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Abdallah Lemsagam, a stormy shadow between Nantes and Oldham

In the small world of clubs and negotiations, there are presidents, sports directors, players and intermediaries. Among these, one of them has long seen its influence flourish on the side of Nantes. And now in England, in Oldham.

Many called him Marco. Yes, Marco, or rather Abdallah Lemsagam, the real name of the one who pulled some strings at FC Nantes. "He called himself that ," says a French agent. But today, everyone knows him. Those who dare to talk about it prefer to remain anonymous. With this type of guy, languages are loosened, faces, less. Presented to Waldemar Kita by Gilles Favard, former leader of the Canaries, in 2009, Abdallah Lemsagam must allow to degrease the workforce thanks to the overweight of his address book in the Middle East. Built over many years in the Gulf, partly via real estate, the network of this Moroccan born is plump, transactions facilitated. 

His Dubai-based company, Sport2jlt - led today by his brother Omar - boasts of Moussa Sow, Juninho, Ze Roberto, Lassana Diarra, Ismail Bangoura, Alvaro Negredo and a few coaches. From the four corners of the globe to the Middle East, Abdallah Lemsagam often manages transit. Years ago, he started doing the agent, the broker , traces an incognito knowledge of the character. He has devoted himself to Qatar, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia ... He had a specialty: to target the players wanted by sheikhs and club owners, while ignoring European agents. He called the players and the presidents directly. It has always been a problem. Agent without license - current regulations tolerate it - Abdallah Lemsagam is the keystone of the wanderings to another Eldorado, where emoluments are generous, unpredictable sports projects and volatile traceability. Some find their account, others less, while some business turn to the tangle, amid new Chinese.

Oldham, ghost players and frogs

Abdallah Lemsagam is also in the lineage of these agents to the contiguous relations with the clubs. If he does not box in the heavyweight category, the purchase of Oldham, in D3 then down in English D4, is official. Via RLJ Capital Global FZC, a free zone company that helps trade through legal and tax benefits - from Dubai, the 41-year-old polyglot gave himself the Latics early 2018, which he was already advising. No one can say with certainty the reasons for this acquisition, while several sources make a hypothesis: " Abdallah works for a bigger fish. The truth is, she's navigating between business, ambition and ego, while the club has made its mark with the recent arrival on the bench of Paul Scholes, who finally left the club after thirty days, disappointed by the environment. nauseous. As Oldham, this is an opportunity for Lemsagam to bring back some elements, some overpaid, including Wilfried Moimbé and Queensy Menig from Nantes, or Mohamed Maouche and more recently Sohny Sefil, passed by Auxerre. A well-chosen entourage, even though a stormy stream of thought settles around the new owner: " I wish Oldham a bright future despite the uncertainty of this circus owner ," said striker Craig Davies after his departure. He calls his players in his office to criticize their teammates, organizes meetings to humiliate others before the team before the most important match, pay the players late. [...] I wish the club (and not the owner) success. " 
But also dictate the instructions to the coach, interference poorly digested by Boundary Park bench interim - five coaches in two years - while the gas and telephone bills are unpaid time. More than 35 employees were also dismissed, some anti-Lemsagam - sponsor as supporters - being banned even stadium. On the players side, a time loaned by Nantes to Oldham, Queensy Menig, arrived at FCN August 30, 2017 on the recommendation of Abdallah Lemsagam, has meanwhile never worn the colors of Nantes. A few games in England and a deleterious attitude according to the fans, the young winger spent by Ajax will not leave a great memory to Oldham, despite the biggest salary of the club: 11,000 books per week. Six months later, he returned to square one in Nantes, who temporarily transferred to Zwolle ( FC Raiola ) in the Netherlands. He has now returned to the banks of the Loire, in reserve.Without real success. Abdallah has been trying to get Kita to do things that have no head and tails ," says a familiar from the FCN.There was talk of a Moroccan central defender, El Yamiq. Nantes already had 4-5 central defenders and youngsters. It had no interest. All this was obviously commissioned, while the agent specialized in the fabrications. In Oldham, where financial worries accumulate, as in Nantes, where the YellowPark projects and restructuring of the eleven found echo in the ear of the intermediary. Of course he sold the arrival of investors to Kita. This is his big thing! Confirms anonymous news.

Discord around Amine Harit

Described as Rocancourt, danger or crook, Abdallah Lemsagam has the merit of knowing how to place himself, to sneak. Intelligent, multilingual and effective dealmaker when it comes to the Middle East, he has made a name for himself. Not always charitable, certainly, like the Amine Harit file. While the young environment is leaving for Germany, Abdallah Lemsagam is interposed, going so far as to invite him for a sumptuous holiday in Dubai. He did everything to destroy the transfer of Harit ," said an adjacent informed trading. He thought he could block the player to change his agent, get him back and make him leave the season after.What mattered was getting paid. A folder that will gradually amalgamate the names of birds. However, if Abdallah Lemsagam found an open door to the management of the club, a counter-current also emerged close to the Beaujoire. Like the Loire Brigade, which lamented " the bad influence of corrupt agents and unscrupulous " in a statement last summer. 
Or Franck Kita, sports director, who did everything to remove the Moroccan matchmaker from the circle of his grandfather. The son Kita (Franck) moved heaven and earth to keep his father away from Abdallah , decrypts a sympathizer of the club. He can not bear his father talking to this guy. For El Yamiq, it is he who broke the deal while the medical visit was scheduled. Waldemar Kita wears, or at least wore, a very attentive ear to Abdallah. And while he also tied up the arrival of Andrei Girotto and was close to taking out Enock Kwateng's loan - he was also in the party for the Dubai trip - at Oldham last year, Abdallah Lemsagam For a long time, La Jonelière has been a staple. The situation, opaque and quirky, irritates inevitably. Starting with Waldemar Kita: " When it comes to buying or selling a player, everyone is close to everyone. That's how it happens. Why do not you talk about others? The subject is eminently taboo, but time has had its effect. Lemsagam is now non grata in Nantes, to the delight of yellow and green and Kita offspring. Even if misunderstandings, there, elsewhere, but especially in Oldham, continue to persist. 

Antoine Bourlon Follow @AntoineBourlon

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