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  2. lts probably not a want. l literally don't want to go but l probably will..
  3. lndeed. This is why as a set of fans we need to keep the press onside and hope against joanna to catch the eye of a misty eyed, rich as fuck romantic.
  4. Flemboy….I have to admire you wanting to go to Dale!!
  5. Free hit for them really l suppose. l once came on at HT 9-0 down away at top of the league, picked up a quick yellow card and bagged in a 9-1 defeat. l defo wasn't a youngster tho. There's a couple on here who bore witness and would say l probably should have been sent off at least twice Never forget how determined they were to get double figures, probably the only reason l played tbh. That, and Dave had earache. Completely irelivent story for you there, hope the memory of it/pointless anecdote of it somehow brightened somebodys bleak evening.
  6. It’s a shame “pay off the owner” isn’t a feasible option.
  7. No problems with getting tickets today.Could have got as many as i want. Glad metro strike is off to help our away supporters
  8. Honestly not sure on this. Even with everything against him he’s still falling short. Kewell did better/got more out of some of same players - dkd prime example
  9. We were mildly better in the 2 d half and they should be given a chance. Brentford were just so much better than us though and coming on at 5 0 not ideal
  10. Today
  11. Exactly. No point us sticking the boot in, then doing it again to his replacement after a few weeks. Utterly pointless and ill aimed waste of time and energy.
  12. Anything other than a win on Saturday and KC is toast, to me he gets a wild card tonight.. But KC surely cannot be exused for our woeful league position..
  13. Apparently, Curle has already told AL not to pay it off hasn’t he? If that is genuinely the case then I have no sympathy for him whatsoever!!! The injured players coming back into this side IMO will make little difference. Whatever way you dress it up that’s 14 goals conceded in 3 games and no goals scored in over 6 hours!!! Curle looks to have taken on the job knowing the full extent of restrictions he would have to work under. If he walks after this, which I think he should, he would at least command a little respect! Won’t make a blind bit difference like!
  14. I'm gutted I stayed at home now tbh
  15. I left pretty sharpish after the sixth but Da Silva had a lovely lobbed effort saved not long before
  16. I thought we were in it til the seventh went in.
  17. No Sheenan will go to..I'm sure of it
  18. It will probably be Sheehan though, is that any better?
  19. Insider knowledge revealed is dangerous metty as we know.
  20. I'd sack KC if we go to Rochdale on Saturday and get beat...The League is more important, but KC record since taking the job is shocking ...
  21. I saw the betting slip of one who predicted 8-0.
  22. He must be a broken man now though Monty, AL makes and breaks them with no feelings.
  23. Just on way back and it was woeful. You can't just blame Curle though. Brentfords pace and power were a different league even their 2nd team. We are a poor squad when all fit, never mind when we can't even field a full bench in the cup at a Prem League side. We also looked knackered from the off and have no options to change anything at the moment. Fans were great throughout apart from a few knobs fighting with stewards. The only way out is Addullah out- end of.
  24. We should also pay off Curle's replacement now while we're at it. No point wasting time because his replacement will go the same way as him.
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