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  1. It's nothing to do with race, colour or creed. It's simply that Lemsagam's players are mostly second rate. Nepomuceno is probably the best of them. I made a light hearted jibe at Maouche being captain earlier in the thread, but I'm serious now. Maouche is average at best. He has one really good game in about five. He can pick a worldy of a defence splitting pass at times; at others he can't find a blue shirt for love nor money. He goes missing in games and you forget he's actually on the pitch. Inconsistent is the only way I can describe him. He's not dog shit, he's not a class act, just average and not involved enough. That's not what I want from someone who's going to start every game because he is the captain. It's not what I want from someone who is actually the captain. Does he organise players? No. Does he talk players through games? No. Does he yell at them to do the right thing when they make a hash of it? No. In short, is he a leader? No. I'm convinced that he will (probably) be the captain because the Chuckle Brothers think he's a cut above. And he's not. He's average. Who would I have as captain? Probably Zak Mills. Experienced player who can organise from the back. Probably won't be afraid to be vocal. Probably won't get the chance while the clown's boys are in town. Finally, FWIW, Maouche may well have been on 4 grand a week when he arrived. I don't believe he was last season and I don't believe he will be this.
  2. It's probably probably written into his contract. "Yes, I'll stay, but I want to be Captain. Guaranteed." "You're our star player. Of course you'll be Captain. There's no one else."
  3. Only played about three or four games didn't he? Or am I confusing him with someone else?
  4. Conversation: LB So we've lost or captain and I can't decide who to have AL & ML Nothing to do with you. Well decide AL Who should we have bruv? ML Got to be one of our own or we'll upset the rest of them and they're all Premiership and Championship quality. I reckon Maouche. He's the best player we've got. AL I was thinking of Branger, he's a world beater ML No, I'm the Sports Director so I say Maouche AL Ok then. There you go Larry boy, Maouche it is LB Is he a leader? Is he that good? Al & ML Stop asking stupid questions. We make the decisions round here
  5. That's a relief. With any luck, we never will.
  6. Look at my avatar. That's the one for me, even though red and white stripes were the very first.
  7. No great surprise. Lowe is bound to attract his old players.
  8. As talented as he is/was and, on his day, would tear this division apart, do we want or need another reason for the press to descend for all the wrong reasons? The reaction, not just from our own fans, would have us pilloried, hung, drawn and quartered. The club would be subjected to Chedgate all over again, although probably even worse. In a nutshell, not on your bloody nellie.
  9. Quite a chequered history has young Morrison. Some might say he been a bit of a norty boy. Bloody good player, though. Without a club since being released by Ă–stersund this month due to frequent injury and salary. According to Wiki, that is. Should fit right in if we're chucking money about.
  10. Who's the guy in the background? Looks like a refugee from the WWE. Is it Mark Henry come to do some fitness work? And why has Javid got the other bloke's arm up his back?
  11. I admire your optimism, Monty, but there wasn't much to show he had any talent last season. I've said before, he's a rare breed of striker that's 6'2" standing and 5'9" when he jumps. I honestly don't see him winning many headers in the box, but I'm happy to be proved wrong.
  12. I want to see Lucy Staniforth get more game time, mainly because she is a relative of my daughter-in-law. I remember her Dad, Gordon, playing for Hull City and the Wendies. Staniforth's Dad that is, not my daughter-in-law's.
  13. A true gent, a great professional. If only he'd been treated as such instead of just letting him go with barely a mention.
  14. I had to read that 4 times before I realised what you meant.
  15. So that's why he wears a cap. Keepers always used to, you know.
  16. OK, I'll wallow in a bit of nostalgia. Looking at the first bit of the footage and the away team's kit, I think that was against Bradford Park Avenue. If it was around 1950 as suggested, we did play them in the 1950-51 season (I would have been there as a snotty nosed 6 year old with my Dad; my first ever season and loving every minute of it). If it was from that season, it was on 23rd March 1951; we lost 2-3 with our goals coming from Gemmell and Hardwick. We played them again (away) three days later and lost 1-3, our goal scored by Wadsworth. We played them again in 1951-52 and 1952-53, the year we got promoted from the old Third Division (North) to the old Second Division. Thanks for the memory.
  17. 90 odd % appearances in Doncaster's promotion season and 3 seasons at Hamilton suggest he probably won't be. More of a concern is we don't have a goalkeeping coach yet.
  18. After the season he had at Plymuff, I'm not surprised he's stepped up back into League 1. But half a million? Christ on a bicycle.
  19. Another good signing. 28 is a good age for a keeper; its around then that they've matured, so welcome Gary. Unless Zeus gets an extra year, we'll need another one though. There's been no word on whether he's accepted another contract. No mention of Maouche either, but I'm not too arsed about him.
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