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  1. The intentions of Blitz and Gazal were there for all to see the season we sold Eardley and should've made a profit but they lump an R&D bill of £1,000,000 on the OAFC books. As you've alluded above, they'll be wanted their £6m twice over. No doubt about that in my eyes. The C****.
  2. Corney took this out. Necarcu had/has links to past owners of Chester City and Stephen Vaughan. This is one of the creditors that was meant to be satisfied when AL bought the club off Simon. I, at the time, assumed the plan was AL paid Simon and he in turn was to pay off Necarcu. As some have alluded (elsewhere) that charge still exists on the OAFC books, so it would most likely be the case that this is one of the "binding promises that were not carried out" (quoted from AL's letter). It's things like this from AL's letter that adds a hell of a lot of context to how deep rooted the cancer of the previous regime spread. It doesn't give reason over AL's meddling in team affairs etc. but quite frankly, they aren't as important as if the bills are being paid and will be paid for the foreseeable future. Or why AL has had to be fairly ruthless and act in certain ways at times. I've highly suspected AL arrived with a plan of which was strangled at birth when the scale of Corney's deceptions were uncovered. A lot of fans have said in the past "if that's the case, why isn't he suing then". When the Trust finally get the answer to that, the Trust felt fit not to disclose it. Poor that. And sorry, but seeking clarification over the letter should've been sought before sticking out the version that was. If it was being sought, waiting another day or two for approval over airing the letter would not have been an issue. I want the Trust to be a success but it's things like this which harm the cause. It is a tough job to do but being self-aware is crucial.
  3. Indeed there is. Quite enlightening. Not the tone the Trust have been para-phrasing.
  4. You two can cut that shit out. Gets us nowhere. And had Corney still be here, I'm fairly convinced (given the amount of debts - in full view and hidden - and dates in court) we would most certainly be closing the gates for the last time after Northampton in 3 weeks time. I don't believe some of what AL comes out with but I do believe he has put a substantial amount in which had he not, we would be ahead of Bury and Bolton in the race for Liquidation. Alas...that isn't to say that won't happen with Abdallah. Although, currently (not sure how long for) we don't have the Tax Man chasing us. Which is usually the biggest indication of where the club sits in terms of the wolf at the door. I wouldn't surprised if he is back again shortly tho. We actually have no idea where this is heading. I'm greatly concerned at how most are acting. From AL to the fans walking away. Protest by all means but do it from within, not silently walking away. Many did that under Corney and it doesn't help one bit. I'm not going to ask someone to put money into the club and treat us right and neglect to do the same myself. No matter how we, as fans, have got here...we are all wanting the same thing. To be run as a professional club with reason for hope, some ambition and for fans to feel connected. The response to the Trusts letter offers nothing of the sort. A plan B is required which I trust (pun not intended) is being worked on.
  5. FFS...folk getting giddy over Uniteds next Kenny Cooper. The Scholes effect. Shoot me now 🙄🔫
  6. ""There is a significant amount of sympathy with the position outlined by Manchester City and the fact that the dating of this game could remove one opportunity for the club's younger players to play in a first team competitive game with the Carabao Cup semi-final second leg the day after." Hahaha...the very (bastardised) competition now causes a situation whereby it will now rob a young players chance from the 1st team. You literally couldn't script this shit 😅😅😅
  7. Then if you’re serious about a job in media and doing a half decent job, you get your CV out and look forward to handing in your notice as soon as possible. After all, it’s what you’ve studied for. Abdallah doesn’t strike me as the sort to dislike his media guy asking an underperforming manager tough questions. Might save him the job of having to go in the changing room himself 😀
  8. Nonsense. If it's deliberate then maybe but Roy (to my knowledge when listening) has never deliberately done that and you're out of order for suggesting it. I've mixed up some of our white players before now. Guess that makes me one too 🙄
  9. Glad someone said it. My ifollow subscription might get used more now. Stopped watching most of the pre/post match interviews. Same questions most weeks. Never anything remotely eye-opening. And don't forget, simply must mention the fans every time. Never quizzed/grilled a manager once and over the past couple of seasons of utter shite, at a time when they needed quizzing. Stuart Vose led by example when he used to do the job. Never scared to ask that uncomfortable question when it called for it. I hope whoever takes it on has it in them to do so.
  10. Going off what most have heard/we know (Lang gone, Surridge and Lydon both here still) I'm predicting the team will be the same as NYD with just Hunt in for Lang and Nepu pushed up the wing. I do feel a Nepu, O'Grady, Surridge front 3 can cause Fulham problems.
  11. I can help you with that one. No statement needed. Just repeat the sentence "For the good of the club" several times then give yourself a menacing, wry smile in the mirror.
  12. We won’t get the best out of Surridge or Lang while he keeps playing them together with COG up top. They end up drifting wide and out of the game. Both are strikers and need to play more centrally. In a front two pairing (one with COG/Miller and the other a sub). I had thought Bunn had recognised this. But both this & playing his strongest team (available) in that nonsense trophy when we’ve got Bury up next, are some of the reasons Bunn is showing he just isn’t learning from his mistakes.
  13. Some fans either just don’t get it...or they’re just not bothered about the politics of it and just will go to any Oldham game under any circumstance. I just hope that enough people continue to show their displeasure in this abomination for the real threat not to gain traction. The EFL hope that the drip fed mode of this competition and the bribery of silver will slowly, over time, win enough fans over to accept it. It didn’t happen at first. Extending the competition for another 2 years doesn’t appear to be working either. Long may that continue. We wouldve taken over 3,000 had we drawn Rochdale in the FA Cup. Taking 911 is about the amount I expected for the level of interest it’s seen in the home games. Both amounts to the fact that a large number very much are boycotting it. Good on them!
  14. He meant at Prenton Park. Played 9, won 6, drawn 2 and lost 1 and only let in 3 goals. They're 3rd in the Home League Table.
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