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  2. Stick with Curle, or Let’s Twist Again, (like we did last summer)?
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  4. I thoroughly enjoyed his spell with us. He was never a lone striker. He played better dropping back, pulling the strings and coming through on the blind side. He an pass, create and finish is stunning fashion, but he was never a lone striker. Poor Bradford management.
  5. Not one of ours, but a memorable moment anyway! https://www.portsmouth.co.uk/sport/football/portsmouth-fc/ex-portsmouth-leeds-and-brentford-man-sam-sodje-it-was-a-stitch-up-im-no-match-fixer-and-i-want-people-to-know-the-truth-3210208
  6. Clarkey https://www.uptheclarets.com/two-ex-clarets-on-new-pfa-board
  7. https://www.suffolknews.co.uk/sudbury/sport/pro-club-trials-ongoing-for-afc-sudbury-academy-pair-9196387/
  8. https://widthofapost.com/2021/04/19/the-curious-case-of-danny-rowe-and-his-struggle-to-make-an-impact-at-bradford-city/
  9. He's a hard man to fit into any recognised system as he's such a maverick but I enjoyed watching him. Perhaps he's returning to his family firm and back to just playing for fun.
  10. Seems a bit bizarre. Waits most of his career to get into league football. Does it. Does ok. Drops out when he's arguably at his peak. A bit odd...
  11. Apparently doesn't fit into their system and struggled when deployed as a lone striker. Still, he scored 5 goals in 18 appearances where 10 of those appearances came from the bench, which isn't really bad going.
  12. He's like a tardigrade. He shuts down until conditions are right and then springs back into life.
  13. We lived there 1987-1991. I then got made redundant from my job in the City which is how we ended up in the magnificent county of Worcestershire. Sawbo was a cracking place back then, 8 or was it 10 pubs in such a small place, a really easy pub crawl. Went downhill when the Beckhams moved in down the road
  14. I almost miss Sheep Head's (or whatever his last name was) posts. Almost.
  15. Cue whatever his username is now popping up to say he's found his level
  16. Safe to say his football league experiment hasn’t worked out quite the way he would have wanted. Thought he looked good when he played for us but clearly Bradford didn’t for them
  17. We almost always sign free agents anyway, especially in the summer. Didn't KE say that the club had not taken up any loans from the Government.
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