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  1. Corney ran a shit show for over a decade AL has been here less than 2yrs and spent a lot of it ripping out Corneys cancer and deadwood. I’ve defended and criticised where I feel it’s appropriate. Buys him time with most fair minded folk. Or it should.
  2. I'm a season ticket holder. Will be there tonight. Don't I get counted then? Or do you mean like when a club includes all ST's whether they attend or not. I hope that's what you mean.
  3. We banished "innocent until proven guilty" Montano. Think he then sued the club. All these shitty practices have gone on for years. I'd rather they didn't. Using them now when most didn't bat an eyelid is laughable. I'm with you on things like the Pensions and not paying players and trips to the courts...the latter 2 things we don't face any longer etc. Some of the stuff tho...it's ridiculous. As you were tho.
  4. They're a bit more open....if you can find the organ grinders πŸ‘
  5. We only found out players like James Wilson had left us when he turned up on Sheffield United website. Almost the whole squad disappeared before Robbo was appointed without a word said. You're crying like fuck over stuff that's gone on for years. The hypocrisy over crying about it happening now is laughable πŸ‘ Crack on tho πŸ˜‚
  6. 1) You've got too much time on your hands 2) Not sure why you want to discount clubs that have made it to the FL...are they exempt from the "let's go down so we can regroup/get a new owner and bounce back" supposed logic? 3) So 16 vs 11 we are saying? Not a lot of difference then. Rather not risk wishing relegation for any reason. Hasn't worked since it was first aired in the early 90's.
  7. So you're asking a past poster who was banned...to show himself or herself who they were...in the likelihood it will probably lead to themselves being banned again. Yeah, that makes sense πŸ™„ It's also laughable to think that...while some posters are so energised to start up or divert numerous posts every day into owner bashing, that it isn't going to energise some people who are still supportive to want to sign up and offer an alternative/opposite view to the angry voices on here. There will be been new posters signing up with views on either side of the debate. Yet new posters with support still for the owners are immediately looked on with suspicion and derived. At times to school playground level. Lovely bunch on here, aren't we (myself included) πŸ‘
  8. Ah yeah...the Lemmy's way πŸ˜‚πŸ™„ https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/20875649 Gone on for years at the club πŸ‘
  9. Depends if we are comparing it like for like. Comparing it to a Saturday game last season with a bump in ST sales for Frankie Bunn as manager wouldn't be the same as comparing it to 2yrs ago for a Tuesday night game which has been more the marker in the last decade. We played Posh early season, 2 years ago and got 2,975 (they brought 276) on a Tuesday night in League One. Be interesting to see how tonight's compares.
  10. For all those clubs you've mentioned, there's a counter club. Chester, Stockport, Hereford, latest one is Notts County. Some like Darlington and Rushden ceased to exist.
  11. Idiots logic πŸ‘ Then the next guy comes in, in the Conference....he has even less money...he runs it not to your taste...you're next begging for the Conference North to get him out.... Anyone wishing relegation on the club to remove an owner really isn't a full shilling.
  12. Fair do. He was very quiet until about month ago...Deep Throat has really rattled πŸ‘
  13. Hadn't heard of Wiseowl until a few weeks ago. Joined in March apparently. Now posts like OWTB is about to go out of fashion. With tales of Deep Throats whispers of doom. Methinks both sides of the divide are at it πŸ‘
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