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  1. Hire a spot on the electronic advertising boards around the pitch with the hoardings reading 'LEMSAGAM OUT' - done on the day of the televised match v Mansfield.
  2. I know a guy who has done some work at BP and I believe there is no hot water because a new boiler was installed and the contractor didnt get paid so came back and removed said boiler.
  3. Get a meeting with Paul Scholes, it will be quicker, easier and you will probably get the truth!
  4. I was going to renew my season ticket which I have had since 1980 - AL and Little Mo can kiss my big brown eye, not setting foot in BP until theae clowns are gone!
  5. This is what you get when the owner and his bro are signing a load of non league French shit.
  6. Forget the play offs - especially with this enept squad of players, bar a handfull the rest should be rid of at the end of the season.
  7. Anyone streaming today - gutted I cant make it as I have to work
  8. Talking to a guy I know who is close friends with Bunn and Pete Wild today, says the last straw for Bunn was when he walked into his office and AL and his bro where in there talking tactics and positioning on a board and telling FB the team selection and formation, according to the guy I know Bunn lost his rag and walked. Also AL lost his rag with Simon Wood, smashed up the kitchen in the OEC and sacked him on the spot with the new media girl. He says the same is happening to Wild and he has had enough. The guy I know is out with FB this weekend, asked him to find out about Rhodes!! Make of it what you will - I have no doubt what he is telling me is correct.
  9. My mate is a Posh fan, he said the football was dire and Evans was a bully.
  10. From Lim.... Lim 40% G Nevelle 10% P Neville 10% Scholes 10% Butt 10% Giggs 10% Beckham 10%
  11. Frankie Bunn and Tony Philliskirk enjoying a coffe in Java Uppermill this morning - must say FB looks a lot better (Stress Free) than what he did in his last few games as manager.
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