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  1. Remind me again what fat freeloader Barry Owens' actual role is at the club? Mr fleece should have been fucked off with Corney
  2. Its OK Im blocked from seeing the group in a facebook search too - the guy is a penis
  3. Steve form Jeremy Kyle and Guy Branston are AL's protection today
  4. Its been a hard decision and with a heavy heart I have not renewed - 1st time since 1985
  5. Hire a spot on the electronic advertising boards around the pitch with the hoardings reading 'LEMSAGAM OUT' - done on the day of the televised match v Mansfield.
  6. I know a guy who has done some work at BP and I believe there is no hot water because a new boiler was installed and the contractor didnt get paid so came back and removed said boiler.
  7. Get a meeting with Paul Scholes, it will be quicker, easier and you will probably get the truth!
  8. I was going to renew my season ticket which I have had since 1980 - AL and Little Mo can kiss my big brown eye, not setting foot in BP until theae clowns are gone!
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