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  1. Isn't Sefil under contract to the end of next season, or have I imagined that?
  2. Oh dear, the master of generalisation strikes again. I can't find anyone who doesn't believe the club is in "dire straits" but they have bought season tickets because they still want to support the team. Not because it's "what we do", but because they have a genuine love for watching their football team. I'm going to Forest Green to support my team despite AL and his cronies, not because of them. It hurts to see my team and club treated this way by these charlatans, but I still want to see them play and achieve some success. Don't you dare insult me and my fellow supporters by suggesting a lack of backbone or that we are happy to fund the way AL runs the club. Nothing could be further from the truth. We're not happy, not happy at all, and I think the vast majority will dance with delight if he rides off into the sunset. How do you know the age of those who, in your words, are haters towards your profile? Quite simply, you don't, but you love this generalisation that everyone of a certain age pretends everything is ok. Hardly. We all know it isn't but, of course, we would all love the good times to come back. It's why every supporter of once great football clubs continue to do just that. Support. What folk rail against is the way you attack, often without any foundation. With respect, something you appear to lack, we don't need you to point out the flaws in the club; we all know. Our eyes are wide open enough without your assistance. The problems are as clear as day. My suggestion to you is this. Learn to treat people with more respect than you do, don't tar everyone with the same brush, don't condemn those with disdain that continue to support the team and learn to understand that everyone has a right to their own viewpoint and is entitled to enter into discussions without being vilified or put into unproven groups. I'm sure, or at least hope, that you will gain more respect from others as you show it to them, which you currently fail to do. It should come with adulthood. I'll now sit back and wait for the usual disparaging remarks, but look forward to the first game of the season and look further forward to the clown and his entourage leaving the club I love, that he and they are damaging. Note: I've corrected your faux pas in the quote. Thank you.
  3. One of them is probably this Azankpo bloke that many think we've signed, but the club haven't said anything.
  4. I think we can use the word "team" in its loosest sense.
  5. Probably qualifies as post of the year. Well thought out, well considered and well written. If anyone is unsure about who wants or does what and why, I think it's all in there.
  6. There hasn't been any announcement from the club, in the same way that we've heard nowt official about De la Paz, Benteke, O'Grady and those who appear to be no longer with us. I think it's safe to say they've all gone. In the case of MP and CM, did they fall or were they pushed? I know which way I'm leaning.
  7. 23 goals in 60 games for Macc according to Wiki. Decent average, that. I'm impressed he bagged 23 in 39 for Weston-super-Donkey because they've been bobbins for a number of seasons.
  8. OK, daft question. What's the difference between the new shirt and the Morocco shirt? Asking for a friend.
  9. Can't argue with that; the proviso being that it's not AL's company/control that they're all under. What an even bigger disaster that would be.
  10. I never knew nor met Dave, but I miss his posts. They were always insightful and well considered. His blog was also a very good read. As he looks down, he must have a tear in his eye with what goes on these days at Latics. He would have commented so well.
  11. You want to try talking to him face to face. It's not easy. That @rosa is a very brave girl.
  12. I have done. Several times. Both the laptop and the Rantometer.
  13. Yes, it was inaccurate, but that was surely an innocent error rather than any intention to deceive. It isn't really very important. As for the shirt, I believe that the letters and numbers can be removed without leaving a mark and, hey presto, you have a perfect shirt only worn once for a photograph. Again, not very important. Wasted money? A few minutes of a member of staff's time to prepare the shirt, take the pic and return the shirt to it's original condition. A couple of quid.
  14. This may be very wide of the mark, but don't (some) clubs have an obligation to have an Academy? Summat to do with Ofsted and funding? Or am I totally confused? It happens.
  15. Well, it certainly doesn't work on the Edge of Bristol. Actually, I've not tried Edge. I could give it a go. Bollocks, that didn't work either. I think I might ask Mrs B to have a shuftie; she used to have her own website. Er, excuse me, dear
  16. Did he go to Morocco or were Benin still in the AFCON at the time? True to form, nowt on the fishal.
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