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  1. The term "Head Coach" says it all. This, without a doubt, is going to be AL's & ML's team.
  2. That's Abdallah picking the team for the rest of the season, then. Branger will be an ever present, Vera will get more games than he deserves (even one would do it), Sylla and Sefyl will both get a run out. 17th place here we come.
  3. Craig Davies was quoted recently in The Sun <cough> saying that AL would hold a kangaroo court in the dressing room and criticise a player(s) in front of the squad. I bet that went down well if true.
  4. I was an operations manager in the bus and coach industry for many, many years and, unless the company turned out to be a bunch of shysters and provided a crap service, I would be amazed if a contract was cancelled so close to the end of the season. Summat don't add up here. There must have been a falling out of some sort. We may never know how or why.
  5. I'm with you all the way on that and maybe, just maybe, it leads to our beloved club kicking out Doink the Clown and his brother.
  6. If it is Correa, I wonder if he will just be a Lemsagam "yes man"? Stupid question, really. We all know the answer unless our esteemed leader has started to learn his lesson.
  7. They'd be the first two for contract renewals then. Soon to be followed by Maouche, Vera, Sylla et al. We'd only need a French goalkeeper. Actually, as he's Uruguayan, we'll probably end up with one or two from the South American lower divisions.
  8. I hope you don't seriously expect an honest answer to that lot. Excellent questions, but I'm sure AL would lie through his teeth to give you the answers you want to hear. Anyone who is prepared to accept responsibility as a Board member if it all goes tits up is naive at best, bonkers at worst and on a hiding to nothing. Respond to the email along the lines of "Up yours, Abdallah. You're having a laugh. Get the feck out of our club and I'd consider it then."
  9. He'd probably threaten them with physical violence if they overstepped the mark.
  10. Spot on and Jimmy McIlroy, who recently passed away, was player manager.
  11. As updates go, this really isn't one. Nothing has happened in the last week (apart from at BP, of course) funding-wise, so the total stays as it was, unless outstanding sponsorship forms are ready for coming back. What has happened, however, is that MS and its cohorts are still hitting @BristolaticMrs with a vengeance. To combat the Trigeminal Neuralgia that has been plaguing her for the last umpteen weeks, there has been a sea change in medication; instantly ceasing 3 meds after several years, being replaced by just one that has some horrible side effects. Drastic action, but necessary. There is a cure for this very painful affliction; surgery, which uses a gamma knife to basically cut the nerve. No nerve, no pain. As long as the new meds do their stuff over the six weeks it takes to get to full strength, the surgeon won't have his day. At least the whiskers (mine, that is) have grown another couple of millimetres and are being eyed enviously by the hairdresser. Er, no, she doesn't want a beard of her own, just thinking up dastardly deeds to inflict on me before and during the colouring process near the end of the year. Edit: Another £10 arrived on Virgin Money Giving in the last couple of minutes. The total is now £637.50, which grows to £728.75 with Gift Aid. 2nd Edit: A further £20 was donated last night from a member of this board. The new total is £657.50 (£733.75 with Gift Aid). Thank you.
  12. I would love it if that was flying round on live TV. Just love it! No apologies for pinching that from Keegan (Kevin, that is)
  13. Has anyone come up with an idea how to get the message across before out next match? I can't see the Tranmere game being shoehorned in on 26th March as the internationals will still interfere so, as far as I can see, it will have to be either 2nd or 16th April. The latter would mean we play Saturday, Tuesday, Friday, Monday, Saturday. That all points to our next game really being 30th March, which gives AL far too much time to rest on his laurels. Is it possibly to flood the club with emails expressing exactly our individual plans for the rest of this season and next? A protest march is still not a bad idea, even to an uninhabited BP to leave scarves, banners, flags or whatever provided the press and papers are alerted first, of course. Just ideas, but would they work?
  14. That single statement destroys the first line and contradicts what you are trying to say about Scholes.
  15. So, why are a fair number of them saying that they won't come back as long as AL is still here? Some have said that they have better things to do. Others are coming up with protest ideas. Nothing apathetic there or suggesting giving in. I have yet to read a post in any thread that even hints at accepting what's happened (although some are not too surprised), not have I read anywhere in any thread that there is an acceptance that everything is normal Are you saying that our fans only turn up because it's "something to do"? And those same fans don't care whether we win, lose or draw? What a bizarre opinion. In my opinion. I think you've looked at the odd thread, selectively picked out one or two comments and put some spin on that a politician would be proud of. Have another read of the threads that cover the Scholes/Lemsagam issue and you will find that we have a hard core of very pissed off fans who are: not going to BP again whilst AL is there refusing to renew season tickets thinking of ways of getting AL out of the club coming up with ideas for protests against AL & ML continuing to attend games because they still want to support their team Now, if that shows apathy, acceptance, a care less attitude about results or anything other caring deeply about the club they have supported for however many years, I just can't get my head round to your interpretation. We're all entitled to our opinions and decisions. And we're all entitled to have those opinions and decisions respected. Discuss them by all means, but don't try to twist them to suit a specific agenda.
  16. This may not be the case, others may be able to confirm our not, but I think Scholes had more than one face to face with Abdallah and arguments ensued. Perhaps that started the problems.
  17. Lee Power did that at Swindon. It wasn't a clever move.
  18. If there was the third option of buying the ground AND getting rid of AL, it would be a no contest. For me, get rid of AL first, then think about buying the ground later.
  19. You may not have noticed that Bury and Accrington were off as well. Looks like maybe the North West was hit with some of that wet stuff. The Newport game is because 4 first team players are away on internationals. Maybe you would have preferred us to play with an intentionally weakened team. I give up.
  20. I'm saying it's less likely. It didn't take Scholes long to bring Hunt (irrespective of his ability) out of the wilderness and drop Branger to the bench. I couldn't see AL doing that, but I'm sure there was still interference in some way, even if not directly with team selection. FWIW, I don't believe all that is in AL's statement either.
  21. Would that surprise you? I don't blame him. We know what has happened to others who have gone against him. I don't blame him for that either. As a young family man, he'll need stability in his working life. I'm not sure anyone gets that under AL.
  22. Not sure about Vera, but I'll be amazed if Nepomuceno isn't at LB behind Branger. Yes, I think AL is that bloody pig headed and egotistical. I expect Sylla to start as well in place of Baxter. I hope I'm wrong.
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