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  1. Is it only me who hasn't got a feckin' clue what you're all talking about?
  2. Well done, Mods. Fantastic gesture. Have a couple of dozen upvotes (if you can find them )
  3. Last night just proved how little depth there is in this squad. Losing Hamer and Lang showed that we are so lacking in options. Yes, the pitch is like a ploughed field, so a passing game is virtually impossible. Even Baxter, who is getting better and better, couldn't manage an accurate pass of more than 5 yards. There's some real weak links in that team. I don't usually do this, but FWIW, here's how I rated them (only by watching on iFollow, granted) Iversen (8) - made some very good saves, but had no chance with the two goals Hunt (6) - I don't think he was as bad as some have made out, but seems to have lost the confidence to play a decent ball forward and goes back too often Edmundson (6) - Not his worst game, but certainly not his best. Tried too many 50 yard cross field passes and only about half of them came off. He did atone very well for one glaring error though that could have cost us Clarke (7) - Fairly solid as usual, but also guilty of too many long cross field balls Stott (4) - Had an absolute mare. Caught out of position time and time again and gave their overlapping full back the freedom of BP and allowed him to cut inside at will. His passing was atrocious and struggled to find a team team 5 yards away. He's slow to recover and is definitely not a LB Branger (6) - In and out of the game, did some very good stuff in tight circumstances when closed down and then passed straight to a red shirt Sylla (5) - At times, he was more of a hindrance to his own team mates than the opposition, getting in their way when they were on the ball. Showed a couple of glimpses of reasonable ball control, but not enough to warrant a starting spot Missilou (6) - Not at his best and doesn't have an understanding with Sylla. At times you couldn't get a fag paper between them and it hindered his usual game Nepomuceno (6) - Again, not his best performance, but had the beating of their full back most of the time only to put in a poor cross Baxter (9) - The one player who showed he has a footballing brain. He knew when to play it long or short and, whilst not everything came off for him, he was the one to get us even looking like going anywhere. Took his goal very well O'Grady (4) - How did he miss the free header 6 yards out? I could have put that in. Well, maybe, but you get the idea. Nothing sticks with him. His first touch is awful (unable to trap a bag of wet sand springs to mind) and he looks as though he'd rather be somewhere else. I wish he was Dearnley (7) - Tried his hardest to get us going down the right side and showed some good skill. His end product wasn't the best, though, but he was the second best outfield player Maouche (5) - Not the player we've seen recently; didn't drive us on and couldn't find that killer pass Vera (5) - Should have scored when he got in the right place. Other than that, he may as well have stayed on the bench and let us play with 10 men Scholes can only play with what he's got. And he ain't got a lot. He probably needed to rest a couple of players, because 3 games in 8 days on that pudding of a pitch takes a lot of stamina away. I can understand him trying to play Nepomuceno further up the pitch, but it just doesn't work with Stott at LB. I reckon PS doesn't rate Taylor, who's a natural LB and God knows where Iacovetti has gone, so he's limited in what he can do. Where is Afolayan? Still injured? Is he fit enough to start, or at least play a part at Bury? I'll likely get slaughtered for this, but I wonder how it would have panned out if we'd started with Taylor and Coke (cough) instead of Stott and Sylla? *I'll get me coat*
  4. Stott is having a mare. I'm tempted to think Nepo back to LB, Branger to LW, Dearnley to RW and any bugger up top in place of O'Grady to link up with Baxter.
  5. Italian 3rd Division team booted out. And clubs in the English lower divisions think they've had problems Not really funny, but it makes you smile
  6. I'm just hoping that Andy Bloody Crap Ref Haines doesn't ruin it for us. Enjoy the trip over and safe journey @OLDHAMADE and here's to you taking the three points home in your back pocket.
  7. And look who we've got tomorrow - Andy Fecking Haines. Get ready for some bizarre and baffling decisions that no one on the pitch or in the crowd will understand.
  8. Only 4 points off 7th as it stands. With Exeter losing, Latics can go 8th on goal difference on Tuesday.
  9. He said he was in the Oldham end with his Oldham shirt on at the Maine Road semi-final,1990, but he may well have been at Wembley in 1994 as well.
  10. In Scholes' interview today, he said he has the last word on players coming in and going out. You would hope that applies to team selection as well.
  11. It's still hurting my eyes, and my Reactolite lenses go dark every time I look at it.
  12. I've gone for Branger. It was a close call with Missilou, Nepomuceno, Edmundson and Baxter outstanding. I've long thought Branger would never make the grade, but his link up with Nepomuceno and his ability to take defenders on has been a revelation.
  13. That was no more than Yeovil deserved. They were a disgrace and, with a ref that had some balls (this one was minus a pair), they could have been down to 9 men. The foul on Hamer would have been a red any later in the game. No one had a bad game, Missilou, Branger, Nepomuceno, Baxter, Lang were picks of the bunch. Excellent performance and Yeovil deserve to be in the Conference. Have a miserable journey back to Somerset, you bunch of thugs.
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