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  2. Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll, whilst in itself, it doesn't mean that much, it is heartening that 94% of respondents would consider pledging funding or buying season tickets for 2020/21 or beyond that they would not otherwise have done if the owners stayed. Taking the mean average within each range of funding quoted, I estimate that £35,000 could be raised from the respondents (68), whilst accepting that actually making payment rather than pledging is different, it is heartening that maybe we, as a fanbase, still care enough about the club that we would raise a s
  3. True - though he did set up the early Wolves chance (saved by Lawlor) with a sloppy ball across the face of the goal. That apart it was a decent full debut. Though it was only an U23 team, there was still too too many of the familiar failings: poor control, lacking awareness and giving the ball away. We have to hope that it will get better as the players get game time and improved confidence.
  4. Only being the prize money is hush money to stop lower league clubs becoming upset having to play against the academy teams.
  5. Well done Latics, might only be Wolves U21s but a win is a win, hopefully breed confidence and the players can take that into Saturday's game with Crawley. If you are in a Cup, no matter which one and who against, might as well try and win it. Well done lads
  6. So there's prize money for this but not for the League Cup? World gets madder by the day.
  7. 10 grand per group win 5000 per draw , handy cash for a nights work
  8. This illness kills mainly people above 80. Closing the world is madness, if u have a weakend immune system or are getting on shield if u wish to do so. But for how long its madness. We have to just live with this, if they cure a strain of the common cold I'll amazed !
  9. I'd have to add Barnett to that list. Energetic, good in the tackle and some decent crosses too.
  10. Sorry. Responding to your unedited post. 10k still seems excessive!
  11. Our league status or The Football League Trophy? It's a no brainer really.
  12. Just heard what Dyche said today..... what an absolute c++t... basically saying Premier league clubs should not help lower league teams and used the analogy of a successful hedge fund being forced to help an unsuccessful one!! Actually, hedge funds and the Premier league are a similar breed I feckin hate the Premier league and everything it's done to try and destroy the amazing football pyramid we have in this country but to hear the manager of a club like Burnley who are punching above their weight talk like that is especially galling
  13. I live semi-rural, the nearest city or sizeable town being 20 miles away but the virus is in our glorified village because college students have brought it into the community. I think the virus will eventually get most of us.
  14. It looks like HK has been told to focus on the cups and not to worry about the league. AL knows it's the best way to make money. He's probably told HK to purposely make us look shit in the league to give clubs a false belief incase they draw us in the any of the cups.
  15. Decent performance again from Lawlor with one or two fine saves. Pick of the bunch for Latics were Fage, Piergianni and Hamer plus a tidy debut from Hough in the middle. If nothing else it may build some confidence.
  16. £20,000 in AL's pocket for entering plus £10000 for winning.
  17. Come on, they're a PL side. City could only put 3 past them. What does U2 1 mean? Are they also a tribute act for the rock combo?
  18. Wembley - Wembley- and we’ll really shake them up when we win the nothing cup - Wembley.
  19. 4-0, again a bit dodgy from their keeper, result flatters us a bit I'd say.
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