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  1. I remember that game well, I got Andy Gorams autograph he signed my football programme, that was the game Tommy Wright chucked his shirt into the caddy Road End then in the Manchester Evening News in the week there was a plea by the club for his shirt to be returned in time for the playoff game as they only had one shirt! I
  2. He loses very few headers does Pidge, I've liked him since we brought him in from Salford, Jamieson and Clarke have also played well at the back today.
  3. What I've stated Is that Karl is employed by Al and Mo and they have the final decision on who stays and who goes
  4. To slow in getting the ball forward,playing the ball out from our 6 yard box, and from listening to KC interviews the players get roastings for making mistakes,absolutely awful..
  5. I need to clear something up , earlier I mentioned that I believed ibby had told me that Steve Morgan was at the game tonight but this person has told me that he's not Ibby, so I just wanted to clear that up, sorry for the confusion
  6. Curle got what he deserved tonight,playing for a 1-0 bringing 2 defensive players on instead of our most creative player..Infuriates me..
  7. I've enjoyed it also,very balanced commentary well worth a tenner
  8. Someone on twitter(ibby?) told me Steve Morgan at the game tonight,not convinced tbh
  9. Impressed with Dylan Fage tonight, and his ball control from a high ball early In the first half very impressive, Enjoyed that first half good open game
  10. The complete opposite to how HK was having us playing, away from home on the front foot wanting to hurt teams square pegs in square holes..
  11. Snatch a 1-0 win here but should 3 goals behin,I'd rather have had the direct play from an HK team than this alot of backward passing heaping pressure on our flimsy back line, Pidge man of the match so far
  12. Proper 21st century Mills and Boon story is that
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