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  2. I don't know I'm not a legal eagle but I'm pretty sure a good lawyer could easily build a case against Abdullah based on the last 2-3 years on behalf of Corney.
  3. Can i just ask, where has this perception that Whelan is, or has the potential to be, a good player come from? I’ve watched every league game this season and apart from the Bolton first half, he’s lost every battle he’s been involved in and shown no quality at all. I keep seeing comments on here which allude to him being first choice, so genuinely interested to know what people have seen so far in him and tell me what his strengths are. Garrity, who is often criticised - and rightly so, has performed better in there than him from what I’ve seen.
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  5. Do we know what this. or can you direct me to where you saw it posted please Cheers
  6. So he’s gained experience playing at the highest level - now all that’s missing is experience of League 2? He was sent here to learn by hopefully playing regularly and I’m certain that he will look to our captain, among others, for help and guidance.
  7. Fair enough metty, as I say anything technical with computers etc I haven't got a clue, I'm your typical northern working class, beer swilling, curry eating dinosaur, rather have a wind up than a straight fight. It might be championship next season but I will still be here.
  8. Well Abdullah has pretty much accused him of committing fraud it shouldn't be a surprise.
  9. You think a predominately non league player will be able to teach a player who already has first team experience at the highest level?
  10. Hoping to have resolved that with what I'm currently developing. May not be ready till next season though. It's painful to do with current setup.
  11. It seems that Simon Corney is taking proceedings out against AL and being advised by Shoosmiths
  12. I know it's early days but this is just feedback from my perspective on the new system. I'm sure it's easier in this form than Pete having to input everything individually, but it is taking away from the banter side of things (which is the main reason for playing for me aside the charity money raising). If you could somehow make the predictions for each game visible as soon as that prediction has been made it would be a big plus. As a technophobe I don't know if this is possible and please don't take this as criticism of the good work you are doing. Thanks in advance.
  13. I definitely predicted dudes but wouldn't have picked up any points in any case.
  14. And this independent body will be who ? Ps presumably if we going OFSTED OFFQual OFcom route it will be called OFFSIDE?
  15. I thought they had to be picked up from the ticket office.
  16. I don't think Clarke will learn much from Pidge, except , if under pressure get rid. If he was to play alongside Peter Clark or Wheater, he would learn a great deal.
  17. Deadline to submit your interest is Friday 23/10/2020 at midday.
  18. Agree with above post to a point. Piergianni's distribution is not great but playing alongside Clarke ( who presumably can pass the ball accurately ) should see him able to give the 20 yard sideways passes and let the young lad do the business. Let's face it if the alternative's giving it short to one of our current back four then lumping it 50 yards doesn't seem such a bad option.
  19. There are some who have the perception that Piergianni just lumps the ball aimlessly forwards, giving the ball away every time which just puts us under more pressure at the back. The Latics’ players passing statistics from the Carlisle game show that Piergianni successfully completed 22 of his 32 passes (68.8%). Could his distribution improve? Of course it could - but that goes for most footballer irrespective of which league they play in. If Kewell/Maybury/ALMO (*) play Clarke alongside him at the back with Whelan and McAlmont in the middle then I would ex
  20. I know crowds aren't allowed in BP yet, but has anyone recieved their season ticket card for when they do?
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