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  1. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    It's Sunday, time to let you know all that's happened this past week: We've received kind donations from Geoff Millard and from wsm sandy. I mention these because they are two kind donors we do not (think we) know in person, or from places we frequent online. I will edit this if we find out we do know them - and apologise in triplicate. The total donations, so far, are £532.50 plus Gift Aid not yet administered and claimed by MS Trust. Pete's beard has been assessed by our local hairdresser, Sam. In other words, admired and stroked. Choosing dyes for November has begun, and hair treatment needed now was advised. It is the mention of plaiting that seems to make Pete shake with nerves - or appear to do so. There has been a lot of emailing and letter-writing by Pete, to newsprint and online media outlets. We hope to confirm his new image & fame soon! Me? I look fine as I am, and keep taking the medicines that get me through each day. Having the fingers that spread the online word keeps me happy. Please let us know if you would like to know more about the way MS affects my daily living.
  2. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    Well done Latics for the win at Crawley! It's Sunday, time to update everyone about the VirginMoneyGiving MS Trust Fundraiser - or is that HairRaiser? The current target is £1000 - as this is a year--long challenge, watch how the target will change as the fund progresses. The donations, so far, are £480 or 48%. (The offline donations, so far, are £230) Those donations include £110 transferred from the original Facebook fund. Amazing progress, and @Bristolatic beard is growing well too. His hair has also filled out from the usual clipped format. My Psychedelic HairyMan is on his way. Please note: we are standing the costs of dying @Bristolatic Beard and Hair at the end of the year. All other costs are ours too. What you see raised is for the MS Trust.  Please feel free to pass the Fund's details onto your own friends & family - thank you ALL
  3. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    Hi folks, @Bristolatic has given me some more housekeeping to do for his NO BEARD OR HAIR CUT 2019 (COLOUR BY DECEMBER) fundraiser for MS Trust. You will recall, a week ago we had to close the Facebook wing of the fundraising due to technical reasons. We promised to update you once we knew how much Gift Aid had been received by MS Trust on the £110 transferred from FB to VirginMoneyGiving. NB We have learned from MS Trust that: "the Gift Aid is not claimed by us on Facebook as the consent process hasn't been confirmed as compliant and in line with our processes. This may change further down the line, but at present we are not receiving any Gift Aid from Facebook so the total [raised there] is £110." Another reason why the Facebook Fundraiser is not as favourable as the VirginMoneyGiving site. Rest assured, if you donated on FB, your donation is no less valuable to the work of MS Trust and is still shown in the Raised Offline total. Take a look - it is impressive!
  4. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    The closure of the Facebook Fundraiser page is now done. If you happen to select the link you will reach a green THIS FUNDRAISER HAS ENDED notice. True... but still going strong as detailed below. £110 has been transferred to the VirginMoneyGiving page - just as a record, as the money will be claimed by MS Trust. @Bristolatic and I will keep you posted throughout the year. Please donate here https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NoBeardOrHairCut when you can. We are both amazed to announce there is now £470 (plus Gift Aid = £525) on the Virgin page (including £220 Raised offline!) We do not yet know the Gift Aid on the Facebook money (see above). Thanks to many of you! New photos now on the Virgin page.
  5. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    You are ALL incredible and a number of fans have already donated by either the Facebook page or the Virgin one. However, Please use the VirginMoneyGiving link from now on: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NoBeardOrHairCut This is why: With regard the Facebook Fundraiser page ONLY: We are unable to set this page to end on the last day of 2019. This means we cannot avoid our supporters receiving messages to say the Fundraiser is ending in X number of days! So we have decided this page is closing BUT NOT THE FUNDRAISER. The Funds already raised will be claimed by MS Trust, including Gift Aid, where appropriate. Please use the VirginMoneyGiving link from now on: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/NoBeardOrHairCut Thank you for your understanding - any questions PM @Bristolatic please. It will give him something to do while growing his hair.
  6. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    It's Monday, time to update everyone about the Fund across both Fundraiser sites, Facebook and Virgin. The joint target is £1000 The joint donations, so far, are £350 35% Those donations were made in 1 week with 51 to go Amazing progress, and @Bristolatic's hair is growing well too.
  7. BristolaticMrs

    Doncaster (A)

    @Bristolatic will be glued to the online comnentary but for all Latics fans in Doncaster, I'm wishing the Team the best day ever!
  8. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    Thank you @disjointed I will indeed when I can find the key to the secret place where he hides them on here! 😉
  9. BristolaticMrs

    My Charity Appeal

    As the wife of the man growing his hair and beard for MS Trust this year, THANK YOU to all those who sponsored him today. @Bristolatic is really chuffed and I am very grateful. This is early days for the challenge - a long time until I can put his hair in bunches and plait his beard. Only joking (oh no she isn't). Thanks everyone.