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  1. 19 minutes ago, bigfatjoe1 said:

    Good game, but we are our own worst enemies at times. Still, some great attacking football. Rowe is so much more than your average fourth division centre forward. He's got a great touch, vision and can finish. Only thing he lacks is pace. 


    What an intelligent player he is , and  i loved how he took control of the penalty, could be pivotal at the end of the season that penalty

  2. 58 minutes ago, the_mighty_bosh said:


    I think it comes from some comments to some national media outlets and beyond about using us as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.  I have no problem with him wanting to be ambitious and working at the highest level that he can, but he's got a lot of work to do at this level before he can think about moving higher up.


    To be fair, his iFollow interviews are a lot more down to earth and he does try to explain his thought process pretty well, even if what happens on the pitch doesn't always add up to it.

    I was delighted for Harry Kewell yesterday  I do like our counter attack football under him, everytime we break we look like we are going to score and its a forwards dream to play in that system.We certainly have the makings of a very good side. 

  3. 52 minutes ago, frizzell54 said:

    One thing we seem to have at the minute is the ability to score, something that has been lacking for more years than I can remember.  Unfortunately we have the second worse record of goals conceded and that is why anything above mid table is unlikely this season.

    Score more than your opponents you normally win matches. I must say we certainly got our act together yesterday after conceding that sloppy goal and it was cracking defensive performance Marshalled by Carl Periganni who was my man of the match..

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  4. 13 hours ago, the_mighty_bosh said:

    Well that was as great as it was unexpected!


    It was a really good game overall, they had more control of the ball as you'd expect but we looked very good on the break and offered a threat throughout.  Credit to Kewell who gave us a really solid defensive shape, we don't really have a team that I have faith will see a game out, so a good shape was crucial.  We gave the ball away a lot and quickly in the second half but they didn't really punish it.


    Lawlor - We've definitely upgraded on last year in the keeper department (not that difficult I know).  Even when conceding the goal he made a great save from point-blank range immediately before, as well as a very good tip around the post in the 2nd half.  He punches a little more often than I'd like but generally makes the right decisions and looks confident.


    Fage - better than Hamer on current form and links well with Bahamboula.  Not great on the ball but has a good engine and got forward and back well all game.
    Diarra - aside from the goal which he defended terribly for, he had a fairly good league debut.  Clarke if fit would be an upgrade, but he's quick which helps alongside Piergianni.
    Piergianni - very glad he came back in for this game and he marshalled the defence well.  He kept Bowman quiet and when he did get a great chance, Pidge was there to block it on the line.
    CBJ - got better as the match went on and looked calm defensively towards the end of the game.  He clearly has ability, I suppose if he showed it consistently he'd be playing at a higher level.


    Ntambwe – He’s a downgrade on McCann, but he's exactly the player that our squad has needed and I'd go as far as saying the hardest player for us to replace in the current squad.  Sits in front of the back four, breaking up play and getting in the way of attacks.  The passing ability isn't essential for his role, as long he has someone alongside him who can pass well.


    Bahamboula – really glad that we gave him a lot of the ball in the first half against Sparkes as defensively he's their weak link.  Great dribble for Blackwood's goal and I like that he can mix up the tempo when taking players on.  He ran out of steam quite early and subbing him ahead of Tuesday was probably a smart move.
    Keillor-Dunn – he pretty much played as an advanced central midfielder and I think it gets the best out of him.  Which is strange because usually players who play there need a basic level of passing ability which he definitely doesn't possess!  But he's quick, covers a lot of ground and isn't a liability defensively so he could be a good option in this role for away games.  Huge credit to him for his awareness for Blackwood's goal with that dummy, he's much better off the ball than he is on it!
    Garrity – much improved from last week, he is a willing runner and gets forward well.  He gives the ball away too much for a central midfielder, but he has his uses for certain games.
    Blackwood – again, much improved from last week (admittedly hard not to be) and proved me wrong!  Still a long way from being the finished article and can drift out of the game a bit too often, but he brought the ball out of defence well to start counter attacks and the goal shows that he does possess some talent.


    Rowe – found it difficult to get the better of their two centre backs often, but led the line really well and could've bagged an extra goal.  I can't remember the last time we had a player who possessed the ability and confidence to do what he did for that free kick.  Amazing.  Man of the Match simply for that.


    Grant – the best compliment I can give him is that he infuriated my Exeter-supporting brother!  He slowed the tempo down and won a lot of soft free-kicks to take the sting out of the game.  He has flaws but he's a useful player to have in the squad.
    Barnett – not the greatest player, but energetic, got forward well and also held his position well defensively at the end.
    Jombati – a good little cameo, almost forgotten about him to be honest!  He's still quick enough to get up and back from right back, certainly would prefer him to Hamer at present, maybe Fage too.
    Whelan - didn't have a lot of time, but a necessary replacement for Garrity who was on a yellow.


    Exeter were good and had more of the ball, but after their fast start to the second half I expected them to really turn the screw later on, yet it never happened.  Our threat on the counter certainly gave them something to think about though.


    So happy that it all came together today!  Really hope we get more consistent as the season goes on.  I'm not a massive fan of Kewell, he’s shown naivety and seems to believe his own hype, but I'm not convinced that anyone who would realistically replace him would do noticeably better, so hopefully him getting a bit of time would help stabilise things around the club.

    Enjoyed youre report, thanks 

  5. 2 hours ago, Guy Branston Pickle said:

    Has this ever actually been confirmed, or is it just rumour? Why have none of our ex managers confirmed it?


    Serious question, I don't tend to follow anything Latics related on social media and rarely come on here

    This hasn't been confirmed just a rumour.. 

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