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  1. It is a new month - yikes - and here's a new set of @Bristolatic photos. It is fairly quiet on the fundraising front but plenty of publicity locally is causing some attention. At nearly £1200, the Fund is very healthy. There are lots of people raising money for the MS Trust in all sorts of ways including Kenny Smith who is Cycling for his Sister, solo around England, Wales and Scotland. Well done Kenny! You can keep up with his progress at http://50dayscycleride.uk/ and please remember to pop into https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NoBeardOrHairCut
  2. @Bristolatic sat at his fundraising & MS Trust awareness table in our local Shopping Centre again last Wednesday 19th June. It seemed quite a low footfall again but he raised £87.11 so he's very pleased. He also spoke with 3 people who either had MS or a connection with it. They were pleased to receive verbal and written information and were supportive of Pete in return. With another half a year still to go we feel the word is spreading well in this locality. He will be back at his table on August 21st when we plan to include a free activity for younger children as it will be the school holidays - we won't stop teens and adults having a go, but the little prizes might not suit! More about this when we have it ready. I will let you know as and when the Fund is increased. Currently running at £1188.06
  3. The June photos are in the banner below! Note how you can no longer see @Bristolatic's throat. He won't need a scarf next winter but his beard and hair are both, I promise, squeaky clean EVERY day. Nothing else to report except we have a date for the colour dye that will be expertly applied by a stylist called Sam on 27th November 2019. More details to follow much nearer the day for anyone local! He also hopes to make an appearance in full technicolour at Boundary Park in December! Another of Pete's friends at Warmley Men in Sheds has donated £10 cash - duly banked with MS Trust and added to the offline total at https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NoBeardOrHairCut
  4. Last week some very good friends of @Bristolatic donated - one (his away match mate) and another couple through his Men in Sheds group. The first donation was £10 and the second one was £100. Both donations should also accrue Gift Aid. Now that we are over one-third the way along this year of fundraising, we are thrilled to announce the total has exceeded the £1000 target (including applicable Gift Aid that we will add once MS Trust verify the claim). To keep up interest in the Fund, and increase the help the MS Trust will receive, we are raising the target to £1500. A local news publication recently interviewed @Bristolatic - here's the link to the page in their online issue. https://issuu.com/kingswoodvoice/docs/may_combined/12
  5. This month's set of photos show how much Pete Davis's beard is really racing along. And you can see his hair has done some creeping down his neck too. Scruffy? No, he's my hero!
  6. Great news! During MS Awareness Week (last week) a further £107.20 was added to the Fund plus £8.75 Gift Aid on sponsored donations. Pete sat at an info and fundraising table in Kings Chase Shopping Centre (photo below) on Wednesday 24th April. It was a damp, chilly day with less shoppers being just after Easter. He will repeat the exercise again soon and definitely on 21st August. The £107.20 comprised: - £35 in offline sponsorship (plus the Gift Aid) from 4 people including two at Sam's Hair Salon (where Pete will be having his hair dyed at the end of this year) - £72.20 cash collection including the loose change we've amounted at home since last December. So here we are at the end of the first 4 months with a grand total that is 86% of the target - even closer to it with Gift Aid realised, bringing total to a whopping £953.45 WELL DONE EVERYONE - THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT Just a reminder...keep updated at: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NoBeardOrHairCut
  7. Since last week, three people donated a total £50 (plus Gift Aid) on VirginMoneyGiving, and yesterday, a neighbour handed £20 (plus Gift Aid) to Pete, making an increase of £70 in a week. You are all stars - THANK YOU xx On Wednesday 24th April 2019, from 10am you can meet Pete & Beard at Kings Chase Shopping Centre - follow the link for directions etc. He will be at a table in the main shopping area. The table will hold lots of MS Trust goodies and information. So, if you happen to spend Easter week down near Bristol, or know anyone who lives locally, please give Pete as much support as you can. Offer to go and buy him a coffee (he will pay) and you will be a SuperStar. Wish him luck please as he makes shoppers aware of the MS Trust's work and promotes his NoBeardNoHairCut Fund in person.
  8. Hello again. I'm still here but rather battle weary after a two-month run-in with Trigeminal Neuralgia that led to a change in several medications. I'm not yet saying I feel like my usual self but I am grateful to my GP, your very own @Bristolatic, and my two sons for their expertise and care, where respectively appropriate. Meanwhile, late as it is, here is the April photo banner. The beard is now a scarf-substitute and the hairline is creeping down to the neck collar. Comparing each month's photos is an encouragement to @Bristolatic who feels it's all a bit slow - not a word I can often apply to my dynamic hubby. The VirginMoneyGiving Fund now sits at a healthy £756.25 (including applicable Gift Aid). to all who have donated to a cause that affects so many PWMS (persons with MS) Off-topic but very important - thank for the gaols Latics - the fortunes of this Club are very much in our thoughts.
  9. That hair is getting untidy and the beard - well! Don't panic 🤤 about the choice of T shirt here (neither MS Trust, nor Latics, just Saturday man caught lazing on a Saturday morning after a week caring for yours truly who has given us both a tough week. Fear not, full order is restored, for@Bristolatic is now sporting a Latics shirt to enjoy or endure the match by online commentary this afternoon.
  10. Thanks, Tufty. I know how hard Saturdays can be so it's my job to help you cross the road when you are struggling.
  11. Our new photo banner (see below), taken on 1st March, indicates how much @Bristolatic's beard is filling out now. The reverse image shows his hair IS growing and has come further than immediately obvious if you remember Pete used to clip really short. Every week. He really did not like to be scruffy! Now look at him. Now for news about the growing fund (puns are aplenty). For the first time, (although this is Saturday not Sunday or Monday), the total has not shifted. However, we continue to receive kind verbal pledges, two more sets of sponsor forms and leaflets have been taken to various groups, and one of the verbal pledges has promised a sum at the close of the year that amounts to £(n x 12) with n being a monthly figure Does anyone else, who has not yet donated, wish to make this type of pledge? And Does anyone want a set of sponsor forms and leaflets to take to a club or group in their area? (the latter would work best by post if donations are cheques paid to "MS Trust" with sponsor forms signed with full details for Gift Aid. These (and the cheque/s) can then be returned to us for paying into the MS Trust bank account. We can be reached via this board, our FB profiles/Messenger and other places you may have read about this fundraiser. We'd love to hear what you think about this project.
  12. I'm a bit late with a Sunday update and nearly late with a Monday one. The good news is, I'm here now. We've received kind donations amounting to £85 this past week - fabulous. Thank you to all those involved. The total donations, so far, are £617.50 plus Gift Aid not yet administered and claimed by MS Trust. @Bristolatic beard has visibly increased. He is the proud owner of a little bottle of beard oil. A couple of drops tames the whiskers, you see. And makes them rather attractive to my nose. We have some other good news too - but we cannot confirm it quite yet. And a request - please let us know if you would like to know more about why, how and when Pete decided on this challenge. Either respond below or PM me. Until next week, enjoy the calm UK weather and wait for the Friday 1st March PHOTOGRAPHS.
  13. It's Sunday, time to let you know all that's happened this past week: We've received kind donations from Geoff Millard and from wsm sandy. I mention these because they are two kind donors we do not (think we) know in person, or from places we frequent online. I will edit this if we find out we do know them - and apologise in triplicate. The total donations, so far, are £532.50 plus Gift Aid not yet administered and claimed by MS Trust. @Bristolatic beard has been assessed by our local hairdresser, Sam. In other words, admired and stroked. Choosing dyes for November has begun, and hair treatment needed now was advised. It is the mention of plaiting that seems to make Pete shake with nerves - or appear to do so. There has been a lot of emailing and letter-writing by Pete, to newsprint and online media outlets. We hope to confirm his new image & fame soon! Me? I look fine as I am, and keep taking the medicines that get me through each day. Having the fingers that spread the online word keeps me happy. Please let us know if you would like to know more about the way MS affects my daily living.
  14. Well done Latics for the win at Crawley! It's Sunday, time to update everyone about the VirginMoneyGiving MS Trust Fundraiser - or is that HairRaiser? The current target is £1000 - as this is a year--long challenge, watch how the target will change as the fund progresses. The donations, so far, are £480 or 48%. (The offline donations, so far, are £230) Those donations include £110 transferred from the original Facebook fund. Amazing progress, and @Bristolatic beard is growing well too. His hair has also filled out from the usual clipped format. My Psychedelic HairyMan is on his way. Please note: we are standing the costs of dying @Bristolatic Beard and Hair at the end of the year. All other costs are ours too. What you see raised is for the MS Trust.  Please feel free to pass the Fund's details onto your own friends & family - thank you ALL
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