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  1. 4 hours ago, Midsblue said:


    Great night that.  Only one entrance was open before the game until they realised how many of us was queuing.  Carlos header then the tube shut.   Two of us also walked miles as we didn’t have a clue where next tube was.  Just walked towards the city centre until we flagged down a taxi.  


    QPR away (play-off semi) was a great atmosphere despite result.  

    The only way we found the right tube station was someone walking with us had a London map that he carried when delivering cars in the Capital. 


    QPR play off; wasn't that when Pogliacomi played virtually on one leg rather than play Miskelly who'd cost us the equaliser (I think) in the first leg? (No pun intended)

  2. 1-0 win at West Ham in the League Cup. Won it with a Corrazin header. Was worried about coming out with all the WHU fans, but the ones we walked out with were great. Then found out they'd shut the tube station and had to walk miles to another one. Was living in Bath at the time and was booked on the last National Express back. Made it to Victoria, extremely breathless, with about 2 minutes to spare. Happy days.

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    15 minutes ago, Monty Burns said:

    The Johan Branger has skills. Saturdays goal and Crawley, fulham, port vale performances show that.


    23 minutes ago, HarryBosch said:


    Just because he has to be played sometimes doesn’t mean he’s shit. He’s alright. We’ve had far worse... 


    #ComeAtMe 😐😂


    6 minutes ago, nzlatic said:

    In the top 20 in the league for assists and has scored 4 goals.  Can think of plenty in recent years who wouldn't have got close to that.

    Yes, he has skills, but for me he's far too inconsistent to be a regular starter. When he's not on his game, he tries to do too much, loses the ball too easily and gives possession away.


    Some weeks he's a 8/10, other weeks he's a 3 or 4/10. I'd rather have someone who is a 6 or 7/10 every week. Is that too much to ask, even at this level?


    Opinions, eh?

  4. 9 minutes ago, Lee Sinnott said:

    I've just spent 20 minutes or so watching them train. Urko Vera looks like he's a fan who has paid to join in.


    Both Lemsagam brothers were casting a keen eye over proceedings too...

    Probably deciding which donkeys they'll be telling PW who/who not to play tomorrow.

  5. Just now, oafcshuck said:

    What's happened to him?

    Hope he can bag 5 in the last 5 games to make us finish 7th.


    Then bag a last minute winner in front of 2,500 blues on the Friday night in the play-offs at Tranmere. 



    I don't think there's much chance of him bagging 5 if he stayed until the end of next season.

  6. That response is nothing more than lip service in an attempt to placate the Trust. And it fails. Miserably. 


    There is no doubt whatsoever that he has great difficulty separating truth from fiction. Life savings, my arse. Would anyone in their right mind blow every penny they had with no way to recoup it? 


    Never interfered? Pull the other one, Abdallah. We all know that's not true. Want to work with the fans? Bloody funny way of showing it. 


    Nothing has changed. He is turning the club into a toxic environment that no right minded individual would want to join unless absolutely desperate.


    Simply message to Abdallah. Find someone reputable (if there is anyone in your circle of associates), sell them the club and then ride off into the sunset. As soon as possible.

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  7. 2 hours ago, kowenicki said:


    Its not even coming up on a Facebook search for me. Maybe I’m already banned! 😂

    Me too

    2 hours ago, Greenfield Latic said:

    Its OK Im blocked from seeing the group in a facebook search too - the guy is a penis

    He must have made a list of all OWTB members so he can block them. Bright lad this. <cough>

  8. 17 minutes ago, underdog said:

    I will take  bets on how long you last...


    I will say 6pm tonight......anyone else?


    Provided he joins at 5:59pm. Is even one minute generous? Seriously though, I think this Chuckle character may be just a step or two away from legal action if he isn't careful. I think I'll see if I can join.

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