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  1. Can i just ask, where has this perception that Whelan is, or has the potential to be, a good player come from? I’ve watched every league game this season and apart from the Bolton first half, he’s lost every battle he’s been involved in and shown no quality at all. I keep seeing comments on here which allude to him being first choice, so genuinely interested to know what people have seen so far in him and tell me what his strengths are. Garrity, who is often criticised - and rightly so, has performed better in there than him from what I’ve seen.
  2. Whether we like it or not, Garrity is by far and away our best midfielder at the moment. Agree with the rest though.
  3. That comment was made in the immediate aftermath of our goal, we invited them on for a few minutes, admittedly, we did have a spell of our own at the end.
  4. That new lad looks like he can cover the ground. Looked decent in the few minutes he was on. wish we’d stop handicapping ourselves with our starting line up.
  5. Not sure why we’re playing for a point. The mind set of the whole club is embarrassing
  6. Rowe should be the first name on the team sheet. It’s obvious Kewell doesn’t fancy him.
  7. It looked to me as though the keepers shouted and he’s pulled out. Not great from either of them but if he stays on his line, it comes straight at him and potentially allows the defender to challenge.
  8. He’s shit that Barnett as well. Don’t know what people on here see in him.
  9. Grant and McAleny need to come off. It’s like playing with 9 men.
  10. have to agree with this. As happy as I am with the result and the performance, Bolton aren’t your typical league 2 team and it’d be no surprise to see them go down again. They reminded me of us in the first few games, light weight and harmless passes 70 yards from goal. Not taking anything away from the lads today though, fully deserved. The best thing about that second goal (apart from it hitting the back of the net) was the desire of them to break from the Bolton corner to cause a four (or maybe 5) against 3 on the counter attack. also, how many late goals i
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