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  1. So the Early Bird ST prices have been extended again. Either Abdallah loves the fans so much, he's giving everyone a better chance or he's desperate for the dosh. I wonder which it is? Hmmm.
  2. I can't stand wine of any description. They all taste like vinegar to me, so can we please find another analogy? Tesco lager versus Kronenburg, for example.
  3. You don't get the difference between a genuine comment and a tongue in cheek one. I'll need to be more precise in future. The above was a joke, unless you think I really meant it.
  4. With a sprinkling from UAE and Qatar. I can see Numb Nuts bringing in a translator. For the English lads (if there's any left)
  5. I've just had another thought about Eden Creative. Didn't they design the current club badge? If so, do they hold the copyright and could they withdraw it (the badge) from the club? Or am I just having a brain fart moment?
  6. As Ric Dennis isn't at the club any more, how does he do that? Is there a remote control system from his office in Delph?
  7. And probably won't be announced until days/weeks later.
  8. If AC Tyres have packed it in, I'm sure the Two/Three Numb Nuts will "wheel" out the usual excuses.
  9. It's the worst I've ever felt, and that includes the days when we had to apply for re-election to stay in the League. We knew we were a poor side then, but we didn't have a nut job running the club as far as I can recall. I'll still get to games whenever I can, but a lot of the enthusiasm has gone.
  10. I can't wait for this bloke's first press conference. How much does he know about English lower League football? Has he got any targets in mind, players or League position? How does he rate the current squad (if you can call it that)? Does he speak any English or do we have to employ an interpreter? Totally underwhelmed; he's got his work cut out to get the fans onside, so he'd better get off to a good start and play some decent football with a decent squad. Over to you, Monsieur.
  11. Similarly, Pep Clotet didn't last too long at Oxford IIRC. How can foreign managers understand League 1 or 2? It's different in the Prem; world class players are known all over the globe, so it's not much of a problem
  12. Probably stuck in the corridor of uncertainty
  13. That's generous. It wouldn't surprise me if AL binned him after a poor pre season. After waiting all this time for an appointment, this happens. But, being honest, is anyone surprised? If Marco Chuckle ever had to prove what a clown he is and has no idea how to run a football club, he's confirmed it now. Yes, I'll still support the team, but I'm far from looking forward to the new season, and I'm dreading seeing who the first few signings might be. Oh, I forgot, we've got Detective Redfleece advising, so we'll be ...
  14. I have no desire to support a big club. After almost 69 years of supporting Latics, there's no way it would happen.
  15. That's what bothers me the most. Who amongst Marco, Little Mo and (God forbid) Detective Redfleece could pick out a decent player currently plying their trade in England that would come to Latics. I'm expecting, and dreading, a fair old influx of complete unknowns from the Middle East and/or France.
  16. I'm not even sure it's going to start too well. I just can't believe that this bloke is the best we can get, even on our budget.
  17. It will cost less when Laurel and Hardy sack him before the end of the year.
  18. Just a wild stab in the dark, but I bet he knows sod all about English football. He's been in Kuwait for the last 12 or so years apart from 9 months back at Monaco. I wonder if Marco thought he'd been in Morocco and not Monaco? Ain't it great how Sky get the news out before the fishal?
  19. I was in the away end, drove there myself. Do I get the job?
  20. Not a very inspiring list, is it? And there's a Pereira further down.
  21. I was right behind it in the Chaddy and you just knew what was going to happen once it bounced and Bollands was too far out of his goal.
  22. That brought back a memory or three. Wasn't that game played on a waterlogged mud heap and a West Ham clearance from the edge of their own box sailed (wind assisted) over Johnny Bollands' head and into the net?
  23. And one of those has (thankfully) gone to manage at the dizzy heights of the National League North with the mighty Blyth Spartans.
  24. I thought we had a very talented kid with that performance. How come he couldn't turn it on again after that? Strange.
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