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  1. Burnley always seemed to get the better of us if memory serves me correctly. Steve Kindon was another thorn in our side too, I think.
  2. You miss a crucial point, though kow. Agree there are very few assets in "the club" (i.e. what AL owns). That, however, means that Blitz (or a separate entity) would be able to buy it cheap from any liquidator in a "fire sale". Thereafter "the club" and "the stadium etc." could be reconstituted under one umbrella - and sold as a truly viable concern (instead of the current fragmented mess). That's always been my hope.
  3. I think a major issue which is being overlooked is the number of previously "dyed in the wool" supporters who have lost almost all interest in Latics. I won't go again so long as AL and any of his acolytes are around - and neither will many others. If supporters were allowed to attend I suspect (after a possible initial bounce) we'd struggle to attract 2,000 regular home supporters. I know some will say " sounds like a broken record" but when previously very loyal supporters simply will not attend because of who is in charge, you have a serious problem. As a borough, Oldham and its population
  4. I wouldn't imagine the general idea of a new owner's immediate aspirations would be to get us relegated though, would you Barry? Surely, a new owner should have meant a cash injection, better players, improved facilities...... and some hope at last. Exactly the opposite to what has come to be. The club is, very sadly,dead on its feet.
  5. There's only one regime that got us relegated very quickly to the bottom tier of professional football - and thereafter struggling within that terrible division with the worst squad we've had in living memory though isn;t there?
  6. Latics and Hibs "casuals" had actually formed quite a decent friendship during an Isle of Man pre-season tournament in the Royle era. However, when they came to BP for said pre-season friendly, it did kick off somewhat. To be fair, Hibs "got done" (you were obviously unlucky) by our lot and, thereafter, relations deteriorated. There was actually a mass brawl pre-arranged with Hibs when Latics played Everton away in the cup many years later (Latics and Everton were getting together to meet the Hibs casuals). It was prevented by police intercepting the Hibs' train headed south for Warrington. Fo
  7. Very eloquent and a nice fella. Exactly the type of person who would make a great ambassador for the club and the town; and let's be honest, both need some positivity and good representation after decades in the doldrums.
  8. Can't agree with your swipe at Corney. For example, some fans were claiming we were paying peanut wages and no transfer fees. When a group of us off here arranged to meet him and fellow directors, he opened up the "wages book" and we saw evidence of £2k a week (when many said £500 a week) for a player and a transfer fee of £100k. No names were revealed, of course, but you can't get much more open than that. Do you think AL would show fans similar evidence? Corney also answered every question put to him that night so, sorry, cannot agree - he was not perfect but his door was always open to anyo
  9. All Latics fans should give their full support to Simon Blitz when he launches his attempt to save the club from going over the precipice. I`m quietly confident that he's waiting in the background, whilst the effects of covid ravage the game financially, and will eventually put a package together that will place club and ground under the ownership of one limited company. I suspect the officers of that limited company will not include any of the current regime.
  10. This makes my blood boil to be honest. We had the chance (back when we actually had some fans left) to protest properly during the live tv game. We had momentum on the protest front then. And then that spineless outfit called Trust Oldham pulled their backing... and the rest is history... or we will be soon.
  11. The football club I knew and loved, disappeared pretty quickly when this new regime got their teeth stuck in. I`m actually not bothered what happens any more. Can't believe I`m saying that but I`m now of the opinion that ANYTHING is better than what we currently have.
  12. Correct - the regime as a whole cannot abide anyone who dares to challenge their authority or bruise their massively inflated egos.
  13. It's quite hilarious reading fans' comments squabbling over the inadequacies (or not) of managers present and recent past. There's none so blind as those that cannot see is there? Have you not quite sussed out yet where ALL of our problems lie? Every single one of them. Unbelievable - absolutely unbelievable.
  14. I`ve said it before - a message board is no place for discussing things like this. It's fraught with danger. However, with the greatest respect Dave AND PURELY IN THEORY - ANY football club is an ideal vehicle for money laundering. Think about it in the opposite way to the train of thought you currently have i.e. using a football club as a vehicle for laundering illicit funds from activities overseas. Such dirty money is filtered through a club in various ways, with the aim of "cleaning" it. So, if dirty money was used to pay players' wages, for example, and then the player was sold - the mone
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