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  2. Oh FFS this dick head is back time to update my ignore list.
  3. There are thousands of teachers in this country who will tell you that changing behaviours means saying the same thing more than once .
  4. EMG announces OASF provisional director election results
  5. Depends whether you think the last 20 year decline is the blip or whether you think the 80s and 90s were the blip and then you could turn your view on its head and say that we have gone through the good times and has come out the other side of it?
  6. LOL, I bought my first LP from Ma Dobbs in 1972. T Rex's 'Electric Warrior', she let me have it for £1.30. The only record shop I was familiar with in Manchester was Rare Records on John Dalton Street, between Cross Street and Deansgate. I bought just about every LP David Bowie released from 'Hunky Dory' to 'Station To Station' from there.
  7. How thoroughly depressing……a win double, Latics to stay up and AL to have fu###d off by May would be a result for me!!
  8. No chance we will go up, no midfield, no goal scorers. Hopefully enough at the back to just stay up.
  9. never mind depth we don’t have a first choice midfield or front two yet
  10. There's no depth to the squad. Two or three injuries and we'll be struggling. Their must be some loans to come in over the next few weeks.
  11. I don't think Paul was lying. Perhaps the club have been negotiating with Blitz, who they regard as 'the organ grinder'. It did seem a massive inconvenience to Flynn. He is the one with the most influential job to find new investors. Perhaps he doesn't even mention Latics when he's with his colleagues, and I wouldn't expect him to say anything in his professional role. Flynn is also the best placed to show OASF how, and where best to raise funds.
  12. I tend to follow logic reason and evidence. I don't believe in being optimistic for optimism sake and hoping that reality will realign itself because it won't. But because I follow logic and evidence I'm fairly confident that this rather grim period in the clubs history will eventually end, ALMO will be a distant memory and that at some point things will get better. Because their is plenty of evidence that shows that football clubs go through bad times and far more often than not come out the otherside of it.
  13. I was somewhat fascinated by the Lancashire Senior Cup as a competition. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Latics used to put out full-strength first team line ups, and opponents from the first division usually fielded reserve sides which often contained one or two future star players plus a few fading big names. The Liverpool side we beat in 1970-71 included Tommy Lawrence, Ron Yeats, Peter Thompson and Ian St John. That game attracted fewer than 3000 spectators, and attendances were sometimes lower, even against the likes of Man City and Man Utd, so the Oldham public was obviously not quite so fascinated by the competition. The last LSC match that I recall was at home to Man Utd early in the 1971-72 season. We lost 1-0 to a late goal by (I think) John Aston. I'm wondering whether the club actually even entered the competition in the years that followed. Maybe not, as they seemed to be concentrating their efforts in that period on the Texaco Cup, which morphed into the Anglo-Scottish Cup. The Latics won the Lancs Senior Cup in 1967, beating Barrow 2-1 in the final at Boundary Park. That must have been a slight consolation for the way their season fizzled out after a great opening three months. It was just a couple of years before my time, so I'd be grateful for any reminiscences about that match!
  14. Pretty much, who thought morecambe would go up.....
  15. So basically - fuck logic and reason. We always got blind hope.
  16. In reality none of us have any idea how this season will pan out. Some are optimistic and some not so. Evidence, recent history and squad quality or numbers leads people to be very negative about our chances. Those of us who remain optimistic believe the division is so poor that anything can happen. Bit of luck, decent manager, staying injury free and other teams under performing suggest we could do well maybe. So many people on here talk like they are experts, were just fans.
  17. Well yes, but my brain had as long as it took me to type 'and its' to come up w a word and that's what it gave me. Suppose l could have stopped to think, but when have l ever done that
  18. My boat has sunk, and I’m trying to remain calm in the water without expending to much energy hoping someone will rescue me.
  19. Isn't that word order rather than pronunciation? With the in charge I'm in the dinghy of despondency
  20. and its pronounced Boat of Irrational Optimism.
  21. Whats the point without it? Makes me do so many fuckin stupid things in life but its worth it when you give zero fucks what people think and then one goes in from the halfway line
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