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  2. I was listening to the BBC Cumbria commentators before the game. When they described our defence, they couldn't believe Adams was right back and that Toure would more or less skin him. They thought CBJ would struggle after coming back from injury. Clarke they seemed to dismiss because he is a 19 year old lloanee from Arsenal, and Diarra is only 5' 8" from the French 3rd. division. They thought that their big forwards would make mincemeat of us, and I was beginning to think the same way. After being one down at half time I really didn't give us much hope of getting anything out of the game, but
  3. compassionate leave for last couple of matches so probs be back tuesday. stiff upper lip n all that.
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  5. Tactics, team selection yes, both important. Carlisle should have been out of sight after 20 minutes, we were chasing shadows. Great credit to the characters in the side who kept going, the subs definitely changed the game. Insert whichever footballing cliche is appropriate "keep it tight for the first 20 minutes... dont let them settle, what out for the quick lad up front ..." presumably all this is being said. So looking forward to Bolton, with hope more than expectation. A positive result from an game usually means one of our aces (Dylan or Conor) has done
  6. I see Burton scored, end product of a Tom Hamer long throw. Played the whole game at left back according to BBC line up.
  7. Posting after the cut-off time cost two players points, @alien (posted at 14:53) and @heatonmoorlatic ( 14:58). Premier League Three points was the best score of the day shared by four players; @astottie (up to 3rd), @JohnnyPimp (up 1 and out of the relegation zone), @milnrow latics (unfortunately still stuck at the bottom) and @nzlatic (up 1 place to 8th). Premier League Table Championship @al_bro (up 2 places to 3rd on equal points with @pjkent in 2nd) and @Bristolatic (up 4 places to 13th) were the top scorers with 6 points apiece. The top two failed t
  8. Our owner couldn't afford to keep Damny Rowe in January and can't afford to buy the current stadium for £6million I highly doubt hes going to find 4/5 times that minimum amount to purchase new land and build a stadium on it.
  9. Hence the proposed move to Failsworth. Maybe another location might be in the offing?
  10. The Land would be alot more valuable if their wasn't a football club on it. If you were a property developer then you would probably stay clear of it for that reason. EDIT: Also if you were looking to buy a football club you probably wouldn't want to buy this one either.
  11. Possibly, for my liking his timing in the air isn't very good for a centre back.
  12. Funny how many say 442 is an outdated formation, yet it changed things for us.
  13. Am no expert but I think its reasonable to assume that a football stand depreciates in value whereas land tends to appreciate in value The North Stand wont be an exception
  14. It’s nothing new BD. I wonder where we would be if he kept things simplistic for the players, and didn’t over rotate. He constantly shoots himself in the foot trying to be clever.
  15. Definitely tactical. Bar two or three - Guy, Kayode and Patrick - Carlisle are a big, basic, limited side that were bullying us all over the pitch. They launched the ball forward at every opportunity, using the long throw as often as possible. Grant playing up front on his own was struggling to make the ball stick and we were constantly under pressure in the final third. To put it simply, we were set up all wrong in the first half and our attempts to play our passing game was not working. After the break Kewell introduced Piergianni and Blackwood switching to a
  16. The north stand is a millstone and saviour. When it was built it secured our existence, because there is no way Blitz will ever let us go to the wall. Why? Because he’s left with a worthless stand on a former football club. Yes he could sell the land, but he wouldn’t get anywhere near his outlay. And Blitz doesn’t lose money. The trouble is, how low in the ladder is he prepared to see us go before cutting his losses? Personally I think as long the football club ticks over (at whatever level) he’s happy to take his rent and continue to wait for another deluded investor who wants to overpay.
  17. Latest news on Ntambwe is that he's thinking of a change of career and becoming a footballer.
  18. Can it all be valued independently so a fair market price can be ascertained? Is that why the trust are looking for RICS surveyors?
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