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  2. What an absolute try hard... also rhymes with ret... nah I won't say it...
  3. I am not trolling I am challenging perceptions and misconceptions ...tongue in cheek. We are 16th in the bottom division and I am fed up with that and people telling me have good pkayers
  4. Enjoying myself....I don’t rate Rowe particularly but surprised a team like Latics can think we don’t need him. £10 each to charity ?
  5. Please stop replying to Magister's trolling. Just leave him festering alone in his minority of one.
  6. Anyway, I'm bored of this argument. Enjoy your evening!
  7. That clearly says 11 in 25 ......he hasn’t scored 11 and he hasn’t started 25 league games but don’t let that worry you
  8. No, which is why when you asked for figures in the league I gave them as 7 in 19. Do keep up...
  9. Oh and he hasn’t scored 11 league either has he ?
  10. So 7 in19 at the age of 31 and a transfer to to the 87th team in the football league ....I must be missing somethindpg
  11. Okay, so 7 in 19 in the league if that's all you want to consider. Still not too shabby. ...and still doesn't make your maths any less ridiculous.
  12. Rowe at Oxford? Which college ? Magdalen? More like OxfordBrookes I would think?
  13. Yeah, that's why I said I could believe that one. Interesting approach to consider all goals, but only divide by the number of starts... Conveniently ignoring all the sub appearances and goals scored in those. By that reckoning, Rowe's got 11 in 25 for us. Not too shabby.
  14. If we are relying on grant and blackwood say no more
  15. umm ..so Dearnley has scored 10 and can’t have played more than 30? Isn’t that better than 1 in 3 MacAleny 36 in 90 starts Grant 81 in 305
  16. Stuart McCall signed a new deal just before they played us in the FA Cup.
  17. Today
  18. That’s the thing though. He shouldn’t be off in May! He should have been one of the first names on the team sheet and they should have been building the team around him and how he can bring others into play, not to mention his own goal scoring ability!! Very very short sighted decision in my opinion.
  19. Have the Bantams even got a permanent manager yet? Be a shitter for Rowe if the new custodian comes in and doesn't fancy him...
  20. Yeah he did pretty much all his career keep up
  21. Dearnley I can believe (he's scored about ten and can't have played more than about thirty games). The other two, would love to see your maths...
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