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  1. Well, he is a bit of a knob, apparently. So I'm told.
  2. This may be very wide of the mark, but don't (some) clubs have an obligation to have an Academy? Summat to do with Ofsted and funding? Or am I totally confused? It happens.
  3. Well, it certainly doesn't work on the Edge of Bristol. Actually, I've not tried Edge. I could give it a go. Bollocks, that didn't work either. I think I might ask Mrs B to have a shuftie; she used to have her own website. Er, excuse me, dear
  4. Did he go to Morocco or were Benin still in the AFCON at the time? True to form, nowt on the fishal.
  5. Once again, not for the first time, we have a situation where the club fail to respond to correspondence and requests for meetings for over two months. I am sure that if the FLG were telling porkies over this, it would soon be found out. AL and Co have previous for ignoring such items, namely the Trust and the FCA. If AL was accepting of the Ts & Cs for last season, but sees them somewhat differently this season (apart from an admitted 4% increase), then he is, in my eyes, just playing silly buggers to fuel his own ego. Since he arrived, there has hardly been a week/month gone by without him stirring up unrest within the camp and among supporters. Think back to these little nuggets: Fanegate/Byrnegate players being made to train with the yoofs, this not allowed to be selected for the first team squad (unless completely unavoidable) interference with team selection (don't anyone tell me it didn't happen) numerous sackings of the backroom staff (they can't all have been rubbish at their jobs) the shoddy way in which Clarke and Baxter were treated Pete Wild walking away from his dream job with the team he has loved since he was a lad Mick Priest and Chris Millington gone without so much as a whisper Andy Rhodes similarly departed Scholes walking after 31 days (yes, I know there are those who reckon it was because he wasn't up to it) Other players apparently gone; De la Paz, Benteke, O'Grady without a mention There's probably more if I could but remember it all, but just that little list tells me that there is a great deal of unrest in the camp since AL arrived, then made his bruv a director and re-recruited Detective Redfleece. Everything that happens tells me that the man is a megalomaniac who simply fires anyone who remotely disagrees with him and, in the case of the Joe Royle Stand/OEC twists the details (and often the truth) to suit his own agenda. I wouldn't trust the bloke an inch and, provided the FLG are acting in good faith and are honest and open about their full intentions at the meeting on 27th July, I wish them well. It might, just might, be a way of ending this dictatorship that is strangling our club and creating an ever increasing divide amongst the fans. A final show of how poor communication is between club and fans is this; how many of us knew that the Forest Green Rovers tickets were on open sale? I didn't. I haven't seen anything on the fishal. I simply looked at ticket availability on spec and there they are. Available to everyone.
  6. Excuse me, Mr Shuck. Can you please go and find something serious to complain about?
  7. I'll admit I haven't followed all of this, so I'll stand corrected if I've got this wrong, but here goes. North Stand/OEC is/was owned by Blitz/Gazal/Brassbank FLG have bought/are buying the North Stand/OEC from the above AL and Blitz/Gazal/Brassbank didn't exactly see eye to eye AL is not likely to see eye to eye with the FLG AL is now very pissed off with the FLG and is doing what he can to piss them off in return AL will not be able to close the North Stand once the League season starts, so gains nothing AL is a fruit loop/knobhead/clown who chucks his teddies out when anyone opposes him That's my very simplistic view of the situation, so I'm genuinely interested to see where I've got it wrong.
  8. Great day out, that was. It was my birthday, too. Welcome back, Muzza.
  9. Anthony Grant being made to train with the youth team for the entire upcoming season. Worth a cheeky enquiry?
  10. Done that as well. I've read Francesca Martinez's autobiography, Peter Crouch's "How To Be A Footballer" and currently into a James Patterson "Alex Cross" novel. None of 'em have helped.
  11. Done that. Same result. Right clicking the video does nothing at all. Checked through all of that and can't find anything that may cause the problem. Thing is, it has never been a problem before, it works on my phone and on all other videos from anywhere else. I'm starting to think it's something in the OAFC site settings that may be the issue, but can't think why. Appreciate your input gents, and I'm still open to more suggestions.
  12. Tried that as well. Still no joy, but still ok on my phone with Chrome and fine with videos from anywhere else. Weird.
  13. That cannot be genuine. I'd be amazed if the FA/EFL allowed it. Having said that, they're not renowned for common sense.
  14. I'd already done that and cleared God knows what else, but still no joy. I'll keep trying. I think it could be something in the OAFC site settings but, if that's the case, why doesn't it affect watching on my phone?
  15. You can forget MacFadzean. He's gone to Plymuff.
  16. AL might like it. He'd save a few quid on the lekkie.
  17. Chrome. And it's fine on my phone, but not on my laptop.
  18. Why can't I see any videos on the fishal? They all come up black, but I can watch You Tube, iPlayer, BBC etc without any problems. I've tried rebooting, hopping from one site to another and looked at the OAFC site settings, but nothing stands out. Any ideas, please, guys and gals?
  19. It's certainly unofficial. Corney is still chairman and De la Paz, MacFarlane, Green, Fane and Benteke are still here according to that. No sign of Ince, though. And they can't spell Hamer.
  20. It was. Played on a Sunday due to Ted Heath's three day working week and power outages, so floodlights couldn't be used. We won the second reply at Nottingham Forest's City Ground. 1973/74?
  21. And at the other end of the scale, our Saturday matches kicked off at 3:15 in days gone by. I believe it was to give factory workers a chance to get there after a shift.
  22. I'm more concerned that they're actually at the club.
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