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  1. When Craig Rocastle smashed in the 5th against Forest in a torrential down pour screaming fists clenched I genuinely thought that was our season
  2. not there’s either of course. Bradford would be crazy not to recall him next week even if he never plays for them
  3. there’s being positive and then there’s being on drugs. Dino should be applauded at the form given the “talent” at his disposal. i just hope the brothers Grimm allow him his own decisions in the window and I can get excited for the first time in about 13 years (well about football at least)
  4. please don’t take this as an attack on you Tracy as I believe my criticism of the Trust may have come across as so but... you have a director (an incredibly poor one) on the board, you have a shareholding in the club surely to god you should legally have rights to all you are asking?
  5. he needs to resign he’s a joke of the highest order and I’m amazed the Trust are happy to be associated with him
  6. Ive been wanking most of my life - others are better at it
  7. to a guy who talks up scouting like he’s the next coming of Christ? He’s a joke
  8. get scouting some shit players that Brian Clough would like
  9. from the guy who puts so many players forwards and the only one of note to be signed is Cameron Burgess??? Jog on you relic
  10. Volunteering does not give you carte Blanche at being useless and the trust is
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