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  1. I'm quite hopeful after Saturdays fantastic away win that a climb up the table is possible.Everyone one of the players put a shift in, defense looked organised and i was impressed with Pidge and Harrision .Our keeper had a good game when called upon also, BUT my stand out player was our young fullback Couto, he made a full blooded tackle on a Rochdale player 2nd half which I'm still impressed with now! We have some player there . I am delighted for Keith Curle even though I have been a critic of his, you could seen how much it meant to him at the final whistle.. Brilliant day all round latics fans were superb as normal Proud to be a blue today.
  2. He was raring to get involved when I spoke to him a few weeks ago, He was highly rated CB a couple of years ago looking forward to seeing him play.
  3. Anything other than a win on Saturday and KC is toast, to me he gets a wild card tonight.. But KC surely cannot be exused for our woeful league position..
  4. I'm gutted I stayed at home now tbh
  5. No Sheenan will go to..I'm sure of it
  6. I'd sack KC if we go to Rochdale on Saturday and get beat...The League is more important, but KC record since taking the job is shocking ...
  7. Will we get a Sunday afternoon sacking i wonder .. He should have been dismissed after the Barrow horror show...He must have signed a decent contract for him still to be our Head coach after his appalling wins per game rationl with us..
  8. Do you think there was any truth in the Caldwell story, remember Dino was approached whilst Benide was in the job.. personally i think Al and mo have been speaking to potentials.
  9. All his signings preseason... and the the backroom staff.
  10. Hats off to all those tic fans who attended this horror show , credit to the club..
  11. I do wonder if there was any truth in the Caldwell article? I stand by it that this team is Curles , and for that he has to be held solely responsible for performances on the pitch over his short tenure not good enough..
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