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Remembering Ernie Cooksey and Sun Damage.

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Today I had reason to thank the late Ernie for raising awareness about Sun Damage that ultimately cost him his life.




So thought worth sharing as a we get into the Summer months in hope it helps someone like its helped me and perhaps makes people take a bit of care.


So nearly 59 and always taken care in Sun as fair skinned. Always wear a shirt as burn easy. Get a dry patch of skin on my back that wasn't improving at all so booked to see GP today with Ernie in mind. Go in and all good with that but GP a skin specialist by chance spots a tiny 8mm dia flat patch on left shoulder redish but not a mole. Asks me how long had that. Not a clue as hadn't spotted it. Has a good look and "That has got to go before it gets established. Typical of childhood skin damage caused by Sun and can easily turn Cancerous." GULP!!!! Just needs an injection, cutting out and cauterising and hopefully biopsy says fine. HOWEVER don't take chances with getting stuff checked if unsure. So glad I went in today.





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