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  2. England are off to a flier with a 1-0 win against Croatia, we witnessed shocking scenes in Denmark and Latics are in the news with the PTB home game boycott announced this week. There's a lot to talk about as always on BPAS!
  3. Hold on there ... thats my position and I am terrible at this sort of stuff.
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  5. A draw would be handy here... but it would take me out of 17th
  6. No but it means it was approved by the Oldham Athletic Board of Directors. That one member may or may not have agreed with the wording or its content is irrelevant. gGoverance does require unanimous votes or agreement.
  7. Thank you. Have just watched first half Holland v Ukraine. I predicted 3-0.
  8. The winning numbers for OASF1895 Lottery Contingency Fund 06/06/21 are 29, 25, 8, 31. There were no winners this week. The draw for next week increases to £600. The Lucky Dip prize of £5 was won by P Davies, who will be contacted by Tracy, Trust Director, by email. Thank you to everyone who entered, we had 230 players, and 266 lines. #1895ourfuture I will update this post each week, dropping the previous week to another post, like the Squad Thread.
  9. Enjoy it metty, be good to get back inside the grounds.
  10. Well England have started OK in the tournament, Croatia never really threatened but that could have been down to the England midfield of which Phillips and Rice were the stand outs. 1 more win should do it I only hope we give the sweatys a good tonking.
  11. Don't show your hand too early, you don't want a target on your back.
  12. Dropped from third to tenth and it was looking quite promising until today. I'm aiming for 17th now; it's my comfort zone.
  13. I fully expect our board rep, either himself or via the trust to clarify when he is back from holiday as he is the one who was present. The fact this statement was released after the deadline from PTB, gave no mention to the petition and when our rep was on holiday says to me Karl and the club are the absolute shithouse cunts we believe
  14. I was cursing that goal too, i'm settling into mid-table after a promising start England failed to throw the lead away and give me 3 points
  15. I suspect our rep. on the board did bring the petition up. Were minutes taken? Who knows. It's ah update on the club's website and they have probably chosen not to mention the petition without our reps. knowledge. Just because it says at the bottom of the update "Oldham Athletic Board of Directors" doesn't mean our rep. was in agreement with it.
  16. Next week the Fan-Lead-Review concentrates on League 1 and 2. Below OASF Director Philippa, gives us a glimpse of our involvement on the 15.06.21 Director Philippa speaks Philippa, has kindly given up her birthday weekend to prepare. Thank you Philippa
  17. Next week the Fan-Lead-Review concentrates on League 1 and 2. Below OASF Director Philippa, gives us a glimpse of our involvement on the 15.06.21 Director Philippa speaks
  18. Thank you. Its easy to forget sometimes that there are human beings at the end of this stuff we responding too. I apologies too.
  19. Predicted commentary if Stones and Henderson both play; John Stones on the ball, passes to Henderson, a good 5 yard pass that, Henderson to Stones, back to Henderson, Henderson finds Stones in space, Stones back to Henderson, good possession this, back to Stones he has the ball at his feet, oh no what's this? Rabbit, headlights, crash 1-0 Croatia. England are in with a chance here, Kane wins a penalty, he's got the ball--- but wait Henderson's crying, he takes the ball off Kane and he's going to take the penalty, he places the ball on the spot, runs up and passes the ball to the keeper. Croatia win, we should have played one of the Rolling Stones and Dickie Henderson instead. C'mon England!
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