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  1. I can relate to this. It’s been taking me a full week to recover from most performances this season. One win though and the optimism comes straight back. I do think garrity gets a rough time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t rate him at all but there’s always at least a few worse than him every week. Last week it was DKD and Hamer. That’s how bad it’s got, the only thing up for debate most weeks is which one of the usual five or six is the worst offender. Anyway, beat these tomorrow and we’re right back into the play off race!
  2. I also thought Jameson did well and probably pipped bamboula for our mom. The three in midfield were awful and I’m still yet to see what DKD is good at. Can’t pass, can’t run, no strength.
  3. What’s the right 11? Whatever team that gets put out will contain at least 3 pub players.
  4. Get Hamer off this pitch right now! Walking fucking disaster.
  5. Hamer will probably need to come off soon as, similar to last season, he’s getting rinsed off that winger every time and is also on a booking.
  6. Looked good for 25 minutes. Bambi good until it started raining. Three in midfield poor. They could be 2 or 3 up though.
  7. We can all check Wikipedia to see whose scored the most goals and end the debate. im interested in what people opinions are from what they’ve seen. I’m interested in why you think he’s shit, I’m also interested in what you like about McAleny too.
  8. Hmm not sure if you’re being clever with Liddell there. I can’t remember him playing up front much for us (happy to be corrected) but he was very very good for the other latics, up top I think as well.
  9. I wouldn’t say far superior. All of them had their flaws. ricketts and windass played at a higher level than porter. Who out of those three would you say was better for latics?
  10. I caught the tail end of his career but he was obviously on his way out by then. Can’t form an opinion on him but one of few players I’ve never heard a latics fan say a bad word about.
  11. Have you watched McAleny play for a full 90 or just the highlights? I know the point is you don’t rate Rowe, which is fine. Just curious on what basis you form that opinion. im aware the stats aren’t great, surely you can agree there are mitigating circumstances though?
  12. Yeah I knew stats would get brought up. I know he’s behind stats wise but he’s had a lot worse service and off field politics to contend with.
  13. Rowe, Hughes, Beckett and Porter would be a good race.
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