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  1. To replace Richard O'Donnell who has gone to the Plastics. Sorry if already mentioned.
  2. Return to his roots? He was born in Dartford. Have I missed something?
  3. I used to have a Meccano set. Does that make me a construction expert? Patience chaps and chapesses. It will be worth the wait.
  4. Only just seen this. I wasn't being arsey. I was asking how you arrived at the figure of £5K because, on the contrary, I think it is difficult to gauge as I have a little knowledge of what some players earn although I'm not saying how. You'd be surprised with some of them, I can assure you. The FACT comment was a jokey reference to something that has become embedded in OWTB folklore, but I can't remember who started it or when.
  5. On what do we base this £5K per week? Is it supposition? If not, you forgot the magic word. FACT.
  6. Two years ago, Marley Watkins was playing for Bath City. Some folk in those parts were surprised he managed to play higher than the Conference.
  7. I've just read "The Goalie", Andy Goram's autobiography. It's not a recent release (about 6 years old, I think) and he doesn't mention his 2nd stint at Latics before he ended his career at Elgin City, but it was a very enjoyable read, even though a great deal of the book centres around his time at Rangers.
  8. At least Worrall showed how to cross a ball. Wouldn't mind that Hogan Ephraim though. Now he CAN put a good cross in. Out of contract now as well
  9. We could also do a bloody sight better. If DK wants to play expansive and attacking football, Captain Sideways ain't the answer IMO.
  10. How do you cope with such a loss? Awful news. Deepest condolences to all his family.
  11. Good man. Count me in on that one. Always nice to know that us oldies are being thought of.
  12. Kallum Higginbotham scores for Partick Thistle
  13. Korey Smith was voted MOM at Brizzle City on Tuesday night.
  14. At least we haven't done a Carlisle and built the bloody thing about 20 yards longer than the pitch.
  15. Exactly. If you look very closely, you can (I think) make out steps to the immediate left of the tunnel. That bit just looks a bit higher than the rest of the terracing. If there weren't steps there, how do you get to the higher seats without climbing over all the lower ones and their occupants? Unless the steps are at the left hand side of the final section, of course.
  16. Nope. I'm afraid I can't. But maybe the blokes building the thing would know. You could always ask them and let us in on the secret.
  17. There'll be mower to come. Some "rose" to the bait very quickly.
  18. And Colchester a couple of seasons back. For a relatively new pitch, it was a disgrace.
  19. Pitch looks crap. It'll be murder to play on if it gets wet. Stand looks brilliant though; only one more bay to go, framework-wise.
  20. My thoughts exactly. Ramsey was fairly anonymous until he scored. Davies had an absolute stormer.
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