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  1. Yes, drawn 3 and lost 3 , a respectable number of clean sheets too.
  2. Yes it belies his young age and tactically he seems to be able to translate his articulate way onto the pitch (hope I'm not speaking too soon)
  3. Tommy Wright lobbing the keeper is in my head. Pitch black on the snake pass coming home.
  4. Superb pass for the first goal and made us tick in the middle along with the two enforcers Missilou and Sylla. Callum Lang has got three lungs I'm sure
  5. Be careful about B & Q, they have been quite pro active in the past re match day parking
  6. We all like a clean sheet, is it four now under the new regime? not bad that
  7. I hope not, Baxter looked very sharp when he came on against Swindon.
  8. Although merit has been in very short supply for many years now, I think we have more in the way of history/tradition and I dare say we are more recognised than them as football club with some history. Means nowt in the here and now though. Our fanbase has always been what you would call "compact", so measured in those terms we are one of the smallest these days. I know a few who once we fell out of the premier league and continued to drop started watching the sky blue money pit down the road which personally makes me rather cross...
  9. Tommy wright scoring a couple I think - was there. Was a night match?
  10. May 2009 Walsall 1 - Latics - 2 Ryan Brooke scoring the winner last game of Joe Royles second stint in charge. I was sat with my mate and his father in law who is a Walsall fan in their end , could barely keep quiet... Danny whittaker was playing for us then
  11. Stoke away, fa cup, think it was a tues or wed eve. Darren Beckford diving header, I was right behind the goal, one nil win against run of play. Stoke fans in the tier above us chucking alsorts down on us. Showing my age
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