anything like a regular basis. He's a luxury we can't afford IMO, and I'd have him on the bench.
  7. Jonny Placide captained Haiti in a 1-0 defeat to Curacao and Duckens Nazon came on as a 2nd half substitute. Nepomuceno played the full 90 minutes for Curacao and De La Paz was on the bench
  8. No second half commentary yet, but we're over 50 minutes in. "We'll be back after half time"
  9. I've not missed a trip to Plymuff for God knows how long (awaits some smart arse telling me when we last played them), but I honestly can't be bothered this time. Good luck to those who go; I doff my cap (metaphorically) and hope you all have a great day.
  10. And that, my friend, is more information than I need when I'm having my afternoon coffee and cake.
  11. He said you could call him ignorant or stupid, but never said you could call him an idiot. You've bent the rules here, so
  12. You really are trying too hard. Straws and clutching spring to mind. If every keeper was dropped whenever they made an error, you'd need a dozen of them in your squad.
  13. You won't see Nepomuceno; he's away with Curacao. Some of the others are away with the fairies.
  14. It's probably not far off 300 miles from Oldham, so a good 5 hours, I would say. It's just over 2 hours or so (130 miles-ish) for me, but I'm not bothering. I just can't be arsed at the moment. I'll make do with iFollow.
  15. Kielen Adams. Wasn't it Vincente del Bosque who played a 4-3-3 with 6 midfielders and no strikers? Maybe that's the plan and it only leaves about 7 midfielders to fight it out for a sub's place on the bench. It's the future, I tells ya.
  16. Maybe the rumours of Gevaro going were untrue, then. But with Smith and Morais signed, plus Eagles (and Branger [shudders]) how do we get them all into a starting 11? Are the Looneys-at-the-Top looking to use an out and out winger as a striker, or do they simply not know what a striker is, because we ain't got one worth his salt?
  17. Why the hell do we need two more wingers? If Nepo is going , it means that Mo can get his beloved Branger some more game time, but two more wingers? Can't the Clowns see that we don't have a striker worthy of the name? I wouldn't bank on any of them getting into double figures. Still, never mind, the midfielders can chip in now and again and we can always get the odd header in from a defender at corners. What a bunch of pillocks we have running this club. Marco, Barry and Mo; OAFC's version of the Three Stooges. Except they ain't funny.
  18. I was going for a win until I saw the team. Where are the goals coming from? Wilson up top on his own? Jesus.
  19. Not the most gifted of players, but he was a right little tough nut. He'd be called a midfield enforcer now.
  20. We've only worn a solid(ish) blue shirt since 1972 and I, for one, am totally pissed off with it. No character, nothing individual; take the sponsor's name off and it could be anyone. At least the one we wore for over 30-odd years was Oldham. As @Chris15Arm says, the stripes were our very first kit, so should be recognised as the anniversary one IMO.
  21. If we wear that 1895 kit, who's going to wear those shorts? Gregan has long gone. Ooh, wait a minute. Vera's shorts are pretty similar.
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