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  1. Apparently he rejected a loan move to Fylde in summer which didn’t go down well with AL. Doubt he’ll appear in the squad much when everyone is fit.
  2. The only comment I’ve got to make about us being 92nd out of 92, below Harrogate, Barrow and Sutton, is I’ve seen worse latics sides. Joke of a club. Gutted for those who went. Why always us!
  3. I love an away day as much as anyone but these type of trips are different level. This would have been one of the first fixtures they looked out for so will be bang up for it but surely we can’t lose 5 on the spin in this league….
  4. Fancy us to edge it tomorrow, scrappy 1-0. They’re a well organised outfit by all accounts but surely we’re due. Fair play to anyone travelling down, safe journey etc. Not for me those long slogs down south.
  5. This is my overriding thought, while I personally don’t think Newport will be up there - they do seem to be one of the fancied sides. After today though, and as you say, with a full team, including by far and away the best player in the division, I’m very confident we’ll finish above them. I admit that if any team deserved to win today, it was them but we had four starters missing. It’s big that for any team, especially when the margins are so fine.
  6. We’ll be ok when we get bahamboula and hope back. It was like playing with ten men that today. new kid in midfield looks ok, whelan is a totally different player now and that Clarke was good. They’ll be plenty of teams worse than us.
  7. I always rated Sylla. Never got enough credit for his technical ability due to his physique. Had many arguments on here about Maouche but those two in this team would improve it massively. Fane I wasn’t a fan of, same goes for missilou (spelling) but they’d all walk into this team.
  8. Watched Hartlepool a few times and confident they’ll be fine. They’ve rejected wheater who would be by far and away our best defender. Not seen much of Sutton but winning that league is no easy feat. There’s a good 8 or 9 teams in the conference who would comfortably hold their own in this division. We need to be looking to pick off teams like orient, scunny and even Bristol rovers who I think will struggle. Still think the afore mentioned teams are in better shape than us, dale and Swindon as it stands. Speaking of which, will there be a predictions thread again this year? Enjoyable read that one last year.
  9. Disagree. Similar to us when we got relagated, they’re a club going backwards, fast!! Could easily see them going down again. Anyone on here with a better knowledge of this league than me give me two teams you fancy to finish below us? I’m struggling.
  10. I fully believe any team in this league is 3 good signings away from promotion, but as it stands us, Swindon and Rochdale are miles behind the rest in terms of quality. The quality of player teams in our league are signing this season is nothing like the last 3 years. Genuinely believe we’re going into this season with the competition at its strongest, while we’re at our weakest. And this is coming from an optimist who believed Sylla and Maouche were a class above this level.
  11. Ffs, I was banking on Rochdale and Swindon being worse than us this year.
  12. Still miles better than any striker I’ve seen at our level. Chesterfield will piss that league next year.
  13. Similar to the one for us this season, although not as good. Lovely striker of the ball though that lad.
  14. Luke Joyce from Port Vale according to some very suspicious accounts on Twitter.
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