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  1. We’re not even going to win the goal of the season award now either. See Southend’s third from last night.
  2. I’d definitely give him a new deal. Obviously he needs to sort the defensive issues out but regardless of who plays in the back 4, they’re going to do shit. Jombati has been rightly criticised, Clarke wasn’t any better on Saturday and seems to have an inability to clear his lines and Pidge is worse than the pair of them for me. For now, this way of playing might be the best way. Got to give him another year at least and hopefully he only has to re-build half a team in the summer as opposed to a full squad as has become the norm in the past few years.
  3. The lad from Peterborough hasn’t done anything. Obviously a mismatch with their centre half physically but he’s got to make it harder for them and offer us an out ball.
  4. McCalmont needs to do more there. We’ve stopped attacking.
  5. Good defending, refusing to be bullied. Don’t see the problem.
  6. He’s playing well jombati so far. Don’t know what’s up with everyone.
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