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  1. Is it diarra pidge and badan back three with adams and hillsner wing backs?
  2. Or he’s fed up of not being able to play with a centre half or centre midfielder with any kind of quality, along with being told not to play, and then later offload the best striker in the league - so he’s decided to confront them and this is the outcome. Either way, its another nail in the coffin.
  3. FFS. Everything at the club, even down to the timing of the statement, is just toxic isn’t it. Slipping it in on a Sunday evening, while most people will be focussing on the derby, as if it won’t be as big of an issue that way
  4. This is what I disagree with, I know I’m in the minority but he’s anonymous for large part of games for me. His goal record can’t be sniffed at, I get that. He doesn’t offer any protection for the full back or have any involvement in anything outside the box. I wouldn’t be arsed if he left, wingers aren’t hard to come by at this level either.
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