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  1. It’s going to take every fan to stop putting any money at all into the club for him to sell, no buying merchandise, no buying ifollow games, no buying season tickets or paying on the day... We will support the team away from home when we are allowed to, not a penny more for the Lemmys BUT it’s going to take almost everyone to starve him of any fan income..
  2. Hancocks statement lastweek “dont kill granny, stay away from the elderly to protect them” Hancock today “ grandparents are exempt from local lockdowns if they are needed for childcare reasons”
  3. If we could afford to keep the club affloat as fans then something such as a direct debit say £30 per month to a fan led group, realistically saying we got 1500 fans involved that would give us 45k a month towards the running of the club.. We would still obviously need outside investment to keep our heads above water but at least it would be a contribution and give people the feeling of having our club back.. One small problem, Abdallah has to leave first..
  4. To launder what he can whilst killing us slowly according to some
  5. It was my grandad who took me to BP as 7 year old, 36 years ago..We travelled from Fleetwood to every home game and occasional away games and im happy to say as a child i had the constant buzz for football as we was exciting and fairly successful.. He will now be turning in his grave at what is happening, we are a shadow of the club we all loved and all had a connection with, which was once an excellent family club.. The decline didnt start with Abdallah and his cronies, it started well before he took over but what is happening now is the beginning of the end, if we dont manage to ge
  6. I feel we have all been beaten into submission now, fucking dread each game as it comes even though i only follow it on twitter nowadays.. Ive been going to BP for 36 years and gave up my season ticket last season because of this bellend Abdallah, it will not change his life at all if the club died yet it would affect thousands of us.. We need to find a way of forcing him out now, by any means possible before it’s too late..
  7. Absolute fucking jokers, i wonder if any of the happy clappers will still back Abdallah now? He needs to be forced out before we end up like Bury and Macc..
  8. Where will we finish? 16th POTS - McAleny Emerging star - Dearnley Will Harry Kewell be here at the end of the season? Gone by Jan Will Abdallah still here? Yes he’s a twat Biggest pissboil of the season - The re-opening of the Joe Royle stand for two games and then it is shut again Promoted from L2 - Bolton, Bradford, Salford Relegated from L2 - Stevenage, Morecambe
  9. Was the company Vsport? co founded by Wesley Sneijder.. they were trying to put a bid together for blackpool before Simon Saddler bought them
  10. True, not heard a peep from them...are they brokering a deal as soon as AL is out? Unless the full debt gets paid then Blitz can still put us into administration and take the club away from AL
  11. Cheers, All sorted for this month then, AL must have emptied his piggy bank this morning to pay anything then if its true what there saying about Bassini not being involved..
  12. Adjourned until 21st April but can be brought forward to meet the 27th March deadline for minus points for administration to take effect this season... So we are all still none the wiser as to what the fuck is going on..
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