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  1. Yes, it's very easy to use statistics to paint the picture you want people to see. There has, however, long been an apathy in Oldham around its sporting clubs. Far too many "plastic mancs" around , speaking in "Sweeney-esque" false, exaggerated manc accents and watching manc clubs on the telly in the pub. 2967 signatures is good in the circumstances but my fear is that we may have "missed the boat". Too many people have lost almost all interest now. I make no apologies for stating again that our utterly useless Trust (now re-vamped as something else) let the fans down badly in their time of need. Too busy "feeling important" instead of mobilising the disgruntled fans during the playing season and getting some hard hitting messages across.
  2. Dave - just open your eyes and observe the morons fixated to their phones whilst, for example, supposedly walking their dogs or pushing their children in prams. They are oblivious to what they should actually be doing for fear of missing out on a "like" over the sad picture they posted of what they had for their tea. Try engaging in conversation with some of these human sheep who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed by the tech giants. Many wouldn't be able to partake in even the simplest of debates because they have forgotten how to interact with other humans. I don't possess a smartphone, have never been on facebook, whatsapp, youtube or anything else for that matter. It's quite a blissful life to be honest and there are an increasing number of people rejecting the bullshit world of social media/tech etc. I have signed the petition but I persoanlly know about 4 or 5 Latics fans who NEVER use social media and v rarely go online, full stop - they won't be able to sign this petition. Hopefully, all those that can - do.
  3. Fully support a home boycott - and I`ve been doing it now for a long time - forgotten exactly since when to be honest. Last ever game I went to was away at Fleetwood in some Mickey Mouse Trophy when Fleetwood's second string played us off the park completely - and scored 5 from memory. I only went to that to fulfil a promise I had made previously. That Smith fellow was playing for us on the wing and looked like the only professional footballer in our side that day. Clarkey was majestic for them at the back.
  4. I turned out for the last protest (organised by PTB I think) - the march down from the White Hart with a few Orient fans in attendance too. I was quite disappointed with the numbers turning out for that one if I`m honest. As for now, I think you'd struggle to get a third of that last poor turnout - way too many people have totally lost interest in the club. Would a protest now be useful? Yes IF it was attended by a couple of thousand supporters - that would raise eyebrows AND also show any potential investor that there is a hardcore of fans who care to build from. Unfortunately, you'll struggle to muster 3 figures presently, in my opinion.
  5. Which is precisely why the newly branded organisation should have taken the bold and decisive first step of ditching the pointless shareholding. In my opinion, our ever shrinking fanbase is too fragmented as it is. Had there been a merger, for example, of the former "Trust" and PTB (with a ditching of the shares) I may have been interested. It's going to take a lot more than some corporate style re-branding for many people not to simply think, "Here we go again - another well intended but utterly pointless organisation."
  6. I`ve not listened to the podcast but I long ago reached the conclusion that it's a "cultural thing" - the owner simply will not be seen to "lose face". A very difficult situation because, from most people's perspective, the normal rules around logic have no basis whatsoever in the decision making.
  7. Agree with your sentiments, Mayfield other than I never did get the "Tommy Wright" thing. Seen some good wingers at BP (e.g. Carl Valentine, George McVitie, Ricky Holden) and , of course, the imperious Alan Groves. I`ve personally never seen a player (live) with so much skill, balance, strength and dribbling ability as Alan Groves. On his day, he was simply unstoppable and crazily entertaining (and probably frustrating for managers!). I remember as a young lad being mesmerised on the old Rochdale Road terrace; Grovesy had utterly roasted the opposition right back but, having already beaten him, he stopped, turned around and took the ball back towards the corner flag. He then proceeded to tease the full back, who still couldn't tackle him, before waltzing around him and putting a cross in. Absolute magic and a very gifted footballer who died far too young.
  8. Truthfully - does anyone give a shit anymore? The Latics I knew and loved has died.
  9. Burnley always seemed to get the better of us if memory serves me correctly. Steve Kindon was another thorn in our side too, I think.
  10. You miss a crucial point, though kow. Agree there are very few assets in "the club" (i.e. what AL owns). That, however, means that Blitz (or a separate entity) would be able to buy it cheap from any liquidator in a "fire sale". Thereafter "the club" and "the stadium etc." could be reconstituted under one umbrella - and sold as a truly viable concern (instead of the current fragmented mess). That's always been my hope.
  11. I think a major issue which is being overlooked is the number of previously "dyed in the wool" supporters who have lost almost all interest in Latics. I won't go again so long as AL and any of his acolytes are around - and neither will many others. If supporters were allowed to attend I suspect (after a possible initial bounce) we'd struggle to attract 2,000 regular home supporters. I know some will say " sounds like a broken record" but when previously very loyal supporters simply will not attend because of who is in charge, you have a serious problem. As a borough, Oldham and its population have been dreadful at supporting its professional sports teams; the last thing Latics needed was a divisive owner like we have. Disaster - and one from which we may well struggle to recover. I still have a hope that Blitz eventually brings about Administration - ironically, the only route I can see us surviving as a professional club.
  12. I wouldn't imagine the general idea of a new owner's immediate aspirations would be to get us relegated though, would you Barry? Surely, a new owner should have meant a cash injection, better players, improved facilities...... and some hope at last. Exactly the opposite to what has come to be. The club is, very sadly,dead on its feet.
  13. There's only one regime that got us relegated very quickly to the bottom tier of professional football - and thereafter struggling within that terrible division with the worst squad we've had in living memory though isn;t there?
  14. Latics and Hibs "casuals" had actually formed quite a decent friendship during an Isle of Man pre-season tournament in the Royle era. However, when they came to BP for said pre-season friendly, it did kick off somewhat. To be fair, Hibs "got done" (you were obviously unlucky) by our lot and, thereafter, relations deteriorated. There was actually a mass brawl pre-arranged with Hibs when Latics played Everton away in the cup many years later (Latics and Everton were getting together to meet the Hibs casuals). It was prevented by police intercepting the Hibs' train headed south for Warrington. Football violence was serious stuff in those days!
  15. Very eloquent and a nice fella. Exactly the type of person who would make a great ambassador for the club and the town; and let's be honest, both need some positivity and good representation after decades in the doldrums.
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