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  2. I think "dark age" football is what we need in this division. Getting really shit footballers to try and play it out from the back, for example, isn't going to get us anywhere..
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  4. The rumour I hear is the KC is a step back into the dark ages where football management/coaching is concerned. Most clubs have a meeting of coaches sports science and medical. The training is then planned taking into consideration individual needs. We had that with HK. Apparently CK just turned up and made it up.
  5. Kewells last 14 league games Losses: 6 Draws: 4 Wins: 4 Goals for: 21 Goals against: 23 Curles 14 games Losses: 7 Draws: 3 Wins: 4 Goals for: 23 Goals against: 25
  6. On the assumption that the scholars in the above list will be here next season, these are the only players I would keep or attempt to keep: 5. Carl Piergianni (2022) 14. Dylan Fage (2022) 8. Callum Whelan (2022) 10. Davis Keillor-Dunn (2022) 23. Nicky Adams (2022) 24. Dylan Bahamboula (2022) 7. George Blackwood (2022) 18. Conor McAleny (2021) 19. Zak Dearnley (2022) The rest can leave or should be moved on. The likelihood of course is that some of those contracted until 2022 will be here - Diarra, Badan, Jameson - squad fillers at best. That
  7. Out of that out-of-contract list, Bilboe didn't really get much of a chance but didn't look convincing when he played, so I'd have no problem if he left. Jombati has been very poor and should go. Ntambwe is the type of player who should fit into a Curle side but clearly isn't good enough. I'd only keep Barnes on a month-to-month deal or similar. I'd keep CBJ if Curle is here and of course McAleny, but of course I doubt we'll be able to convince him to stay. For the contracted players, I'd keep the majority of them on the strict condition that the bulk of them are squad players
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  9. In what has been a very unpredictable season, those titles have been well earned. Congrats to all the winners. And thanks to @Bristolatic @Stevie_J and @oafcmetty for all the effort running it. I’ve never enjoyed predicting attendances but, for obvious reasons, it’ll be great to be doing that again next season.
  10. For what it’s worth I do think Rowe’s goal is better, but in a poll i’d expect Baha to win it on the basis Rowe left mid-season.
  11. You may have the wrong goal in mind there. Baha’s goal is outside the box and is definitely spectacular.
  12. Really? He showed great composure but it was a strike from near the 6 yard box I always see GOTS to be spectacular
  13. I wouldn't have put it quite that way, but it would smash the yes man theory to bits.
  14. Quite why anyone expects managers at League Two clubs to front up to their bosses and demand/reject signings is beyond me. 92 league jobs in England and these aren’t world beaters with dozens of other potential employers beating down their doors. I thought Kewell did okay. No better, no worse than any of the recent drones. Curle is no better in my mind. Thing is, we can’t really judge how good any of them really are when they are saddled with this squad and owner, nor do I really expect any of them to be calling the shots with the people paying their salaries (assuming they aren’t wo
  15. At least half of those signed up for next season are National League at best. There'll have to be some bloody good recruitment to counter balance that lot. As for the loanees we've had, were Hilßner and Grant sent back? No great loss but, if so, why wasn't Garrity? As for Tasdemir, didn't Kewell say he'd been after him for some time? The only ones after him should be the Fraud Squad. Walker can bugger off back to Milton Keynes with my best wishes, Lawlor I'd take at a pinch if there's no one better available and we won't see Clarke again. If Curle stays, provided he doe
  16. He deserved the sack for that coat alone then he was asked about our defensive problem and responded with ”everyone concedes in League 2” He then signed or accepted the signing of Tasdemir who should be on trial for fraud The guy was a tool
  17. Or he pretty much worked for free in one last desperate attempt to make it as a manger and accepted any shit that came his way. That said I grew to like him, would have kept him.
  18. Thanks Pete, been a difficult time, compounded by the passing of Laticsrblue, nice touch to dedicate the final league tables to him, also pleased to see Al bro win a league title in what must be tough times for him. Hopefully next season will see a resumption to normality. Any slights I have given over the course of the season are only in jest, unless you are called lookersstandandy then it's personal. Stay safe one and all, the good times are only round the corner.
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