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  1. I believe that Danny Rowe will see through Dino rather quickly if hes not being used to his absolute strenghts..
  2. thars where you want Rowe .. We are getting a ready made finisher, id tell him i want you in forward areas facing the goal looking for opportunities and doing what you have been successful at..
  3. i agree, I think the difference with Rowe and Aguero is age and the fact that for the last 4 seasons he has been constantly finding the back of the net Having him constantly running away from the goal is completely counterproductive..
  4. i must say that i was puzzled to hear that an out and out goal scorer is being taught to press defenders on the eve of an important game... Bloody Roger Palmer probably couldn't spell press.. but so bloody effective in the box..I just hope we dont drain Rowe of his goalscoring prowess because hes being told to run around pressing bloody defenders all game
  5. that worried me when i read he wants Rowe to learn how to press, he wasnt effective at Flyde through pressing , i thought he was effective because of his goalscoring ability.. I will be mad if Rowe spends most of the game closing down his man..
  6. a couple more to come in tomorrow i believe
  7. He was like that over Wheater, like a dog with Bone didnt give up till he got his man.I have been told he was a tough cookie to deal with at fylde , and we didn't pay anywhere near the 250k +he initially wanted but he hasnt come cheap..
  8. yes i heard this a coue of years ago about him
  9. Id happily have Rowe and Palmer together ... Another name thats come up is Billy Mckay ?
  10. Picture on Twitter of someone having his photo taken but promising news regards Rowe...interesting developments
  11. I have stated on more than occasion that i like Dino and i want him to succeed at the club. Absolutely he deserves a transfer window to bring in what he needs to succeed and hopefuly Al and Mo are working hard to bring in 2 good quality forwards.. He has looked under pressure recently and i think him getting the 2 forwards (which are being spoken of by more than one source) will help breed positivity to him and the club as a whole.. and yes lets beat Carlisle on saturday !
  12. out of work, reputation tarnished with his recent failure at Chesterfield.. i guess he doesnt have clubs climbing over themselves for his services
  13. if we can get these signings over the line it would give everyone a massive lift at the club.. but i do agree that Dino has been living on borrowed time recently
  14. i was there for that one as well, Tommy Wright had a blinder that day if i remember rightly ? Loved that side..
  15. his valuation set by chairman is 250 k + Dino wants Palmer and Rowe up front . I heard that that we have spoken to palmer . How intersting would that be Rowe and Palmer signing in time for saturday ?
  16. im old enough to decide what time i go bed! I will do my homework tomorrow!
  17. there was a article where the Fylde chairman mentioned himself wanting that figure and yes we are talkjng to a couple of players about them signing.. go and do your own homework just like i do ..
  18. thank you i will go and get the alcohol ready
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