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Lancashire 2015

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At least the games in hand are going relatively OK.

Worcs 94ao Essex 189/4   1pt

Yorks 184ao v Hants            0pts so far.


Earlier I looked at  several sites that said only 1 going down (including the formerly reliable cricinfo), but of course 2 go down.

Practically impossible that Worcs get annihilated this match and recover to annihilate Worcs, AND Lancs recover to beat Hants.
So many defeats and a tie from winnable positions, not mentally strong enough.

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Well, sometimes a session or two can change things.

Yorks 184 v Hants 102-6 Yorks 2 pts but hoping for  substantial 1st innings lead.

Worcs  94 v Essex 295-5  Worcs toast.


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