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Match ticket protests

Matches boycott  

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  1. 1. Would you consider a match boycott

    • Current season ticket holder - Renewed already
    • Current season ticket holder - Not now renewing
    • Current season ticket holder - Undecided
    • Regular pay on dayer - Not attending any more home matches
    • Regular pay on dayer - Continuing to attend home matches
    • Regular pay on dayer - Undecided
    • Occasional pay on dayer - Not attending any more home matches
    • Occasional pay on dayer - Continuing to attend
    • Occasional pay on dayer - Undecided
    • Hardly ever attend matches (ie support from afar)

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3 minutes ago, True Tic said:

Yes he does after a pathetic 7/8 games in charge.


Clear and obvious? Behave.


More like ambiguous and murky, raising more questions than answers.



The 7/8 games in charge is an irrelevance, AL has gone on record as saying he was happy just to consolidate this season, Scholes issues are in relation to the way AL and ML are quite obviously behaving, he doesn't need to remind them of what was agreed he'd seen enough to show him that he wouldn't be able to work with these two fools. 

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There must be something else going on with AL, he must know all this uncertainty and resigning shit players isn’t going to be a positive for the club

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On 3/16/2019 at 1:52 PM, Kusunga_Is_God said:

Nothing will change. 


Our fan-base is too apathetic and will eventually give in because they have nothing else to do on a Saturday. 

So, why are a fair number of them saying that they won't come back as long as AL is still here? Some have said that they have better things to do. Others are coming up with protest ideas. Nothing apathetic there or suggesting giving in.

On 3/16/2019 at 2:41 PM, Kusunga_Is_God said:

If fans just choose to accept what’s happened (which is what is happening) then there is no hope for this football club. 


it’s cliche but without the fans, the club is nothing and if people continue to go and just accept everything as normal then there will be no instigator for change. 

I have yet to read a post in any thread that even hints at accepting what's happened (although some are not too surprised), not have I read anywhere in any thread that there is an acceptance that everything is normal

6 hours ago, Kusunga_Is_God said:

Exactly its a hopeless cause. It's just something to do on a Saturday they don't really care how we get on.

Are you saying that our fans only turn up because it's "something to do"? And those same fans don't care whether we win, lose or draw? What a bizarre opinion. In my opinion.


I think you've looked at the odd thread, selectively picked out one or two comments and put some spin on that a politician would be proud of. Have another read of the threads that cover the Scholes/Lemsagam issue and you will find that we have a hard core of very pissed off fans who are:

  1. not going to BP again whilst AL is there
  2. refusing to renew season tickets
  3. thinking of ways of getting AL out of the club
  4. coming up with ideas for protests against AL & ML
  5. continuing to attend games because they still want to support their team

Now, if that shows apathy, acceptance, a care less attitude about results or anything other caring deeply about the club they have supported for however many years, I just can't get my head round to your interpretation.


We're all entitled to our opinions and decisions. And we're all entitled to have those opinions and decisions respected. Discuss them by all means, but don't try to twist them to suit a specific agenda.

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There seems to have been a fair few fans obtaining refunds for season tickets but as far as I’m aware no comments or reactions from the club. Not even a question as to the reasons why.


Seems rather strange because If I was the owner it would set the alarm bells ringing as I would be quite concerned.





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