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  1. thank you i will go and get the alcohol ready
  2. he won't be doing at a £350,000 asking price, and i dont blsme club for purusing other targets , We are waiting on 1 2 more in talks with Club, Dinos targets
  3. i guess hes waiting to see if Dino has a job tomorrow.. Hope he manages to beat his old club tonight , A bit of a personal battle between him and Westley tonight.
  4. how will i know where to find you ? thanks Agnus
  5. What a shame i was looking forward to watching to our high quality psssing game at stevenage.. lol
  6. Does anyone know.if this game tonight is being streamed ?
  7. nothing less than 3 points on Tuesday, and same on sat..
  8. I liked Piergianni at Morecambe, won the majority of high balls , his positional play got better as the game went on, he is a commumicator, i think him and Wheater could strike up a decent partnership, and this guy who hasnt played much at Salford..
  9. i think anything other than 3 points at Stevenage is acceptable for Dino, a worrying stat for me out of 4 games 1 point , 1 out of a possible 12.. Relegation form..
  10. no idea never heard of them but thanks fir letting me know
  11. thats right from middleton i see .. Wrong type of music for me
  12. no who are they ?? just another wannabe indie band ?
  13. i liked the look of our forward, looks like he could be an handful to play which is what we have been missing all season, And the Carl Periganni took his his goal really well from the set piece. We should have a field day on set piece with these additions.. its not all doom and gloom with these additions.
  14. we had a CB called Glenn Keeley 11 games from blackburn 1987-88
  15. i received mine in the post yesterday, i have waited 3 days for mine also, yet previous occasions has been next day delivery, hope your problem is sorted! i think if we get some good news today regards a signing should expect a decent turn out at Macclesfield, heres hoping
  16. He has a dead heavy touch and Not very good in the air
  17. ManiDieseruvwe Sponsored by Steve & Mandy Taylor (Chorley) Tall centre-forward Mani Dieseruvwe signed at The Peninsula Stadium from National League North rivals Kidderminster Harriers in 2017.
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