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  1. Really wish I was wasted with the tenner I wasted on iFollow. Every time I say it’ll better, it never is.... Apathy is catching - thank God Walker hasn’t been here that long #pensave
  2. It’d be hilarious if everything started opening up now he’s gone...
  3. Cristian Montano talking about his debt and mental health problems after losing his job. Which job, though, ain’t clear https://news.sky.com/story/40-days-of-january-post-xmas-debt-driving-people-to-despair-11919430
  4. A lot of disabled people (like myself) will buy a season ticket to support the club, knowing full well that I'll probably miss 10 or so games either because the weather is too inclement or through illness. Nobody's fault, but it's that sort of thing that gets factored into our thinking. There's no way I can manage on my own now, so a carer would be essential. Again, nobody's fault/issue. I'd willingly swap my disability out day-to-day and pay for a full-price ticket - anybody want to take up the offer (tongue firmly in cheek)? Just my 2p worth.
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