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  1. Gary Kelly - for all the times he kept us in the game David Eyres - for sheer individual skill Ernie Cooksey - for pure effort and determination
  2. Now that was a crap performance. Never had any intentions of winning that one.
  3. Because it was less than he was on before? Just wondered.
  4. And I'd like August to be a tad warmer. It is a bit like being sat in the street with the open sided, multi-storey car park only a few metres away. We're off to MS Trust HQ in Letchworth Garden City in three weeks' time to meet the fundraising team there; they've been brilliant with their support and regular updates. They want to make a video of us! I'll have to learn how to talk proper like. Well, the next target is £1500 and we're only just over £300 away from it, so we've high hopes. The June photos above are even scaring me!
  5. Past history gives enough reasons to feel the way a lot of people, me included, do about BO. But kudos to him if he was the instigator of bringing Mills to the club. Let's see him do it a few more times and we'll have a decent squad.
  6. In his interview, didn't Mills say he hasn't met Banide yet? If so (unless I misheard it), who had the knowledge to sign him? Whoever it was, well done. And well done AL for getting the deal done.
  7. He's hardly likely to say no one had shown any interest in him, so Oldham was better than nothing, was he? For clarity, this is NOT what I think (I'm being facetious) and I'm sure the lad is being honest. ... to be fair (might as well board the bandwagon)
  8. Good signing, I reckon. Only a one year deal again, though. That doesn't smack of continuity, but a good signing nevertheless.
  9. Nay, nay and thrice nay, this can't be true. He said he didn't interfere with team selection.
  10. And a right bugger on the M5 over a Bank Holiday. Mind you, I can't do Oldham from here in under 3 1/4 hours, so it would have taken him best part of 3 hours from Swindon.
  11. Lives in Swindon, so at least he stays in the South West.
  12. Agreed, but I was thinking more of Hamer being a regular starter, rather than waiting in the wings.
  13. Decent signing, that. But where does it put Hamer? CB with Iacovitti (or, God forbid, Sefil)?
  14. Didn't Lincoln want him in January? Then there was was some (alleged) shenanigans between our glorious leader and Hunt's agent, which pretty much ended his chances here. If that's true and that's how he was treated, no wonder his form dipped. He couldn't have been a happy camper.
  15. I thought he'd been more wide right and cutting in, but he sure frightened them.
  16. Ah, my first impression, but got sidelined with all the jargon. Cheers Andy.
  17. For the sake of my aging brain, can someone explain in words of no more than two syllables, what this means? Our have I missed something previously?
  18. I'm pretty certain she isn't, but I can't be sure whether she left of her own free will or was one of the Lemsagam hatchet jobs. What a bloody state we're in.
  19. I felt so sorry for Huddersfield's full back that day. Grovesy would beat him and then stop, wait for said full back to come back at him and then beat him again. Pure theatre, pure magic. The poor sod must have been praying for the final whistle from about 10 minutes in.
  20. So sad losing his life at such a young age. What a talented player he was. It was worth the admission money just to watch him turn defenders inside out, stop, then come back and do it again. I think the last time I saw him play was when we thumped Huddersfield 6-0 and he tore them apart that day. And scored a screamer from the corner of the box. Great memories.
  21. Never yet found a wine that had anything remotely resembling a pleasant taste, no matter how expensive it was. Maybe I've just got funny taste buds. Now ale, that's a different matter altogether, but how did pre season 2019 turn into an alcohol related thread?
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