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  1. I wouldn't mind betting that this could happen eventually and would be great for the Club and the Town itself - perhaps £50 per share?
  2. What are the consequences of having a worse season than the last one do you think? Seriously.
  3. 3rd August is not far off - is there any benefit to NOT signing SIX Quality Players that are capable of playing real football without any coaching?
  4. Just heard that Mick Priest and Chris Millington have been sacked by Abdallah.
  5. Chris O'Grady and Giles Coke are not in Morocco - getting fit and socialising with new team mates - and yet they have extended contracts. Are they training locally? Are we likely to buy or borrow any more players - especially Strikers, Centre Backs and a Winger? Are we looking like a promotion chasing team or do we have glaring omissions?
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