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  1. Encouraging FLG to come forward and buy the North stand could edge him out. You'd need someone standing by waiting to take over the club side of things when he did leave though.
  2. The shares FLG planned to buy were Corney's and Abdallah issued more shares in order to dilute the value.
  3. Dino said he's one of a few we're looking at but didn't mention that bit...
  4. Dino told me we've got some contracts essentially locked in but the players are still being paid by their old clubs so we can't announce until 1st of August. AKA we want to keep paying as few players as possible for as long as possible!
  5. All league clubs still exist despite the current crisis, its no great achievement. A lot of them have also spent the time identifying transfer targets and we can see them starting to build squads already. AL went home for a few weeks.
  6. His has been a gradual slide down the leagues whereas Dearnley's was more of a plummet. He may be more committed when contracted to the club. They started in the same place and ended up in the same place, I would say those are comparable characteristics.
  7. Same trajectory as Dearnley really and he looks a different player now he's tied to the club.
  8. Dino told me the same, also said we're after keeping Pidge but are asking Salford to pay some of his wage
  9. Not beyond improvement, but he didn't get very long with them before they were swapped out.
  10. When you consider some of the tripe he's had alongside him he's done pretty well. When he had a better group last couple of months he was good.
  11. Doubtful since we're trying for a deal where Salford pay part of Pidge's salary already.
  12. He's only a kid, do we usually have them on the retained list?
  13. He cashed in the final Edmundson payment early so it was a reduced amount and sold that kid to Brighton.
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