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  2. The problem for me and for others no doubt is that I have to buy a ticket through the club, thus earning them commission. As I’m boycotting all things that earn the club any £££s I find myself in somewhat of a dilemma. Considering home end, but not sure if I fancy that.
  3. Looked really good when at Rochdale - if he's fit he'll be more than useful at this level.
  4. Probably does, but not as much as Abdallah meeting Simon Corney !!
  5. We I am really getting sick of it all tbh. Nothing is compulsary and I have not said that at all. I truly believe we should be packing BP every home game rather than walking around Manchester etc with the missis. Ive debated this with many people and there are strong views regarding boycotting home games, I dont really think its the best option. Anyway Im done..... I'll be there anyway. Win, lose or whatever.
  6. No that wasn't the point of a boycott it was to stop putting money into the club. The option was to follow the team on the road should they choose it was not compulsory. As for being surprised about us being crap well I can tolerate a certain level of being crap but being cut adrift at the bottom of league 2 is a level of crap I'm not prepared to put up with. Add in all the off the pitch crap then I can think of better things to do on a Saturday for now.
  7. Well some think I'm mad, 10hrs would be a bit much tbh
  8. Well I'm behind the protestors in spirit but I won't be making a ten hour round trip to prove it.
  9. It's probably a combination of factors: Difficulty in getting tickets - I've ordered mine can't actually get to the ticket office when they are open so might have to pick it up at Dale but no faith that will be organised well. The club not posting tickets out is a joke. Booking 1 ticket per season card has probably meant a few people not being able to sit with their mates. Proposed tram strike 'cause lets be honest First bus as terrible - might have put a few folk off Cost Maybe a bit of apathy when we first started playing Dale a few seasons ago it was a bit new - Now we have been playing them semi regularly it's not a new experience win/loosing/drawing against a team so close to use geographically. And lets be honest I think the appetite for watching a team of lottery winners is dwindling. We've been set up to turn up and complete fixtures not compete to win games. Just throwing stuff out there. I came back to latics after not going for a couple of years in Dowie's first season and was disappointed with a 6k crowd. We've been loosing fans for years and with the current jokers in charge it's not going to change. Sad but this feels like a terminal decline.
  10. It's almost as if the rules are randomly thought of.....
  11. i bet he regrets that decision/ Can't imagine he's signed here for more money
  12. Im on leave, no idea what day it is lol..... cheers marra
  13. Maybe. I'm not going tomorrow expecting anything from that team, I not going to cause bother or shout insults at them. I'm making that 6 hour round trip as a show of strength that us fans are there. Archiecat might have hit the nail on the head. Talk is cheap !!
  14. I've not got the image of a lady part pushing a ball out to score a goal...thanks. It'll be there all day. Still, if it scores sign it up.
  15. This is where I am struggling. I thought we were turning out in numbers against the owners at away games to show them we wont pay in at home games. I thought the football was secondary here. Lets face it, us being crap should be of no shock to any of our fans, this has not just happened in the last 6hrs game time. Boycotts and turning up at away games has been all over social media, press, radio and podcasts long before the last 6hrs.
  16. Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe after 40+ years I should not have expected too much. As you say 'talk is cheap'
  17. Spot on. Lots of talking online but not many willing to do a great deal about it. As good as the protest was last week (organised brilliantly by PTB), I thought the turnout wasn’t great. About 750 I reckon - is that all we have who care enough to turn up to protest? Different people have different reasons and that’s fine but I think it’s hit home to me how many people either can’t be bothered or have walked away from the club completely.
  18. The fact we are taking that much is quite an achievement considering we have gone over 6 hours without seeing a goal and we are at all time low.
  19. I know what you are saying, but talk is cheap Max. Everyone loves a bit of a revolution from their armchair. Maybe that is also a reason for the figures.
  20. He was offered a contract in January but refused. I'm not saying he's the Messiah but it's another body at least.
  21. I dont think your understanding my logic here archie marra. I know its not compulsary and I know everything about the club is depressing and not worth attending in a monetary value. But I thought, bearing in mind what I have read on here, media, oasf and ptb websites that there would be a coming together at away games. Fans kicking off about away ticket allocations and then not snapping up tickets for what is really as close as it gets. Just baffled and dissapointed, thats all.
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