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4 hours ago, Bobledgersheart said:

I'm not so sure I agree with you on this one, but I suppose it's how you define a "fan".

Some on here only post when bad things happen, and revel in them.

Then again I suppose I'm a "happy clapper" not a "fold the club" brigade.


Who are these people are they on here?

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6 hours ago, sjk2008 said:

I don't think there's a single Latics fan who "wants" Banide (or any other OAFC manager) to fail.


People may well be pissed off with the endless shite we've endured year on year, now culminating with this berk running us like a shitshow and turning us into some 2nd rate European football talent school - and rightly so - but I still don't think a single fan will be 'willing' a manager to fail at Oldham. 

Spot on sjk2008. I`m usually quite an optimistic person (honest!) but our sinking ever further into the abyss I find thoroughly depressing. Others don't seem to do - we're all different I suppose.


I see no positives  since our new owner arrived - none whatsoever. I don't fall for "lip service" like sticking a name on a stand or handing out a free scarf when I observe our club generally being regarded as a laughing stock in many quarters. It just seems like one big vanity project - and they usually end in disaster.

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