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  1. I reckon as high up as 12th or as low as 15th this season , start well but fall away due to paper thin squad , hope I'm wrong and we go up as champions
  2. I reckon as high up as 12th or as low as 15th this season , start well but fall away due to paper thin squad , hope I'm wrong and we go up as champions
  3. I reckon we are going up through the playoffs this season, Boundary Park will once again become a fortress , not many teams will turn us over at home,well this is my spoonful of positivity.
  4. He looked OK last night , and they wasn't very physical tbh , they certainly didn't look like a team playing in the league above us
  5. I got told we was by a fairly reliable source,..
  6. I think Vaughan is going to be used as a sub this season, he obviously rates him, I also can't decide what type of player whelen is ? But he was certainly pinging the ball around well yesterday, plenty of energy from him. But overall so far I'm very pleased
  7. I was impressed with Hart last night he looked good down that flank, and Adams ball for Harts goal was superb,I've been critical of Nickys delivery but not last night, makings of decent side and yes we looked organised and quite creative going froward. Interested to see how young Harry does aswell very impressed with his ball control and how quick he wants to get forward
  8. If we can keep Bambi I think we will be OK with Dearnley, Hope, DKD and young Harry Vaugham(looks very good on the ball always looking to get attacks going , possibly another one bringing in. My concern is the midfield (dm) but I'm sure KC knows this is looking at options. I am also impressed with Hart and Clarke
  9. 2100 is pretty decent against Burnley for a friendly, Crowd figures are hard to judge for friendlies I would say lets see what happens in our first 5 home games of the season
  10. Hope played on his own up top with DKD and Bambi playing of him..Our keeper didn't look the tallest and he doesn't catch the ball much, he must model his game on continental GKs .I was impressed with Hart ,looks a really good signing and Whelen looks good on the ball, very happy with the creative side to our game I do think many teams will have plenty of joy against the defensive side of our game ,if we don't improve that side I reckon a 12-15th place finish.
  11. Yes the evergreen tanker in the suez moved quicker.i must say I was quite surprised when he ended up at Rangers.
  12. I'm sure in the instance with Tarky it was us, but I could be wrong
  13. Well that was a shortlived stay up in Scotland for Goerge and i just hope this move works out for him, I'm sure I read when he was here that one of his downfalls was his positioning/ anticipation.
  14. I had to re-read my post then just to make sure it wast advocating violence on our leaders haha..
  15. It's for your daughter and while your there ask if you can have your picture taken with Al and Mo as souvenir
  16. And under Corney we would have had bugger all coming back
  17. I'm sure I've read today looking to sell for £1 million as they bought him for €750k, plenty of interest aswell do that's promising
  18. I believe KC is looking at another Goalkeeper against Crewe..There seems to be an abundance of unemployed keepers and the majority are like for like quality wise.. im more concerned with what we have available on the attacking front.
  19. We aren't really expecting the trust to disclose the potential sell on fee are we ? There will no doubt be a NDA In place, anyway would the directors have discussed this with the trust ? So potentially 150,000 -200,000 fee could come in very handy, taking the pressure off us needing to sell Bambi
  20. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have worked out for him in Scotland, certainly seems a bit of activity going on with him.
  21. How's the game going and how are the trialists playing ?
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